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ADL — Suomi
31. joulukuu — 7. tammikuu1
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Qantas AirwaysPistemäärä perustuu 5039 arvosteluun
Lentoyhtiöiden arvostelut

My check in experience was terrible as I was trying to move this flight due to a delayed international connection.

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My check in experience was terrible as I was trying to move this flight due to a delayed international connection.

Flight was fine but Kate Worse was having the booking bounced from one flight to another after having booked and paid

It was great to have entertainment screens on this flight.

Jammed full flights

Fabulous crew

Ease of boarding. Staff were friendly and helpful. Food was good. In flight entertainment great.

Miinukset: "We booked vegan meals which came and were pretty good. But afterwards, the cabin crew handed out icecreams and then Fantales and had no vegan options for those treats."
Plussat: "Crew was responsive and friendly"
Miinukset: "Nothing"
Plussat: "Super smooth flight, flight attendants were incredibly friendly and hospitable"
Plussat: "The service and entertainment provided"
Miinukset: "Seat was broken. Plane was very warm, but Very friendly crew, and flight was on time :)"
Miinukset: "The seats were too narrow and uncomfortable"
Plussat: "Crew very friendly and accommodating."
Miinukset: "No back-of-seat screen, overhead screens lacking enough contrast to see much. No matter, I looked out the window instead!"
Plussat: "Quick boarding and deplaning on arrival"
Miinukset: "Nothing"
Plussat: "Crew was nice and ready to help"
Plussat: "FLIGHT TIME"
Plussat: "check in easy at Adelaide airport"
Miinukset: "The plane had small drop down screens every 4 or 5 rows which are totally inadequate for watching anything. gives no choice and poor sound quality (lag between vision and sound) Pork meal was some sort of tasteless slop in a cardboard box with rice and a green veg. It seem as if short flights are getting a raw deal with old planes and sub standard food, systems to save costs. If they cannot maintain a consistent level of standard across all their products let another provider in who can."
Plussat: "Food was good."
Miinukset: "I am tall so the seats a really a little close together. It was particularly bad when the person in front reclined full for a sleep."
Plussat: "Very smooth, made it alive."
Miinukset: "Little more leg room required"
Plussat: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "The flight being cancelled"
Plussat: "Easy boarding"
Miinukset: "All ok really"
Miinukset: "No options for seat choose which totally rubbish don't like deal with Qantas in future"
Miinukset: "Tiny tiny seats with no leg room whatsoever. Couldn't check in online and couldn't get assigned seats or request a guaranteed aisle seat. Extremely uncomfortable for 15 hours."
Plussat: "Staff were friendly, boarding was efficient, and in-flight service was unobtrusive."
Miinukset: "To be honest, I really wish Qantas would include Bejewelled in their games offerings."
Plussat: "Thank you Qantas I enjoyed the flight, the service was excellent. Cabin crews were friendly. Overall excellent."
Miinukset: "There is nothing that I dislike."
Plussat: "Staff were friendly. Enjoyed getting a meal included in the ticket for everyone."
Miinukset: "Could be more of a range of movies to watch"
Plussat: "Overall it was an excellent flight, delicious food, wonderful crew and flight mainly smooth."
Miinukset: "To get to the gate for boarding was like going from Terminal 2 to Terminal 7 too far for many people to walk and to eventually find when you are not familiar with the airport, thought for a minute Qantas had not paid their airport duties."
Miinukset: "Over all service was poor. TVs weren't working either."
Plussat: "Boarding was smooth and easy. Food and service on board was excellent. No hassle with baggage or hand luggage. Comfortable and able to use my One World Status and earn miles."
Plussat: "It was a pleasant flight."
Miinukset: "I'm satisfied"
Plussat: "Not much"
Miinukset: "Uncomfortable flight, food, boarding, minimum entertainment"
Miinukset: "Not enough legroom or seating area... Obviously you are downsizing, hoping that people will spend more to upgrade."
Plussat: "Case was off quickly"
Miinukset: "No choice in seating"
Plussat: "Staff. Entertainment was okay . Flight arrived in less than 13 hours rather than posted 13hr 40min"
Miinukset: "Leg room for such a long flight is unacceptable. Connecting west jet flight was twice as much from lax to vancouver. Food was very poor."
Miinukset: "I was not able to check-in on my mobile phone. I was not able to check-in at the Kiosk. I had to check my carry-on bag all the way through to Los Angeles."
Plussat: "I had an exit row seat so being tall this was very much appreciated"
Miinukset: "no problems"
Plussat: "The air crew was amazing & went above & beyond for us. I cannot say enough positive things about them!!!"
Miinukset: "Food: Japanese fried chicken was soggy. Economy space is cramped, and stuck next to a guy who invaded into my space and guy in front leant his seat back. Overnight flight but couldn't sleep when it was so cramped (when usually I can without problem on other flights)"
Miinukset: "You charged me twice in my credit card the Ticket from Adelaide -Melbourne and Melbourne-Sydney"
Miinukset: "Not told that pretty much the only in flight entertainment required downloading the qantas app"
Plussat: "Didn't eat anything over airline food as it was my 3rd flight to get home to Melbourne"
Plussat: "Excellent"
Plussat: "The staff showed they cared about you comfort and tried to make sure you were enjoying your flight"
Miinukset: "All was great"
Plussat: "Flight attendants were the best. Everything about the flight was perfect. Also, I didn't even realize we had landed it was such a smooth landing."
Plussat: "Like the staff -so down to earth Australian -no airs and graces like some other airlines. No fuss service. Always very helpful.You actually get food and drinks gratis on Qantas! The craft are always clean and well maintained. Easy to check in on line too. Offered in flight entertainment but didn't require it."
Miinukset: "We boarded a bit late -so there was a bit of waiting around without being advised of what was happening. But we figured when we saw a man in a wheel-chair being helped on before everyone else that -that was the issue. So happy to wait."
Plussat: "The crew were cheery, helpful and professional."
Miinukset: "In economy, space is an issue, still feels cramped"
Plussat: "Excellent service"
Miinukset: "Food was more wordt than in the past"
Plussat: "Quick and easy to board Overall everything was good Food was above average Crew were accommodating and friendly"
Miinukset: "Headphones poor quality"

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