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The layover in Istanbul was 1 hour 5 mins. That is NOT ENOUGH TIME to get from one gate to another and go through security again. By the time my plane landed from Kiev to Istanbul, the flight to San Francisco was already boarding. I had to cross a very long airport, go back into security check and then run another 15 mins. I barely made the flight and they were about to close the door when I arrived. Turkish Airlines should NOT SELL TICKETS WITH SUCH SHORT LAYOVER WITHOUT ACCOMODATING US or helping us to get to the other gate faster. It was a very bad experience. Why sell tickets with unreasonable layover times? It is not fair for the customer and not feasible to make the flight.

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The layover in Istanbul was 1 hour 5 mins. That is NOT ENOUGH TIME to get from one gate to another and go through security again. By the time my plane landed from Kiev to Istanbul, the flight to San Francisco was already boarding. I had to cross a very long airport, go back into security check and then run another 15 mins. I barely made the flight and they were about to close the door when I arrived. Turkish Airlines should NOT SELL TICKETS WITH SUCH SHORT LAYOVER WITHOUT ACCOMODATING US or helping us to get to the other gate faster. It was a very bad experience. Why sell tickets with unreasonable layover times? It is not fair for the customer and not feasible to make the flight.


The flight didn’t even happen.

Cabin crew in business class seem so rushed. Hurry up and serve food, hurry up and clear trays, hurry up and get things done. It felt frantic but overall it was okay.


Plussat: "Efficient flight, crew professional"
Miinukset: "Food. Very bad. Cold sack meals and basically just the same twice. Not good fir a 11 hr flight."
Plussat: "Everything"
Miinukset: "Sometime complicated to buy tickets, its sending you to other websites! It would be nice to buy everything straight from Kayak"
Plussat: "Food was ok"
Miinukset: "Seats..."
Plussat: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "Nicer personal at check in ,nicer crew,better food."
Plussat: "The aircraft is a marvel."
Miinukset: "The food is a bummer. No coffee, no tea, no beverages. What's the point? How eating a stew is different from eating a small sandwich? What's the reason? Nobody care to explain..."
Miinukset: "everything...terrible airline"
Plussat: "crew"
Miinukset: "delayed flight management"
Plussat: "yes"
Miinukset: "nothing"
Plussat: "Seats were confortable, new plane, the crew was attentive, food was great."
Miinukset: "Need to update the movie library, the category with the new movies is probably a year or morw old."
Plussat: "Crew was very professional and helpful."
Miinukset: "Transit process at Istanbul airport was not very smooth. Ground staff could have been more helpful."
Plussat: "So far nothing. Plane from Ukraine was delayed by 2 hours and we missed our connecting flight to Washington DC. Now we have to spend a night in Istanbul and missing the event that we had to attend on Feb 26!"
Miinukset: "Would be better if flight waited just 15 min to let passengers from delayed flight to get on board"
Plussat: "Friendliest Turkish crew I’ve had."
Miinukset: "Inflight movie selection is fairly dated."
Plussat: "Liked that in this day's of cost cutting by most airlines, Turkish decided to win customers with Quality! Premium liquid soap, cologne and moisturizer in the lavatories, fresh seafood in ordered special meals, friendly service and good entertainment. Thank you! Didn't expect..."
Plussat: "I was feeling very bad during flight. Crew made everything possible to make this flight comfortable for me. They took good care of me and were stopping by me, to check how am I feeling during whole flight."
Miinukset: "This is not about airlines, but about passengers. All airlines should prohibit passengers to use fragrance. This lady who flew next to me, had strong perfume and it felt like she used half of the bottle, cause it was impossible to breath."
Plussat: "Food, clean plane, Nice staff"
Miinukset: "Flight delayed missed connection lost bag"
Plussat: "The bathroom was clean in the beginning of the flight. Speak some English ."
Miinukset: "Their crew wars lazy . In 12 h flight I got coffee only once . The food was ok, bread was old. Airplane was dirty. Called for flight attendant but had to go to look for them by myself . By the end of the flight there was hardly any jews laughed and no Lamons. The plane was not ready to be full Of people."
Plussat: "Food excellent,crew are friendly, polite."
Miinukset: "Nothing"
Plussat: "The food and the staff are excellent. 90% of the time I can get an exit row seat as I am 6 foot 2. I fly Turkish airlines frequently. This time the plane was full, so I understand that it was not possible."
Miinukset: "A passenger and his wife were not seated together, so the passenger wanted to stand in the isle and talk to his wife over the top of me for significant portions of the fight. In a full flight keeping passengers out of the isle os key. I know this was a difficult flight for the crew."
Plussat: "I was very much impressed with the care and attention of people concerned about me boarding my plane on time once I reached the boarding gate."
Miinukset: "The difficulty I encountered in discovering and finding my boarding gate in Boston."
Plussat: "Friendly and helpful flight attendants, delicious food, great movie selection."
Plussat: "On time, hard working staff."
Miinukset: "The usual dislikes: economy seats, crying babies, body odor of other passengers."
Plussat: "didn’t like anything"
Miinukset: "Very uncomfortable craft with not enough space, the man sitting in front of me was lying on my knees for the whole trip even during service. I couldn’t watch TV ‘coz it was just in front of my nose."
Plussat: "The best trip! Thk"s! Good luck,T.Airlines!"
Plussat: "They crew were very pleasant and polite. It was one of best flights I have had."
Miinukset: "They're wasn't anything I didn't like."
Plussat: "The food and entertainment was good. The crew was very nice."
Plussat: "It was a short flight. Lemonade"
Miinukset: "All was fine."
Plussat: "New and clean aircraft, very good cabin crew and service."
Miinukset: "The flight left early, without me. Instead of beginning boarding at the time printed on my ticket, like every other airline, boarding was completed and closed fifteen minutes before my ticket said they would start, so even though I was eight minutes early I was actually seven minutes too late. Turkish Airlines service desk took the evidence (my ticket) and then refused to rebook me, forcing me to pay $600 for a new flight and for a visa to Turkey just so I could exit through security to book & pay for it. They will not be getting any more of my business in the future!"
Plussat: "Freebies gifts"
Miinukset: "Nothing"
Plussat: "Early arrival by full 30 minutes--great."
Miinukset: "Crying babies, but not airline's fault."
Miinukset: "My flight was cancelled ten days prior to departure. Nothing to do with weather. Without my permission they, booked my return flight with a 20 hour layover in Istanbul airport. I had to buy a new ticket home on a different airline. Waiting for a refund which currently seems impossible."
Plussat: "Flight attendance service is great"
Miinukset: "Boarding process too complicated with several security check points make the travel more difficult"
Plussat: "Average good service, food"
Miinukset: "Entertainment. Poor movie choice, headphones not good"
Plussat: "Nice little commuter plane from one destination to another. Nothing particular fancy or negative to say other than a good charter plane to get to your layover for the final flight back home."
Miinukset: "Not having a jet bridge and having to board a bus to get to the plane."
Plussat: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "Staff was rude, was so bad cannot even use word customer service to describe it"
Plussat: "The sevicewas great! i liked their food. It was very fresh and testy. The tv screen had a lots of great movies. I enjoyed my flight. Thanks"
Plussat: "The flight attendants were pleasant and very attentive. Great meals."
Miinukset: "Had trouble with the seat leaning back on one of glights"
Miinukset: "Everything was really good"
Plussat: "Food was excellent. Service was awesome."
Miinukset: "Nothing."
Plussat: "Selection of movies and other entertainment options"
Miinukset: "The distance between seats is pretty small. It was very uncomfortable 11 hours flight for a 6 foot tall individual. On our flight back I called flight attendant several times, however no one came and each time "call attendant" light was turned off remotely."
Plussat: "It's been few years that I took Turkish Airline flight, but the service and crew and the aircraft were top notch. It felt like Virgin Atlantics flight and better. I flew with my 3 yo and the stuff kept spoiling him with goodie bags. On the way there (it was overnight flight) I'll give it 5 out of 5 and on the way back - it was a bit cold on the flight, it might be just me, however. The food also seemed better on the way to Turkey; on the way back I found myself hungry more often and the food was not as good (day flight). Excellent, will definitely fly again, just for the service and the experience!!"
Miinukset: "On the way back - it was a bit cold on the flight, it might be just me, however. On the way back I found myself hungry more often and the food was not as good (day flight)."
Plussat: "Helpful"
Miinukset: "Better reading material"
Plussat: "Everything except the delay"
Miinukset: "No delays, took bag crew forever to load the plane, they were extremely late....waited over 35minutes"
Miinukset: "The flight was late by half an hour and I had to pay 60€ because my cabin bag was 2kg heavier than allowed."
Plussat: "The crew was friendly. Baggage arrive safely. But the repeated commercial interruptions trying to sell things made me wonder if it was commission based - a nap was not possible from the announcements but you could buy things duty free. I am glad it was a short flight. A new plane."
Miinukset: "There are no queues. A free for all to load and unload the plane. If you are looking for Swiss order, look elsewhere. Nothing is free, not water (1.5 euro) or any other beverages or anything else. We paid double what the flight should cost to not even be offered water. The seats were lightly padded to maximize seats. There was a small amount of leg room but some. No power outlets, wifi or media. The worst aspect is I bought a flight on Baltic Air from Tallinn to Riga and had the price from Riga to Paris on the next tab on kayak. I bought the ticket from Tallin to Riga then flipped to buy Riga to Paris only to learn it was a bait price. The price was actually $200 more. Baltic would not refund the first flight (within minutes) so we were stuck to either walk away from our 2 tickets to Riga or pay the bait and switch rate. We begrudgingly paid 400 (200 each) euro MORE than the initial price shown so we could fly out of Riga back to Paris (to be back in Paris by Jan 7). A non alcoholic beverage, a small snack, and power access would be helpful. Ground crew helping with order would be helpful. I was shoved and run over trying to get onto and off the plane. It is the wild west of flying except the plane is new...oh, and it is 30 euro if you do not check in online ahead. But you will still need to stand in line to check a bag (where they can issue you a boarding pass)."
Miinukset: "Flight attendant didn’t smile @ all, it was like we are on her way."
Plussat: "Clean airplane nice pretty stewardess in short dress."
Miinukset: "Probably private jet whit hot tub."
Miinukset: "Free water ! On a 2+ hours flight, it’s scandalous to have to pay for a glass of water. Also, your cabin crew was inexperienced (but trying hard, credit to them) and understaffed. And the flight was late."
Miinukset: "Nothing in time"
Miinukset: "One Toilet for a full plane with 150 passengers...."
Miinukset: "At least a complimentary glass of water or juice in Economy."
Plussat: "Arrival in time"
Miinukset: "Compartment for hand luggage was full, no space"
Plussat: "Big space to front seat"
Miinukset: "offer drinking water"
Miinukset: "No information was avSo pick a couple up listen to this device again also right now dictation right now"
Miinukset: "Not mentioned that in Munich I had to change terminal and pass again on security check. If I would have bought some bottles in Vilnius or Riga duty free, I would have had problems"
Plussat: "The airplane was brand new. The crew was very friendly"
Plussat: "everything was good enough"
Miinukset: "I would like a meal and drinks on the board"
Plussat: "Food offered on flight even though short trip"
Miinukset: "Was delayed so being on time"
Miinukset: "Horrible customer support"
Plussat: "It was a fairly ordinary flight"
Miinukset: "Our luggage never arrived at our destination, perhaps something to do with a connecting flight although there were 2 hrs 15 mins between connections. After informing Male Airport, a message was sent to Condor. No news all day. Next day lodged complaint replied they're investigating. Holiday ruined"
Miinukset: "Ок"
Miinukset: "would not check my bag to final destination"
Miinukset: "There was a sceen right before my eyes telling me how much time of the flight was left. Even if I wanted to be unaware of the information I could not because as I mensioned it was right before my eyes. I was aware of almost every minute of this flight....found it hard to let go and just let time pass"
Plussat: "My checked in bag did not arrive to HEL... Nedless to say I did check the bag tag was properly labeled RIX to HEL... oh well ... bad score for Baltic Air ... truly hope to see my bag in CGK when I arrived. Qatar airways pls come to the rescue."
Plussat: "Short, convenient, direct, value for money."
Miinukset: "Not comfortable, small plane."
Plussat: "Newer plane."
Miinukset: "The plane we were supposed to be on from Riga to Helisinki had mechanical problems so they switched our plane. We had an hour delay do to that. Then when we got to Helsinki our luggage never made it."
Plussat: "Nice new propeller plane on time"
Miinukset: "No free water or coffee. Luggage fee not told about when I booked. No entertainment."
Plussat: "If water was free it would be better. Other than that everything was fine"
Miinukset: "."
Miinukset: "We were told upon check in that there was a charge to check in. I have never heard of such rubbish in 43 years of air travel. We were told we could check in online but we only had 4 minute in which to do it. We were charged €150 for 5 people. The check in Sgent was sour faced as well. Once aboard the plane (a nice new aircraft) we found the stewardesses sour faced as well. Overall not impressed by air Baltic!"
Miinukset: "They overbooked the flight and without any apologies on their behalf or without even informing me, they stop me and my fiance at the gate and just told is that we can not go to the flight I book and prepay 4 month at advance! The only solution that they can offer me was to travel from Riga to Moscow and than to Tel Aviv. It become 12 hours traveling across 4 countries ( we arrived form Stockholm) instead of 5 hours flight as it was supposed to! I'm not recommending to travel with that company it can not be trusted!"
Plussat: "Everything was in time. Baggage I handked in the Riga airport and received it in Larnaca, no problems"
Miinukset: "An extra fee is charged if you don't check-in online."
Miinukset: "I needed to cancel the flight a month before, and I got no refund"
Plussat: "The helpful ground person at check-in."
Miinukset: "This airline company looks a like person who is begging for money. First time in my life I paid for the luggage. 40 Euros!!! what for? Apparently Air Baltic has no clue about how to run a service business. Somebody has to teach them this naked reality: IN SERVICE BUSINESS YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE YOUR MAJOR MARKETING ASSETS! They don't even serve a glass of water, apparently they could not manage to integrate it in the ticket price. But they dare to get thirsty and unhappy customers on the plane. Anyways: This airline company is charging extra for luggage. And I could not see this anywhere when I was buying ticket online. If I knew I'd never buy the ticket from Airbaltic. "Not writing it clearly and visible at the time of ticket purchase" is certainly tricking and misleading us. This is a crime!"
Plussat: "Professional appearance"
Miinukset: "Extra $ for the seat (quite absurd) and 40 Euros for a check in luggage."
Miinukset: "In Stockholm they denied my boarding to Riga and Moscow as they told me that I need Shengen visa. When I was buying ticket I wasn't informed that I need to have Visa. I always travel through Europe with layovers and never have this issue before. I had to buy another ticket straight to Moscow and wait in the airport for 8 hours. I ask to reimburse me half of the price of this ticket."
Miinukset: "No food or entertainment."
Plussat: "Boarding went well and crew was nice."
Miinukset: "The air conditioning was not working properly on the 3 hour flight which made it a bit sweaty and unfortable. The purchase of a cold beer was a must."
Plussat: "Everything was very smooth and the crew was very attentive."
Plussat: "It was very easy to print boarding pass."
Miinukset: "The scanners did not accept my boarding pass. 40% of the passengers had to have boarding passes reprinted. It was chaotic."
Miinukset: "Check in staff at Riga airport were rude. Check in Maine issued the same boarding pass twice, so one of us had no boarding pass. Security line was insanely long--30+ minutes! On board you pay for everything, even a glass of water. Tiny seats and the person behind me kept pushing on the back of my seat. Very uncomfortable! Will never fly airbaltic again."
Plussat: "It's very inexpensive, especially if you fly with only with a carry-on luggage. On-board service has always been excellent."
Miinukset: "The check-in process is horrible, regardless of the airport you are flying from. It's just the trademark of Air Baltic. I learned my lesson and pay extra to use the priority check in line, as well as boarding. Otherwise you end up staying in a VERY long line. This time I was bumped from the seat that I picked when booking my flight, which was still assigned to me when I checked in online. No explanation or heads-up, I was just handed a paper boarding pass when I checked my bag, and only after I was past security line I realized that I was bumped from row 4 to row 10. I was able to get a seat in row 4 again at the gate, but not the same seat. Also, there was no priority boarding, even though I paid for it. Given this experience I will only fly this airline if I can get away with a carry on, thus avoiding the check in desk altogether."
Plussat: "Flight was on time which was surprising given a late snow storm in Tallinn."
Miinukset: "The flight was fully booked, and the system re-assigned seats for a number of passengers. This created confusion as passengers arrived to their assigned seats to find other passengers in the seats. There also appeared to be a miscommunication between the crew as some crew members said to passengers whose seats were taken they should sit anywhere, whereas other crew members tried to get everyone back in their assigned seats. This was frustrating. Also the overhead bin lockers are very difficult to open"
Miinukset: "For people who have Airbaltic as a connecting flight this might be very inconvenient. We paid 40 Eur/person each way for our luggage . That brings the price that you pay so much higher than you expect at first. Also if you don't print boarding pass ahead of time which we didn't (plus still needed to drop off checked luggage and check our passports) they want to charge you 30 Eur a person to print that drinking piece of paper. If you don't want to pay that get out of the line with all of you luggage, go to kiosk and print it, then come back to the line. But that's companies rules , employees just have to follow it. Another problem was their attitude. The guy who got our luggage was so weird. Showing off and talking to us like a boss. After giving us boarding passes he said we can go to the screen and look up the gate ourselves. I never write long reviews but man! they got me mad that day. Never say never - but I don't want to fly with this airline again"
Plussat: "New Planes, crew"
Miinukset: "Entertainment cost !!!"
Plussat: "Modern aircraft. Quick flight. Quick delivery of baggage at terminal. Relieved that baggage from BKK-KBP-RIX was not lost nor delayed."
Miinukset: "It was cold and I was not dressed for the bus to the aircraft, but instead for the tropics where I had been. The toilet was not centered for stand - up use for men. Thus had to kneel in order to use. This booked by UIA, but the carrier was Air Baltic, which led to some confusion as to which airline to go to for boarding."
Plussat: "Booked on kayak and wasn't clear at all about check in or tickets, I looked many times. No way of checking in or getting boarding passes had to pay an arm and a leg at the gate. Also had to pay to check my bag on a half full flight. Have never had to check same bag with Ryanair on over 10 flights now. Will never use this airline again."
Miinukset: "After barely making too tight a connection, all food and beverage needed Euros or European credit card. My Visa wouldn't work. Finally after I broke down (blood sugar way too high) the stewardess gave me a glass of water. Never will I use the money grubbing airline again"
Plussat: "Clean and modern airport in Riga Baggage well handled on connection"
Miinukset: "Riga to vilnius delayed 2 hours"
Plussat: "Boarding, comfort"
Miinukset: "SAS didn't let me check in my flight to final distinction, so I had a problem."

The lights in the inside of the plane were like strobe lights, poor functioning.

Nice trip


Plussat: "Bought a seat 3 hours before check in and had a row to myself"
Miinukset: "Excellent Ryanair flight. 75% full. Very friendly crew."
Plussat: "The seats were comfortable and the crew were very professional."
Plussat: "I liked that the flight was short."
Miinukset: "I didn't like that the flight attendants were wearing their badges flipped back so you can't see their names. In need that may be important."
Plussat: "On time."
Miinukset: "Better seats"
Miinukset: "More entertainment would've made the flight much better and less wait for getting on and off the plane"
Miinukset: "No delays"
Plussat: "Staff is really fine."
Miinukset: "There was no food and drinks at the flight. Not even the water. Also I dont understand the point of priorirty biarding as 90% of passengers were on that row."
Plussat: "I loved the fact that I arrived"
Miinukset: "Everything else. Deservedly the worst airline in Europe"
Plussat: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "Bad baggage policies"
Miinukset: "Small legroom, hard backs of seats"
Plussat: "The flight was quick, customer service was good on the plane"
Miinukset: "Checking in online was a nightmare as the site kept freezing, there was a mix up with my priority and cabin baggage, I was told by the webchat team that this had gone through but not on my boarding pass, when I got the the airport the Ryanair staff were extremely rude to us, they sent us to the back of the queue I front of everyone and then told us we would have to pay to take our bags with us, they then had to be out on the hold. When we got back to Birmingham we then had to sit on the plane for around 15 minutes as there was not a slot for us. I spent hours of my 2 day break trying to sort check ins etc, I would never fly with Ryanair again."
Plussat: "price"
Miinukset: "Uncomfortable chairs, late boarding, even then- a lot of waiting. No entertainment."
Miinukset: "Stayed at steansted for like 20 min"
Miinukset: "Daylight robbery. I got charged 55pound for not checking in online 2 hrs before. I felt disgusted by this ridiculous amount as I had no idea. Really frustrated with your search engine and Ryan air for not making this very clear"
Plussat: "like the priority lane, so that I got onto the airplane first"
Miinukset: "Chaotic airport Messy check in The bus was parked for almost 20 mins before heading to the plane. The flight was late for 30+mins and it was very crowded."
Plussat: "Flight arrived in time"
Miinukset: "No entertainment"
Miinukset: "The flight was delayed 40min without any explanation or announcement from captain. We just sat on the runway for 40min."
Miinukset: "A horrible airline. They charge you for everything, you have to pay a checked baggage fee for both ways. I bought a round trip ticket, if I'm bringing luggage, I'm going to want to bring that luggage back with me. You have to pay if you have more than one cabin bag, everyone boards at the same time, the plane is cramped and old. The landing was just us slamming into the runway. I can't tell you about the staff because I never saw anyone that worked there"
Plussat: "Cheap"
Miinukset: "The flight was significantly delayed because of a woman having a panic attack. Other people should not have to wait because one person is afraid of flying."
Miinukset: "Only one line for those needing to check in at the counter (non-EU) The person who looked to be in charge said we had enough time to wait thru the line. We didn’t. Come very very very early for Ryan Air. We gave up and took the train."
Plussat: "Cheap cheap cheap!"
Miinukset: "I find it incredibly ridiculous that a flight is half full and I’m deliberately seated away from my husband just so Ryan Air can make an extra £4 per seat. I get that they want to make money but that’s pushing it too far. I sat next to someone who was also traveling with someone else. That lady’s companion came back and told her the seat next to her was empty. By then everyone was already settled in. Is it really worth the £8 for two people? I’m sorry but that’s just petty."
Miinukset: "Issues getting checked in. Multiple lines which we were ushered from and to only to be told to go back to self check kiosk. By the time we get to self check kiosk for the 2nd time our gate is closed and we’ve missed our flight. Not sure why the person at the check in counter couldn’t check our bags for us and get us moving through security??? No offer of any reimbursement and additionall cost for new flight later in the day at more than twice the cost of the flight we missed. Lack of clear direction or any semblance of customer service. I guess you get what you pay for..."
Plussat: "Boarding was by bus but worked out ok."
Miinukset: "Chaos over seating families together, one family of two adults and two infants got moved twice, another family was moved once due to allocated seating not putting families together. We eventually offered our seats to try and help out which eventually the reluctant crew accepted. Emergency exits row passenger was allowed to keep their handbag and another had a plastic bag under their seat. (Regulations state no bags at emergency exits). One passenger was chatting using his mobile phone during taxi out. Captain having exited the flight deck for a break then opened the cockpit door and whilst remained open then proceeded to have a nice chat with the cabin crew. Crew were having a bad day. Food was over cooked and nasty. Seat comfort apauling no elbow room and no legroom, still as Ryanair say you only get what you pay for whereas I’d rather have value for money rather than just a cheap and nasty experience."
Plussat: "Boarding and flying time very good"
Miinukset: "Noisy passengers (stag party and 40birthday)"
Plussat: "Early take off and excellent all round"
Miinukset: "-On 20/12/2017 the flight was expect at 09:50 it was delayed until midday. -On 05/01/2018 I had received a message(on my mobile phone) to confirm my return and I try many times to do it without success. so i did my best to trying to call the number 080000834000 and the person who attended my call ask me to repeat several times which it make me disappoint. So i have to paid 50. 00 euros for it and plus I had to pay 40.00 euros for each suitcase (total 2 suitcases = 80.00 euros) Which i suppossed i had been paid when i booked my holidays, and no much information has been given in it. in the end too expensive. I will look at other low cost airlines in the future."
Miinukset: "Missed my 9 euro flight by mere moments and was forced to pay 100 euros to change my flight just to get back home."
Plussat: "On time"
Miinukset: "Gate check made me pay extra 50 euro for my carryon because I was an American basically. The bag was about half an inch larger than the checker yet everyone else with the same size bag was fine"
Plussat: "Flight landed 15 min early which was great but that's only because a lot of people have been complaining about their delays so they had to make it up in some way. I had to pay $50 for my luggage bc Ryanair believes that when you fly you should be empty handed. Smart crew we got going..."
Plussat: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "Flight was cancelled. Ruined my travel plans and made me miss another flight, bus ride, and also got charged for a hostel I never made it to. Thanks Ryan air!!"
Plussat: "Quick boarding. They didn't check bags size, so everything was fluent."
Miinukset: "Flight delayed 45 min. Obsession/pressure from crew to buy things."
Plussat: "Great Price if you fly with only a carry on."
Miinukset: "Nothing extra, but worth it to keep costs down. Boarding was late starting, and a little disorganized."
Plussat: "The plane was clean, and looked new"
Miinukset: "No space for my legs"
Plussat: "Good price, adequate seats, space for our carry-on bags. No surprises!"
Miinukset: "Boarding involved a long wait standing in the tarmac in the sun."
Miinukset: "If we must have random allocated seats and be separated could it be at least boarding on same door. I use my Ryanair app for both of us for check in and it makes boarding chaotic when one is in front and the other at the back"
Miinukset: "Annoying staff selling items every 20 minutes. Cabin lights on the whole time during a 9:30-12am flight. No rest quite annoying!"
Plussat: "Plane's staff was friendly."
Miinukset: "Understaffed personnel, not very personal (understandably), bare-bones accommodations, and attempts to make money at every opportunity were all annoying. Required online booking - could use a warning or a one-time pass for newbies, as complications with my email and not being clear on this requirement left me paying double for my flight. I will avoid this airline in the future."
Plussat: "None"
Miinukset: "Rude customer service"
Plussat: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "The crew is not welcoming, cramped seat, long line and force to check in my bag and paid 50euros."
Miinukset: "on my trip from madrid to rome I was charged 30 Euros for a boarding pass although I had the ticket downloaded on my cell phone. I will dispute the charges through the bank . My return trip I had no problem with the downloaded tickets on my cell. Ryanair will be hearing from my bank in references to those charges"
Plussat: "Ryanair professionals are soo better than a few years ago"
Miinukset: "To pay for water if I feel thirsty during the flight"
Plussat: "Flight was excellent!"
Miinukset: "Too much flight crew communication during night time: Rayan air time for souvenirs shops, coffee breaks... At night a little less break ins will be fine. I know it´s a company policy but if you don't do check in first, I think 45€ its a little bit expensive. :)"
Plussat: "RyanAir line failed to help me when my main air fare was delayed and I came super late to Barcelona, unable to make any sort of help for me to be able to fly to Sevilla."
Miinukset: "I wish I could use a stand by ticket to Sevilla, but not even that I could get. Maybe a Ticket credit would be very helpful to use for a future flight."
Plussat: "The flight was painless and the staff were very kind throughout the flight."
Miinukset: "Nothing."
Miinukset: "I had to ask 6 times for sugar for my tea, I was brought some without spoon almost after an hour and it was already cold by then. Also there was 1 hour delay"
Miinukset: "We were surprised and disappointed that we had to pay 150 euros because we hadn't had boarding passes. We didn't know this. 150 seems like an awful lot, also the girl behind the desk telling us was very rude......"
Miinukset: "I checked in on-line, as prompted by Ryan. At the gate, I got a big hassle from an employee who said that I had to check in at the desk, presumably because of my USA passport. I thought she was going to send me back out through security, in which case I would have missed the flight, but she printed out something and let me go forward. SHe was just unpleasant and did not communicate well."

Highly recommended!

Plussat: "Liked the blanket, the nice leather seats. I enjoyed the chicken actually and the breakfast roll."
Miinukset: "This is something that has happened to me on every flight/airline I have taken to India. I am sat next to some slightly older Indian nationals who I find inconsiderate. This again happened on this flight, the 'gent' next to me continually elbowed his way into my space, kicked me, fidgeted, pushed against me continually. when I asked him to stop kicking me and to move his feet back to under the seat in front of me, he tried to silence me as if I shouldn't be talking to him like that or that I had no right to be annoyed. I was in pain, couldn't sleep. He encroached into my space so that he could give his wife lots of space. Selfish. I do feel it's a cultural thing. It doesn't happen to me when I fly to other destinations and travel economy. I didn't feel safe at the end of the flight when it was taxing to the bay. Passengers turned on their phones the minute we hit the tarmac and were opening the overhead lockers and left them open even the plane was still moving at speed. I thought things were going to come crashing out. It just doens't feel save and controllled when fellow passengers do not follow instructions. I worry what would happen if there was an emergency."
Plussat: "Everything very good"
Miinukset: "Uncomfortable seats, terrible meal, rude service . 15 euro boarding passes . Charges money for everything. Airline employees look like "gai"( former Soviet police) employees, try to find reason to charge you money"
Plussat: "Crew great and aircraft was good"
Miinukset: "A little more space in sits"
Miinukset: "they charged  me €102 for my carry on? This all what I carry !! I should have  0ne 7kg km and one 5kg Its 7 kg and same weight in your instruction and I traveled  3 trip with the same bag with your Airline  *(canada to Kiev  . Kiev to Cyprus  . Cyprus to kiev ) No one charged  me or give me any complain  Is that new way to get money  from your costumers???? And that's in the gate after I checked in and"
Plussat: "Absolutely nothing"
Miinukset: "Oh maybe not scamming their customers"
Plussat: "Relatively easy boarding procedure, reasonably priced compared to other vendors, good departure times."
Miinukset: "It seems like Ukraine International Airlines runs a shake-down operation on carry-on baggage fees. The first time I traveled on the airline to Kiev, they let me bring on my carry-on bag and didn't weight it or seem to care. When I booked them to leave Kiev for Dusseldorf, however, things were a bit different. I brought my usual carry-on (weighing around 13kg) through the various security checks, and sat with it at the gate. At the last possible moment when we're about to board the bus for the plane, they motion me to come to the desk and say, "You can't take that bag. It's over 7kg." 7kg! This unusually low carry-on limit is not specified on the ticket when I purchased it, on the boarding pass, or on any other easily visible document. Only when you click on the "baggage limits" link on the boarding pass and reading it carefully do you figure out that your carry-on has to be super light. At the gate, they pulled out a hand-held hook scale, weighed my bag, and declared it overweight without even telling me how much it weighed, then demanded that I cough up 66 euro (USD$77) or miss my flight. There were several elderly people on the flight who did not have cash or credit card and were distraught and publicly wailing because this was the first they had heard about needing to purchase luggage fees. It is possible that in their documentation UIA do mention the limits and fees, so what they do may be indeed legal. However, there are deceptive practices happening here, as this has never happened to me in decades of travel. I have never seen this many distressed elderly passengers. What UIA did was pure and simple theft. Word to the wise: if you buy from Kayak or any other third-party operator, go into the site of the vendor of origin (in this case UIA), figure out their baggage rules and pay for extra baggage 24hrs before the flight. Either that, or fly a more user-friendly airline."
Plussat: "Nothing Actually"
Miinukset: "That so far i did not get my bag !! And my bag is lost till now and i have no clothes or anything else"
Plussat: "Nothing at all, even if you pay me I won’t go with the same airline"
Miinukset: "The flight from ivano Frankivsk landed in kyiv at 8am local time, the next flight from Kyiv to NY was scheduled for 11am, however it was postponed until 7pm due to lack of functioning airplanes according to the dispatcher. We had to wait at the airport for a flight from Asia to arrive so that plane could be cleaned up and used for my flight. There was no hotel or food offered during 9 hour delay window in Kyiv, if you wanted something - you had to pay out of pocket which is ridiculous, hundreds of people were delayed so there was no room in the general waiting area, 9 hours of sitting on the floor for $1200, how about that? Ridiculous service at the customs, been pulled aside for a detailed exam 5 times, basically every 30-60feet, staff is extremely rude, very poor customer service.. disgusted by the experience with Ukrainian Airlines."
Plussat: "Airplane seat space"
Miinukset: "Boarding was under the rain, no one offered any umbrellas, we all stood under the rain on the stairs to a airplain, ground team was like, they really didn't what to be there..not fun boarding overall"
Plussat: "UIA offer a very comfortable seats, their menu looks great and the crew is one of the nicest I’ve ever met. I’m very proud that Ukraine has such an airline."
Miinukset: "I’m flying at leafs once a week and I always have a negative comment... but not this time! Great job!"
Plussat: "That was one of the smoothest flights and landings I’ve ever had! I was pleasantly surprised :). Props to the pilot! Seats were fine and plenty of leg room."
Miinukset: "I didn’t get an email or notification saying I could check in online. When I arrived at the airport the lady told me I had to do it at a kiosk, and luckily I got there early because at 2 hours before departure she said I would have to pay more to check in. Boarding is scary because they send guys out to try to “catch” people with overweight luggage, but I guess it’s how they make their money. Also there were tons of screaming kids and one kicking my seat, but that has nothing to do with the airline lol luckily I brought earplugs. Didn’t get the food but didn’t look too great anyways. Bring a book or something because there is zero entertainment."
Miinukset: "The worst flight ever! Flight assistants no friendly at all during all the journey and even the girls at the desk in Bangkok had no costumer service. Lunch was terrible, I left everything. I tried to order something on the menu but nothing was available. I won't flight with Ukraine international airways anymore"
Miinukset: "Food was offered only when charged extra. This was not informed beforehand."
Plussat: "I didn’t crash."
Miinukset: "Service is appalling. I ant deal with a small shitty seat, four dollar water, and a 6 hour delay (for a 1hr long flight). But the service throughout was just reaching new levels of low. Negative stars should be given."
Plussat: "Crew very helpful"
Miinukset: "Assistance was booked for wheelchair assistance Keiv fine ivano Rankin was told no wheel chairs available my 94 year old father it was very difficult"
Miinukset: "Kayak said there is luggage included however it wasn't included only in one way! In this case the icon should say there is NO luggage and the customer will look into it. In TLV they told me my bag is small enough to take in the plane but then in the connection all of the sudden they said I have to pay 60 euro for it!! Take responsibility for decisions your company took! You are embarrassing yourself and most important- your customers. The behavior of the staff was also ugly, disrespectful, meant to put you under pressure to pay instead of trying to help and understand."
Miinukset: "My trip had just started and it is already ruined. I have a roundtrip ticket from NYC to Israel with a connection in Ukraine for both directions. I was traveling with one checked item in luggage - suitacse, and one personal item onboard - a guitar in a soft case. I'm a professional musician and I've been traveling with this exact instrument in the exact for over 5 years, domestically in the US and all over the world. I've never had any problems with it and I was always treated respectfully even with low cost airlines or on smaller airplanes. There were no problems on the first part of the flight from NYC to Kiev, and then, as I was boarding a the flight from Kiev to Israel, the counter employee at the gate counter (her first name is: Yejzina) - explained to me that if I won't pay an additional 66 EURO immediately, I would not be able to board on the flights with my guitar. I was even more upset to find out that another passenger boarded the flight after me with a guitar and did not have to pay for it. My guitar fit perfectly in the over head cabin and even on a packed flight there was no issue with headroom caused by me. Although I paid and purchased a ticket for this flight, I was discriminated and treated as if I was doing something wrong. I did my best to be responsible and be among the first people to board the flight and instead I was mistreated. The rest of the passengers had exceptional amount of excess baggage in suitcases and bags they wanted to take on board and yet I was the only one who was asked to pay for his. --- As a costumer, I am appalled by the treatment I was getting and I would like to be contacted immediately about reimbursement over my experience and false costs."
Plussat: "The plane was newer and less beat up looking"
Miinukset: "There were more delays with this flight as well. I ended up traveling for about 19 hours with all the delays instead of just 11/12 it was exhausting."
Miinukset: "First, the security took about 15 extra minutes trying to decide if I was the person in the passport and on my work permit. Then they brought in another person who eventually agreed that I was the one. The second was I spoke to one of the crew that I was hungry and I would not mind eating something and she showed me the menu. I told her what I would want and she said I should hold on...Then She served, I waited for about 2 hours only to be told they are out of food!"
Miinukset: "Impossible to check in at the airport, can only be done online!!! I normally only use my phone for phone calls. Had to go on the web site to check in then get an email sent to me with boarding pass to be able to put my bag on a check in computer!!!all of this while I’m standing at the desk. This is now rediculous way to travel, hope the airline does not go broke with people avoiding travel with this company!"
Plussat: "Flight attendants are sexy and beautiful! They speak english well"
Miinukset: "Overall I am disappoint with Ukraine Airlines. I will give you several reasons. First of all I'm a frequent traveller of Ukraine Airlines because I had a business in Ukraine. I have use your Airlines more than 10 times. I fly internationally frequently and I also use several other International Airlines. Compared to the Airlines I would rank Ukraine Airlines at the bottom. 1) I have never been on one Ukraine airlines that has the ability for a passenger to charge a cellphone or any other electronic device in the seating area oh the plane. Ukraine Airlines might be the only International Airline that does not have this. How can you not have this option for passengers in 2018 when you know people are using laptops and cell phones more than ever? This is unacceptable. 2) there are no television options on the headrest for passengers. Again, I do not know of any other International Airline that is not allow each passenger the ability to watch movies in front of their seats. The movie option for Ukraine Airlines is extremely outdated. 3) when taking the international flight from New York to Kiev, the food option is not good. It is only one Hot meal served. To give passengers a cold sandwich as a first option on an 8hr international flight is acceptable. It appears to me that Ukraine Airlines is 10 or 15 years outdated. I travel to Ukraine often and I do as much as I can to avoid your airline. Also whenever I'm talking to passengers in other airports and even passengers boarding Airlines we all talk the same about your airline. Most people are disappointed with your Airlines but have to use it because scheduling etc."
Miinukset: "Old plane ,"
Plussat: "I've got Turkish Airlines business class seat instead of my UIA premium economy."
Miinukset: "I've got an E-mail about flight cancellation less than 24 hours before deparute, but their hotline was not working at all, so I had to book a seat with Qatar in advance to secure my trip. 8 hours before the departure I've finally got an E-mail from their representative with 2 possible routes to Bangkok to change my ticket too. It was a perfect trip with Turkish, but I lost 150 USD for Qatar cancellation."
Miinukset: "There was a belligerent passenger who in normal circumstances would be put in handcuffs but the staff continued to let him get out of control. Made the passengers very nervous. I was disappointed how they handled things."
Miinukset: "Don't know how this flight would have been because I was required to book on another airline at my own expense"
Plussat: "Everything was ok."
Miinukset: "Absolutely nothing"
Miinukset: "Very uncomfortable and food pretty bad... no free alcohol and limited entertainment (they show films overhead) would avoid if you can... but you do get to your destination."
Miinukset: "Flight was okay but at check in they played the game of adding extra charges for luggage and for printing a boarding pass. Once you are selected to participate in their scam you get to take a slip of paper to the ticketing counter which is the only place they can accept payment. After you pay you are given a receipt that must be taken back to the overworked check in agent (and jump the line in front of other waiting their turn) to get your boarding pass and luggage receipt. Flyer beware!"
Plussat: "Got me from point A to B"
Miinukset: "The food was terrible and quite questionable as to the freshness and "realness" of it. My friend's grape had mold on it and the taste of the meals were not good. The flight is extremely tight with little room to move. If I was not flying with someone I knew it would be extremely uncomfortable as you are shoulder to shoulder with the person next to you (me and my friend are both tiny and we just fit in the seats). The space is just OK if it were a domestic or short flight of 3 hours or so, but it should be illegal to put that many people on a flight across the ocean. There are no videos behind your seat so you have to watch what they choose on the few videos hanging from the ceiling. The staff were not very friendly. Plane was not well kept and the plane is old."
Plussat: "The gate area was large enough for the waiting passengers, the legroom on the flight was sufficient for my 6'5" husband, and flight attendants were very polite and helpful."
Miinukset: "We boarded a bus to take us out to our airplane, got off the bus at the plane, and then were told to get back on the bus to return to the terminal. No information as to why, no announcements. We waiting for a few minutes on the bus before returning to the gate, again without any notifications. Once back at the gate, they just said to wait for information, but the flight would take off. It eventually did, and the pilot told us what the delay was (air traffic control and weather at the arrival destination), but no one in the terminal let us know that."
Plussat: "On plane the crew was professional and very nice, smiling that's what we need cause the trip is long. Thank you for a safe trip!!!!!!!!!"
Miinukset: "I almost missed my flight because of the accident on the road on my way to airport Boryspil. I tried to call customer service of UIA to ask what I should do in a case like this do I have to pay for a new ticket or I have any options. I was on phone for more than 20 minutes no one pick up the phone. What if it's an emergency and no one is available it's insane. I came to airport and stuff/employees of airport who are supposedly have to help you and actually take care of you if you are late or at least explain what should I do and where should I go.I was late and I couldn't find the boarding for my flight cause they already finished checking in people. Well I asked one of the employee for help so this lady sent me somewhere through the whole hall to the windows which were already closed I told her that I am super late and I am not going to make it. When I run there everything was closed the window next to it was different airlines but I saw a register girl so I asked for help what should I do my check in is over so the blond lady yelled at me that she is busy and have her things to do this is not nice. I run to the other employee she sent me somewhere else and the line is huge to get to register window and people are mad that I am trying to go in front of them without waiting for my turn I tried to explain that my flight is about to depart. So for my opinion these employees over there mostly don't know their duties they make you run for no reason when I explained my situation somebody should have taken me personally to a right check in window so I can faster get my boarding pass without making other people angry. I am not satisfied with their service in the airport, they are rude and not polite!!!"
Plussat: "nothing. not joking. apart from the fact that I got from point A to point B, there was nothing redeemable or positive about this experience."
Miinukset: "First, the last-minute 7 hour delay. An hour before we were due to board the plane we found out about the delay due to techical issues/ plane rotation, i.e. a problem entirely of UIA's own making. Second, zero customer service for our options as passengers to reschedule, re-route, or be reimbursed for our 7 hour delay (delays over 5 hours allow for full refunds according to UIA's own Air Passenger Rights on their website). Third a promised lunch during the delay was itself also delayed, this time by an hour an a half. Fourth, the flight experience itself. A 10.5 hour flight with no in seat monitors, no complementary beverages (only water), no pillow, horrible food, broken seats, no usb ports for charging devices, and freezing cabin conditions. I would hands down never fly with UIA again in my life."
Plussat: "Nothing really, Luggage arrived to London after 3 days, had no clothes, chronic medication in luggage and had to see a dr to prescribe it for my 14 yr son, I had to spend over 100 pound to get by unlit I received the luggage"
Miinukset: "Small seats, no meals, no tv, no luggage until after three days Never again"
Plussat: "Everything was OK except at frankfurt it took 25 minutes to get from the plane into the terminal. FRA airport operations was VERY VERY slow and seemed quite inefficient. I assume UIA does not have access to a gate and jetway at FRA, but the transfer from plane to terminal added about 25% more time to the overall trip time."
Plussat: "Flight took off a little late but was fine overall."
Miinukset: "I got seated next to someone that probably weighed close to 350 pounds. Thankfully I had an aisle or else I would have lost consciousness at some point..haha"
Plussat: "The only good is that the business section is empty ( maybe because no one wants to pay and get nothing..)"
Miinukset: "This are not seats for any business class and for sure not long flights. My husband flew with them last week Tel Aviv to Bangkok and only Today he hits his luggage...unbelievable"
Plussat: "The ladys was very good and help in all ways as I fly with Ukrainian airlines alot and I rate them 10 out of 10 siv"
Miinukset: "All was good as a very good airline to fly with and I will fly with you as much as I can"
Miinukset: "I opened my bag when I arrived to hotel in Astana, and some one stole my old video camera from it. I already informed Astana airport about it"
Plussat: "The crew was very friendly. One flight attendant helped to relocate me to another aisle seat that could recline. The seat was more comfortable than I thought it would be for a 10 hour flight."
Miinukset: "There was. I vegetarian option on board. I thought I had ordered a vegetarian meal, but was told I hadn't. There were no individual screens to watch movies or plugs to charge electronic devices. Also, there wasn't anyone at the gate until it was time to board to discuss seating changes and then I was told it wasn't possible but maybe I could buy a "comfort seat," which the gate agent didn't know if there were any or how much they are. For my transatlantic flight that meant 55 euro for the bulk head. That's basic info the gate agent should have known."
Plussat: "Staff very helpful and boarding excellent especially as there is advantages of being a Panorama member"
Miinukset: "Always a lack of space and flight hot"
Plussat: "It's an airplane... I like that it travels 550mph as opposed to literally anything slower so I don't have to spend any more time with these people than necessary. The air hostesses were friendly and helpful (the ones on the plane- literally no one else)."
Miinukset: "The whole experience was absolutely exhausting. Gatwick airport is nothing short of a disaster. The UIA counter can't take payments and the "international" airport can only take certain forms of payment (non of which are dollars- I know it's London, but I've never been anywhere that can't accommodate this). Ukraine international airlines are extortionists that will hold you and your luggage hostage with arbitrary baggage policies. 6kg is the cabin policy by the way. And if you don't read the fine print, you too can spend $80 to check a TSA approved hand bag. That's right. 12kg and all it cost me was EIGHTY US DOLLARS. Then they printed the incorrect boarding pass. When I returned, in a hurry because this whole ordeal lasted 45 minutes, the agent at the check-in counter demanded I "say please" to get my correct boarding pass. I've flown on 4-6 segments per week for the last four years. I understand how to communicate with airline agents, but wow... These people are off their rockers. During this whole conundrum, they even checked two people in under the same name. These people are in no way qualified to be operating an airline or maintaining personal information of any sort."
Plussat: "The flight was affordable and you could check one bag free."
Miinukset: "Unfortunately our luggage was delayed several days both ways of our trip. When we called the airlines they couldn't give us any information or any help. We just had to give an address and hope for the best. In the meantime we had to buy clothes and toiletries and got zero reimbursement from the company and not even an apology. This is a budget airlines. If you want food you have to buy it. The only thing your given on board is one cup of water for a 3 hour flight. There are no tvs and the legroom is very tight."
Plussat: "Crew is great with the tools or lack of them that they are provided with."
Miinukset: "Delay without an explanation. Left a voicemail asking me to call them back while I was in a different contry. I emailed to every email that I found on their site (3 addresses). Revived an automatic respond but that's it. Luckily was flying through Kyiv and was able to speak with an airline representative and arrange my connecting flight. Representative suggested to add me to a 10+pm flight (I would land in Nyc at 4:35pm). After keep asking to look for other, possible earlier, flights I was rescheduled for a 6:45pm flight. However, once landed in Nyc I was asked to find a crew member before leaving the plane. Once I did, I was told that I got rescheduled once again to a 10:20pm flight (5 hours of waiting). When I asked why was I rebooked again without my notice, they didn't explain and then I asked if there are other earlier flights - I was told yes there are but they won't make any other changes to my travels. Also only their Kyiv office can make any changes the one in Nyc is just following instructions and not a fully functional office (useless)."
Plussat: "No problems"
Plussat: "No problems, smooth flight"
Miinukset: "Bad service offerong, delay"
Plussat: "nothing"
Miinukset: "everything"
Plussat: "I,like because they have many Ukrainian airline desks to check,in,your bags"
Miinukset: "I,didn't like the fact that I must pay for my bag and it's even below 16 kilo , they asked me to pay $55 , not only that , I went to pay , next window , the lady said go on floor one in the airport and bring change because I don't accept dollars !! But as you know when someone already traded his money back to dollars , it's hard for him to carry Ukrainian money while he is leaving ukrain , then finally I went to,first floor) and it took me 1 hour , to exchange my money because the lady was too slow , and plus she is not very nice with people , and suddenly they closed one window , saying they have a break , so I almost missed my boarding time because of this stupid money exchange , anyways , I,hope they accept dollars in,the future , plus I don't like it because on the way from tlv to Kiev I didn't get charged , but why now ?"

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17t 05mKBP-HEL
2 välilaskuaUseita lentoyhtiöitä
25t 35mHEL-KBP
131 €
1 välilaskuairBaltic
15t 10mKBP-HEL
2 välilaskuaairBaltic
38t 20mHEL-KBP
131 €
1 välilaskuairBaltic
19t 40mKBP-HEL
2 välilaskuaairBaltic
22t 15mHEL-KBP
134 €
1 välilaskuairBaltic
17t 40mKBP-HEL
1 välilaskuairBaltic
19t 35mHEL-KBP
136 €
1 välilaskuairBaltic
15t 30mKBP-HEL
2 välilaskuaairBaltic
26t 55mHEL-KBP
137 €
suora lentoUkraine International Airlines
2t 05mKBP-HEL
suora lentoUkraine International Airlines
2t 05mHEL-KBP
228 €
1 välilaskuTurkish Airlines
8t 10mKBP-HEL
1 välilaskuTurkish Airlines
7t 20mHEL-KBP
246 €

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Uusimmat yhdensuuntaiset lentotarjoukset

1 välilaskuRyanair
16t 40mKBP-HEL
18 €
1 välilaskuRyanair
16t 40mKBP-HEL
19 €
2 välilaskuaRyanair
31t 55mKBP-HEL
21 €
1 välilaskuRyanair
12t 10mKBP-HEL
22 €
2 välilaskuaRyanair
29t 40mKBP-HEL
26 €
2 välilaskuaRyanair
24t 10mKBP-HEL
27 €
2 välilaskuaRyanair
23t 15mKBP-HEL
29 €
2 välilaskuaRyanair
23t 15mKBP-HEL
32 €
2 välilaskuaRyanair
22t 40mKBP-HEL
33 €
1 välilaskuRyanair
16t 40mKBP-HEL
34 €
1 välilaskuUseita lentoyhtiöitä
8t 35mKBP-HEL
35 €
1 välilaskuRyanair
16t 40mKBP-HEL
36 €
2 välilaskuaRyanair
20t 55mKBP-HEL
38 €
1 välilaskuUseita lentoyhtiöitä
8t 20mKBP-HEL
41 €
1 välilaskuUseita lentoyhtiöitä
8t 20mKBP-HEL
46 €
3 välilaskuaUseita lentoyhtiöitä
22t 05mKBP-HEL
60 €
1 välilaskuUseita lentoyhtiöitä
8t 20mKBP-HEL
61 €
2 välilaskuaUseita lentoyhtiöitä
26t 25mKBP-HEL
62 €
1 välilaskuairBaltic
19t 40mKBP-HEL
98 €
1 välilaskuairBaltic
19t 40mKBP-HEL
99 €

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Lennot Kiova Boryspil - Helsinki


Kiova Boryspil (KBP)Ukraina


Helsinki (HEL)Suomi

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Helsinki - Kiova Boryspil

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