Hotel Max

Bezdrevská 549, Praha, Prague Region, Tšekin tasavalta
+420 281 866 082

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Hotel Max - Praha, Prague Region, Tšekin tasavalta
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  • Erinomainen
    huhtik. 2018


  • Keskinkertainen
    lokak. 2019

    It was cheap and reasonably comfortable. Location is good if you want peace and quiet. Good for people who know their way around Prague (I live in the CR), probably not so good for tourists.

    I don't know what is expected of a 3 star hotel. Possibly a TV. My room had the smallest TV on the market, and it was broken. Luckily I don't watch much TV. Possibly adjustable heating. That was also broken, so I couldn't turn the heating down and I had to sleep with the window open. Luckily it wasn't too noisy there. Possibly curtains. There was a curtain pole and rings but no attached curtains. Luckily I had a twin room to myself so I had a handy spare duvet to throw over the curtain pole. It blocked out most of the light and I was able to sleep happily. There was no soap in the shower gel dispenser. Luckily I had my own shower gel. The shower door was a bit broken, but at least it didn't fall off.

  • OK
    lokak. 2019

    Parking is not granted. Carpet that covers whole room is full of dust. Only small garbage can in toilet.

  • Huono
    syysk. 2019

    Frankly speaking nothing that I can honestly say I liked. It is so difficult to like even one thing. Well, they had at least 4 roll od toilet papers in the toilet. Yaap that's the only thing I could think positive about them. What I did not like list is so big that there was no more space in what I didn't like. So adding 3 points here. 1. The heating was ok for autumn and I can’t imagine what it would be in Czech winter!! 2. The stairs are very weird and if you have heavy luggage you are in a big problem. Because they are angular and uneven!!! Check the photo.

    Altogether it was one of the most unpleasant stays I ever had. Let me start by making a list. 1. Really really bad service. No one speaks English and behaves rudely if they can’t express themselves. It is as if it was my fault I went there without knowing their language. 2. Total lackluster attitude and unprofessional behavior. I had to ask to refill shampoo for 3 times, there is no telephone in the room so needed to go to another building to talk to the reception just imagine. 3. The kitchen closes at 9 and if you are late you will have to go to bed without eating anything. 4. The woman in the pub/dining room was rudely yelling at some German guests because they requested to serve them breakfast 5 minutes after the breakfast time closes. That woman yelled at us the next day because I sat on the reserved table though there was no sign or mark in that table thus anyone can understand it’s reserved. She does not speak English and she was only yelling “This is for people” as if we were animals!! 5. The location is literally in the middle of nowhere. If you want to buy a toothpaste you will have to walk for 20 to 30 minutes or take a bus. There is no restaurant or any other place to eat nearby. 6. Cleanliness – the room was not cleaned properly and we found the leftover food from the previous guest in the fridge. There was no litter bin in the room. 7. Room design- pathetic!! The toilet is on the opposite side of bathroom. So if you go to toilet and then to wash your hands you will have to go to all way to the other side of the room. 8. The most weird tap I have seen anywhere in the world. The tap on the basin is bigger than the basin itself!! So using it is a huge challenge and water spreads everywhere. It is a mess. Check the photo. 9. The worst - at the end of my stay while checking out I requested to print my boarding passes for the flight and the receptionist refused!! Can you imagine!? Bottom-line very rude people and everyone should avoid this place.

  • OK
    syysk. 2019

    + Quiet and peaceful location. Very comfortable beds. Good hotel well-washed bed-clothing (although on almost every element there were some unsightly stains).

    – The rooms look as if they were under renovation. Shabby walls. Poorly cleaned. Bathroom OK, carpet in visible places OK, but in the corners, on the wardrobe, under the upper radiator grille, in the fridge - perennially even disgusting dirt and dust (photo). The bathroom and the whole apartment in general are full of solutions worthy of the world's famous inventors named Pat and Mat: light switches placed in the holes cut out in the door frames, in the spout above the sink a shower is mounted! (splashed floor) A piece of newspaper plugging the hole provided for a regular key lock in the bathroom (no lock at all), over the shower some cables in the strip, the cabin mounted so that when the door is fully open, the entrance to it may be 35 cm wide. The rooms are incredibly cramped in general. Passages next to the beds are locally narrowing to approx. 30 cm. After opening the door to the room, the passage next to the bed is less than 20 cm (photo). The bathroom is also like for dwarfs. There is no small shelf near the sink. TV in the microscopic room. If I wanted to watch a movie on my phone, the picture would be quadruple in area (photo). Finally, an unpleasant, even dangerous surprise: in the 230 V socket was the remainder of the plug from the previous client. Miraculously, the children did not touch it, because it was close to the tragedy. Breakfast served in the hotel is tiny and the service tragic. The girl with features pointing to Asian roots literally made faces after each question asked. When it turned out that we pay with a card, she literally fired. Not better at reception. Smell of cigarettes, because the lady serving the reception in a small hotel spends most of her time smoking more cigarettes. Pictures shown before booking do not reflect what we see upon arrival at all. The hotel is far from the center. The price given (don't know why) in euros was recalculated by hotel using some absurd rate (rounded up much).

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Hotel Max sijaitsee rauhallisella paikalla Prahan 9. Jahodnicen kaupunginosassa. Prahan vanhaankaupunkiin pääse julkisilla liikennevälineillä 40 minuutissa. Hotelli tarjoaa käytännöllisesti sisustettuja huoneita ja ilmaisen WiFin. Kaikissa Max-hotellin majoitusyksiköissä on tv tšekkiläisillä, englantilaisilla, saksalaisilla ja venäläisillä kanavilla sekä kylpyhuone, jossa on suihku tai kylpyamme sekä ilmaisia ​​kylpytuotteita. Hotel Maxia ympäröi puutarha, ja se tarjoaa päivittäisen aamiaisen. Voit maistella tšekkiläistä olutta ja pieniä herkkuja hotellin baarissa ja pysäköidä autosi ilmaiseksi rakennuksen edustalle. Lähin bussiasema on 90 metrin päässä. Letňanyn metroasemalle (linja C) on 12 minuutin bussimatka. Letňanyn metroaseman yhteydessä on myös ostoskeskus.



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  • Kostel Matky Boží před Týnem 9,4 km
  • Palác Kinských 9,6 km
  • Old Town Square 9,6 km


Praha Václav Havelin kansainvälinen lentoasema 20,9 km
Pardubice 84,8 km
Praha Prague 8,6 km
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