Diyarbakır hotellia

Diyarbakır hotellia

Etsi sadoilta matkailusivustoilta kerralla hotelleja kohteessa Diyarbakır

Diyarbakır, Turkki
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  Keskim. hinta (viikonloppuyö): 34 €

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Parhaat hotellit Diyarbakır

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Dies Hotel - Diyarbakır - Rakennus
9,0 Erinomainen (470 arvostelua)
34 €+
Dies Hotel sijaitsee keskustassa, ja Diyarbakırin valtion teatteri sijaitsee muutaman askeleen päässä ja Diyarbakirin Atatürk-stadion sijaitsee 6 minuutin kävelymatkan päässä. Käytössäsi on ilmainen kiinteä internetyhteys, ympäri vuorokauden auki oleva business center ja ilmaiset sanomalehdet aulassa. Tämä hotelli tarjoaa asiakkailleen 40 neliömetriä kokoustiloja. Palveluihin kuuluu ilmainen valet-palvelu.
Radisson Blu Hotel Diyarbakir, Turkey - Diyarbakır - Rakennus
8,8 Erinomainen (933 arvostelua)
53 €+
Tiedot Arvostelut
Radisson Blu Hotel Diyarbakir sijaitsee keskustassa, ja Mega Centerin ostoskeskus sijaitsee 5 minuutin ajomatkan päässä ja Atatürk Müzesi (museo) 11 minuutin ajomatkan päässä majoitusliikkeestä. Käytössäsi on ilmainen kiinteä internetyhteys, tietokonepiste ja express-sisäänkirjautuminen. Tämä hotelli tarjoaa asiakkailleen 600 neliömetriä kokoustiloja, joihin kuuluu kokouskeskus. Käytössäsi on lentokenttäkuljetukset (saatavilla ympäri vuorokauden). Jos saavut autolla, voit pysäköidä helposti, sillä ilmainen valet-palvelu kuuluu myös palveluihin.
10,0 Erinomainen
Plussat: Everything was amazing and the staff were very friendly
Miinukset: Nothing
10,0 Erinomainen
Plussat: The best value for money and most comfortable beautiful hotel I know. What a treat after a long plane journey. The breakfast is a feast for the eyes. Everything was succulent and delicious. It's a gem.
10,0 Erinomainen
Plussat: Slick hotel. Very comfortable and price good!
10,0 Erinomainen
Plussat: Overall everything was perfect
10,0 Erinomainen
Plussat: One of the best hotel I ever sleep. Managment know what customer need. Top!
9,6 Erinomainen
Plussat: A pleasant new hotel, easily spotted when you enter Diyarbakir city area by car on (one of) the main road(s). Good parking facilities. Big, comfortable and well-equipped room (decorated with tree pictures turned 90 degrees or upside-down). Extraordinary breakfast buffet with rich variety. Pleasant reception staff who cares about you. Everything offered to a fair price - you definitely get value for money. Best recommendations hereby given.
Miinukset: Honestly nothing. But keep in mind that the hotel is located in some distance (6-9 km) from the city center/old city. At certain hours parts of the hotel - lobby, restaurant etc. - appear to be crowded with business-conference participants, but not a big problem in my case. Another small issue: as a foreigner you might face people minded for socializing and presenting themselves as managers, but ok when staying for a couple of days.
9,2 Erinomainen
Plussat: new hotel so everything was new. the staffs were friendly and nice.
Miinukset: Central aircon made it cool down quite slowly, not so desirable in hot Diyarbakir, though it was cold enough once enough time was given for the aircon to run. 3 people room but only provided 2 bottles of water even after requesting for extra bottle of water a couple of time.
9,2 Erinomainen
Plussat: Very friendly staff, very confortable room, very good internet speed. Very nice breakfast
Miinukset: Shower have to hold it by hand
Novotel Diyarbakir - Diyarbakır - Rakennus
8,7 Erinomainen (1 712 arvostelua)
28 €+
Tiedot Arvostelut
Diyarbakirin Atatürk-stadion sijaitsee 5 minuutin kävelymatkan päässä ja Diyarbakırin valtion teatteri 6 minuutin kävelymatkan päässä majoitusliikkeestä. Käytössäsi on ympäri vuorokauden auki oleva business center, ilmaiset sanomalehdet aulassa ja kuivapesula-/pesulapalvelut. Tämä hotelli tarjoaa asiakkailleen 60 neliömetriä kokoustiloja, joihin kuuluu kokoushuoneet ja kokoushuoneet. Palveluihin kuuluu ilmainen pysäköinti.
2,5 Keskinkertainen
Miinukset: every thing
10,0 Erinomainen
Plussat: location, gym, pool, nice experience and helpful staff thanks.
9,6 Erinomainen
Plussat: Great location, great breakfast, great staff. Special thanks to the Spa crew: they we’re understanding and very kind!
7,1 Hyvä
Plussat: Very nice staff, clean and modern facility.
Miinukset: Location is pretty far from the city center.
2,5 Keskinkertainen
Plussat: Me and my partner had the worst stay at this hotel ever! A hotel with such a prestige name with the worst service ever. We travelled to diyarbakir due to our wedding and we chose to stay here as it seem like a very nice hotel. We go to the hotel around 23:00 where we was told we need to pay straight away, we told them that we don’t have turkish lira on us as it the middle of the night. We offered to pay in sterling(pounds) but they refused and stated we can pay in euro or with card. We said we can pay tomorrow then as we can’t pay it the way they want. With no tolerance at all and in a very rude manner they asked for our Turkish id’s to keep, as if were going to run away. As well as one of the other receptionist saying we can take your passports too. We have booked 10 nights they can clearly see. I am so disgusted of the manner these people had, i can say they are not professional at all! I believe you need to send your staff to more training for them to gain much more knowledge on how to treat customers. Along with that terrible experience, the hotel then tried to rip us off by charging us with more than what we should have paid for. Thank god we realised and took a picture of their currency they had on the screen on that day. Oh and when they realised that the next day they never had the currency on the screen. Anyway they did admit that we was charged extra and we was told were going to get the money back which we still haven’t. Another amazing thing that happen was that the room service who comes to fill the mini bar had left our rooms door open. I came to the room by myself saw the door open and literally got scared, thinking did i leave the door open and going mental. As i stated at the start we booked the hotel for our wedding so we had gold and money in there which apart from that anything could have been taken from the room. I could have called the police for such a thing but know i do regret that i didn’t! I called the reception straight away told them
Miinukset: about it and all he said was oh sorry he must of forgotten, i got so angry i told him i will be making a complaint. Then i got a call back from the manager who again wasn’t helpful at all and didn’t say anything different from the other guy. Later that night i went back out then when we came back to our room we had a bottle of water, plate of 3 fruits and a note saying sorry. Which for me doesn’t make any difference because it was a big mistake with the worse response. Lastly at our checkout i wanted the invoice and they tell me we can’t give it because it was priced wrong which again they had admitted their wrong. I was told they will have to sort it out and email it to me (i still haven’t got it). Overall i STRICTLY DO NOT ADVISE ANYONE TO STAY HERE! Oh and they have the worst food prices breakfast it 50tl per person. You can go to the most beautiful place with nice view and eat for that price. P.S i have contacted booking about this problem and made a complaint.
9,2 Erinomainen
Plussat: Good services, good location
Mittania Regency Hotel - Diyarbakır - Rakennus
8,7 Erinomainen (790 arvostelua)
45 €+
Tiedot Arvostelut
Diyarbakırin taidekeskus sijaitsee 4 minuutin kävelymatkan päässä ja Nebii-moskeija 8 minuutin kävelymatkan päässä majoitusliikkeestä. Käytössäsi on ympäri vuorokauden auki oleva business center, ilmaiset sanomalehdet aulassa ja kuivapesula-/pesulapalvelut. Käytössäsi on lentokenttäkuljetukset (saatavilla ympäri vuorokauden). Jos saavut autolla, voit pysäköidä helposti, sillä ilmainen valet-pysäköinti kuuluu myös palveluihin.
9,6 Erinomainen
Plussat: It was mazing experience. one of the best hotel in the city . Quiet and lovely.near to city center. The staff is very good . clean rooms & comfort beds & good breakfast.
10,0 Erinomainen
Plussat: Best Hotel seen ever in my life in all aspect. Do not hesitate to book this hotel
Miinukset: Nothing
6,3 Hyvä
Plussat: Cleaned
Miinukset: Hot room in hot weather Air conditioning system was not working properly , control was labeling 19 and actually was 28-29 Elevator was too busy , only one was working , we obligated to use staff elevator
10,0 Erinomainen
Plussat: Everything! Clean hotel, the best (Kurdish) breakfast in the world, very inviting and polite staff, hotel close to the beautiful Old Town. Highly recommend this hotel! And Amed / Diyarbakir in general!
Miinukset: Everything was perfect!
7,5 Hyvä
Plussat: Calmness of the hotel! Friendly staffs and clean rooms
Miinukset: Poor breakfast
7,1 Hyvä
Plussat: Clean hotel
Miinukset: Air conditioning system was not working, it was hot at rooms at night despite telling the staffs for that, there was no any action Only one elevator was working, we used the staff elevator Wifi net was poor
8,8 Erinomainen
Plussat: Room,location ,breakfast
Miinukset: The staffs ,need training ,they cant speak english ,not helpful
9,6 Erinomainen
Plussat: Staff. Room breakfast
Miinukset: N/A
10,0 Erinomainen
Plussat: It was clean, and very good breakfast. The staff were very helpful
10,0 Erinomainen
Plussat: my all future visit to Diyarbakir will be this Hotel Location is very good and kindly staff and price is very good
8,3 Erinomainen
Plussat: Henkilökunta oli erinomaisesti ystävällinen.
Miinukset: Haisee jossain tupakalta...
Sv Business Hotel Diyarbakir - Diyarbakır - Makuuhuone
8,8 Erinomainen (104 arvostelua)
32 €+
Tiedot Arvostelut
SV Business Hotel Diyarbakır sijaitsee keskustassa, ja Atatürk Müzesi (museo) ja Parli Safan moskeija 10 minuutin kävelymatkan päässä. Käytössäsi on ympäri vuorokauden auki oleva business center, kuivapesula-/pesulapalvelut ja ympäri vuorokauden auki oleva vastaanotto. Palveluihin kuuluu ilmainen valet-palvelu.
8,8 Erinomainen
Plussat: Best value for money in Diyarbakir, the staff are helpful and friendly.
10,0 Erinomainen
Plussat: Was so clean
Miinukset: Room was little small Wifi internet some times was slow
7,9 Hyvä
Plussat: Good Hotel nice Location
7,1 Hyvä
Plussat: A good place to stay in our way back to home and visiting a historical place.
10,0 Erinomainen
Plussat: I was really pleased with my stay at SV Business hotel, I wish I could have stayed for longer. It was walking distance to Gazi Street where the main attractions are. The guy who checked me in Savas was very welcoming and friendly and spoke English, which was a bonus. I asked him for list of the top sights to see and visit and he gave me a list and explained clearly where everything was and how to get to the wall. He also kindly recommended a good restaurant which was converted from a old hamman which I really enjoyed. I would also like to thank Ramazan who was also very helpful and welcoming during my stay. He also booked me taxi for the airport and recommended the time I should be there by. When travelling solo its the small conversations you have with hotel staff that make it memorable. The breakfast was plentiful and I didn't get to explore the roof terrace. Maybe the next time I'm in Diyarbakir I will explore. Thank you SV Business hotel team
10,0 Erinomainen
Plussat: So quite even its in located city centre
Miinukset: Colors of the rooms.
10,0 Erinomainen
Plussat: All good!
7,9 Hyvä
Plussat: Central place in the city. Abundant breakfast. The staff was extremely helpful, polite and well-mannered. Thumbs up!
Miinukset: We booked a double room for 2 persons, but it was a single room what we got (the width of the bed was cca 160cm and the room recieved us with a towel, a cup, and a pair of slipper only - in fact. Though we requested a non smoking room the furniture, the walls, the drapes diffused smoke.
10,0 Erinomainen
Plussat: Very good hotel and the staff are very friendly and helpful. It is a pity that not all of them can speak English fluently. However, Mr Savas English is very good and he is very friendly and helpful. The room is good.
Miinukset: If all the receptionist can speak English well, it will be very very excellent hotel
10,0 Erinomainen
Plussat: Good location, close to the old town. The room is good and is completed with a kettle to make tea or coffee. However, the receptionists are very very good, friendly and helpful. Here is my experience. I just came back (walking) to the hotel from dinner at one restaurant together with my friend's nephew. My friend's nephew went home and I entered the hotel. When I was in my room, suddenly I realized that my tablet was left at the restaurant. The problem was, I did not remember the name of the restaurant and I did not have my friend's nephew contact number. I told the receptionist about this matter. I tried to contact my friend, but failed. The receptionists asked me if I have something related to the name of the restaurant. It's a pity I did not have any, except a few photos in my camera. 3 of the receptionists worked together like detectives to find out the name of the restaurant. After enlarging the photos several times, amazingly they found out the name of the restaurant from the waiter's uniform. Bravo !! Then, they called the restaurant, and indeed my tablet was there. was a very happy ending that night for all of us.
Miinukset: Nothing
6,7 Hyvä
Plussat: It is a very new hotel and very clean friendly and helpful staff
Miinukset: While booking there should be an option as double or single bed in a double room. Maybe there was I missed it but since it is a business hotel most of the double rooms have single beds and I think couples/families should be careful about it. Because when we went there we couldnt get a room with double bed first night. However, they tried to arrange it for the second night.
Liv Suit Hotel - Diyarbakır - Rakennus
8,2 Erinomainen (381 arvostelua)
47 €+
Mega Centerin ostoskeskus ja Ceylan Karavil Parkin ostoskeskus sijaitsevat 5 minuutin ajomatkan päässä majoitusliikkeestä. Käytössäsi on business center, kuivapesula-/pesulapalvelut ja ympäri vuorokauden auki oleva vastaanotto. Palveluihin kuuluu ilmainen pysäköinti.
Köprücü Hotel - Diyarbakır - Rakennus
8,2 Erinomainen (143 arvostelua)
13 €+
Tiedot Arvostelut
Koprucu Hotel sijaitsee keskustassa, ja Nebii-moskeija sijaitsee muutaman askeleen päässä ja Cahit Sıtkı Tarancın kulttuurimuseo sijaitsee 3 minuutin kävelymatkan päässä. Käytössäsi on ympäri vuorokauden auki oleva vastaanotto, matkatavarasäilytys ja tallelokero vastaanotossa.
9,6 Erinomainen
Plussat: The hotel is within old city walls but transport connection is very convenient, with a direct dolmus from otogar. Tourist Information Office is 100m away, Grand Mosque and Han 5 min walk, all other central sites also walkable, including the railway station. Facilities were very good for this really cheap hotel, as was the breakfast. The stuff kindly provided their PC and printer, when it was needed.
5,4 OK
Miinukset: We got the rooms in the third floor but there were no lift to the upper floors. The WiFi connection is very weak un the rooms and we need to went out from the rooms for internet connection, it is very difficult in the summer time.
8,3 Erinomainen
Miinukset: Air conditioner didn't works but don't cool at all
9,6 Erinomainen
Plussat: Stuff are very nice!
Miinukset: Nothing
10,0 Erinomainen
Plussat: Sparkling clean, friendly staff, perfect location close to the wall, mosques, museums, great breakfast
9,6 Erinomainen
Plussat: Really nice, polite and helpful staff. The receptionist carried my suitcase to the taxi station at 3 am although he was tired after a long day. They helped me cancel my bus booking and were always genuinely smiling :)) The room was simple but very clean and the air-conditioning was perfect. Breakfast was good, too. Location of hotel is very close , around a 7 minute walk, to Diyarbakır archeological museum , which is a must visit! It's also close to Ulu camii ( the great mosque) and old bazaars. It's also opposite Ocakbaşı restaurant which serves tasty food. I've been travelling to East and Southeast Turkey, and I felt comfortable the most in this hotel.
Miinukset: It didn't bother me personally but it might be useful to know that there's no elevator and you might need to climb some stairs. Plus, it's not close to fancy but you get more than what you pay for.
9,6 Erinomainen
Plussat: The staff, even though they couldn't speak english were extremely helpful, I stayed little over a week and they made sure I was very well. It was Ramadan so the tasty traditional turkish breakfast they offer was very helpful to keep me stocked up for the day. The location is great, a short walk from everything in the old city and a short taxi drive to the airport. The hotel is incredibly quiet and doesn't get many visitors which makes it feel like having its own abandonned mansion
Miinukset: The hotel is just next to a mosque so if you are a light sleeper you might get woken up by the early call to prayer. Rooms are a little old and could use a bit of freshening up but at that unbeatable price it is a very good trade off
7,9 Hyvä
Plussat: The staff were excellent
Miinukset: There is no assansors at the hotel,it was too difficult to go upstairs and downstairs,
10,0 Erinomainen
Plussat: When booking this I saw the photos, price and location and thought “ahhh good enough for one night I guess” but after staying the rooms and hotel are much much much better than the photos show. Please update your photos because You’re rooms are better than your photos show. Location is really good too.
7,0 Hyvä
Plussat: It is a basic accommodation good for a shorter stay. My room was small but clean and air-conditioned. It is in the historic part of the city and is conveniently located for a day of sightseeing within the city's ancient walls. The surrounding area is buzzing with great restaurants, bakeries and pastry shops.
Miinukset: The hotel has no parking and finding a spot nearby might be challenging.
Demir Hotel - Diyarbakır - Rakennus
8,2 Erinomainen (104 arvostelua)
35 €+
Demir Hotel sijaitsee keskustassa, ja Nebii-moskeija sijaitsee muutaman askeleen päässä ja Hasan Paşa Hanı sijaitsee 4 minuutin kävelymatkan päässä. Käytössäsi on ilmainen kiinteä internetyhteys, ilmaiset sanomalehdet aulassa ja kuivapesula-/pesulapalvelut. Käytössäsi on lentokenttäkuljetukset aikataulun mukaan. Jos saavut autolla, voit pysäköidä helposti, sillä ilmainen valet-palvelu kuuluu myös palveluihin.
Prestige Hotel - Diyarbakır - Rakennus
8,1 Erinomainen (388 arvostelua)
55 €+
Prestige Hotel sijaitsee keskustassa, ja Koşuyolun puisto sijaitsee 3 minuutin kävelymatkan päässä ja Diyarbakirin Atatürk-stadion 11 minuutin kävelymatkan päässä. Käytössäsi on ilmainen kiinteä internetyhteys, tietokonepiste ja ilmaiset sanomalehdet aulassa. Palveluihin kuuluu ilmainen valet-palvelu.
Hilton Garden Inn Diyarbakir - Diyarbakır - Makuuhuone
7,9 Hyvä (822 arvostelua)
52 €+
Tiedot Arvostelut
Hilton Garden Inn Diyarbakir sijaitsee keskustassa, ja Diyarbakırin taidekeskus ja Diyarbakırin valtion teatteri 5 minuutin ajomatkan päässä. Käytössäsi on ympäri vuorokauden auki oleva business center, ilmaiset sanomalehdet aulassa ja kuivapesula-/pesulapalvelut. Tämä hotelli tarjoaa asiakkailleen seuraavat kokoustilat: kokoushuoneet ja kokoushuone. Palveluihin kuuluu ilmainen pysäköinti.
10,0 Erinomainen
Plussat: room was clean and comfortable
Miinukset: could not get a signal on my phone
7,5 Hyvä
Plussat: Tigris River view
Miinukset: Nothing
9,6 Erinomainen
Plussat: The hotel was firstly very clean and comfy. Nice and helpful staff with delicious breakfast especially the Turkish tea. Location wise it was close to the central and many more places. View wise from my room i personally think it was bad. Lastly i believe for the price i’ve paid it was toooooo much for a hotel like that although everything was nice i just don’t think it had to be that expensive.
Miinukset: My room view and hotel prices
8,3 Erinomainen
Plussat: Cleanliness, location.
Miinukset: Money value was a little bit more than other Hilton branches of Turkey.
10,0 Erinomainen
Plussat: Staff were extremely helpful and polite. Especially Pelin at the reception desk was very passionate and enthusiastic about showing directions and recommending places to visit.
9,6 Erinomainen
Miinukset: Swimming pool time restriction
10,0 Erinomainen
Plussat: Everything
Miinukset: Only the time of closing the pool. It should be extended.
10,0 Erinomainen
Plussat: Good location, clean, comfortable and quiet.
7,1 Hyvä
Plussat: Location is good, just a bit away from city which is what I want. Hotel is nice, well organized. Restaurant and staff were great.
Miinukset: It wasn’t clean. I stayed for 3 days, they never cleaned toilet seat! Breakfast was poor.
6,3 Hyvä
Miinukset: Ac of room was not working for the first few hours
Malabadi Hotel - Diyarbakır
7,8 Hyvä (157 arvostelua)
42 €+
Koşuyolun puisto ja Mega Centerin ostoskeskus sijaitsevat 5 minuutin ajomatkan päässä majoitusliikkeestä. Käytössäsi on ympäri vuorokauden auki oleva vastaanotto, pyykinpesutilat ja tallelokero vastaanotossa. Palveluihin kuuluu ilmainen pysäköinti.
Plaza Hotel Diyarbakir - Diyarbakır - Rakennus
7,6 Hyvä (42 arvostelua)
37 €+
Tiedot Arvostelut
Diyarbakırin taidekeskus sijaitsee muutaman askeleen päässä ja Nebii-moskeija 10 minuutin kävelymatkan päässä majoitusliikkeestä. Käytössäsi on kuivapesula-/pesulapalvelut, ympäri vuorokauden auki oleva vastaanotto ja matkatavarasäilytys. Palveluihin kuuluu ilmainen valet-palvelu.
6,3 Hyvä
Plussat: The morning staff were extremely helpful
Miinukset: The hotel lobby was real hot not sure what happened but I felt like in sauna
4,2 OK
Plussat: Food
Miinukset: Noise
8,8 Erinomainen
Plussat: The quality of breakfast was excellent.
Miinukset: The WiFi signal was poor, using internet for other purposes then visiting facebook was close to impossible. At the checking-out time there was a queue of customers and only one clerk present.
7,5 Hyvä
Plussat: It's a clean hotel close to the old city, rooms are ok, breakfast ok too, but only on week days . The staff is nice and smiling.
Miinukset: I was very disappointed because I wrote 2 times saying that I smoked though my husband didn't, mentioning that we had stayed in this hotel for years, and I had always written excellent comments. On arrival we were given a room on a non smoking floor, with a functioning smoke detector as a result I had to smoke at the window and it was freezing, so I caught a very bad cold I'm still trying to get rid of. I expected a commercial gesture which didn't come. In fact this hotel is strictly for business men , no buffet breakfast on the week ends, just a ready made plate with no choice, things get back to normal on week days, and don't hope to see a film in English on TV it's all Turkish. So ok if you are a Turkish business man but tourists, look elsewhere there are plenty of new and comfortable hotels in Diyarbakir.
7,5 Hyvä
Plussat: Breakfast was good. Location is almost perfect if you want to visit the old town (only a short walk). Friendly and helpful staff.
Miinukset: Unfortunately the staff barely speaks english, but they do their very best to help you.
5,4 OK
Miinukset: Smoke free room was ugly smelling