Halvat lennot Kiawah Island

Halvat lennot Kiawah Island

Vertaa lentolippuja Kiawah Island sadoilta matkailusivustoilta kerralla

Zürich (ZRH)
Kiawah Island
pe 18.6.
pe 25.6.
Kaikki kuukaudet
Vertaile vs. KAYAK |

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huhtikuuSopivin aika välttää turistimassoja hintojen laskun ollessa keskimäärin 12 %.


tammikuuSuosituin aika lentää hintojen nousun ollessa keskimäärin 22 %.

Keskim. hinta meno-paluu

478 €(keskim. hinta edellisten 2 viikon ajalta)

Hyvä tarjous meno-paluu

295 €tai alle

Parhaat vinkit halvan lennon löytämiseen kohteeseen Kiawah Island

  • Kiawah Island ei ole isoa lentokenttää. Charleston lentokentät ovat lähimpänä.
  • Etsitkö halpaa lentolippua kohteeseen Kiawah Island? 25 % käyttäjistämme on löytänyt lippuja kohteeseen Kiawah Island näillä hinnoilla tai halvemmalla: Helsingistä 295 € meno-paluu, Vaasasta 515 € meno-paluu
  • Huippusesongin katsotaan olevan tammikuu, helmikuu ja joulukuu. Halvin kuukausi lentää kohteeseen Kiawah Island on huhtikuu.
  • Kirjoita haluamasi lähtölentokenttä ja matkapäivämäärät yläpuolella näkyvään hakukenttään löytääksesi parhaat Kiawah Island lentotarjoukset.

Useimmiten kysytyt kysymykset - Kiawah Island lentojen varaus

Miten lentää Kiawah Island?

Mitkä lentokentät ovat Kiawah Island lähellä?

Mikä on halvin lento kohteeseen Kiawah Island?

Kuinka kaukana lentokenttä Charleston on Kiawah Island keskustasta ?

Kuinka KAYAK löytää niin alhaiset hinnat lennoille Kiawah Island?

Miten KAYAK-sivuston hintojen ennustusalgoritmi -työkalu auttaa minua valitsemaan juuri oikean hetken ostaa lentolippu Kiawah Island?

Mikä on KAYAK Mix vaihtoehto lennoille Kiawah Island?

Mitä KAYAK-sivuston "joustavat päivät" -haku tarkoittaa, ja miksi siihen kannattaa kiinnittää huomiota etsittäessä lentoja Kiawah Island?

Suositut lentoyhiöt, jotka lentävät kohteeseen Kiawah Island

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Pistemäärä perustuu 27 808 arvosteluun
Lentoyhtiöiden arvostelut

Plussat: "Lufthansa and SAS. A great combination."
Miinukset: "Nothing to not like."

Plussat: "Everything was on time, the service was very nice as well. No problems at all."

Plussat: "Nothing!"

Plussat: "Punctuality, rapid boarding, nice to still have free snacks (choice of sandwich and full range of drunks)"
Miinukset: "Nothing to dislike"

Plussat: "The trip from frankfurt to boston was amazin"
Miinukset: "The plane from beirut ti frabkfurt was old. No entertainment on board, no screens"

Plussat: "It was quick and smooth. Snack provided. Baggage arrived quickly."

Plussat: "New plane. Very nice."
Miinukset: "not much."

Plussat: "Everything was great!!!"
Miinukset: "The crew attitude!!! Instead of saying "excuse me" she said "can I pass" she was rude"

Plussat: "The crew was friendly. The seats were comfortable. The pilot was fantastic and explained things we were passing as we flew over them"
Miinukset: "Boarding was very disorganized in the gate area. Two lines just kind of smooshed together. Boarding at the plane was also a hot mess because you could enter from the front or back of the plane and people in the very back that entered at the front had to shove past people entering from the back moving toward the center of the plane."

Plussat: "The crew made meangry"
Miinukset: "The air host is rude bcos we are black. He needs training on how to be nicer. He is a racist."

Plussat: "Service is good, you actually get food and drinks, thanks for that."
Miinukset: "The seats in the economy class are too small. Not once did I have someone sitting next to me who could actually fit in his seat. They weren't particularly large people, just average men but their arms were in my space all the time. Also if I drop something, I cannot pick it up, there's no room. For transatlantic flights the seats should be bigger."

Plussat: "Service, entertainment, flight"
Miinukset: "The food was not tasty at all"

Plussat: "The crew are friendly and generous"

Plussat: "Easy check-in and helpful staff. I would absolutely fly with Lufthansa again"

Miinukset: "Crew members were awful and rude and unhelpful. I landed in Munich and had to run to my next flight and when I asked a Lufthansa staff for help in making my connecting flight he turned to me and said "I don't care-this isn't my problem" upon finally making it for last boarding call to my next flight the staff were rude and unhelpful-I was so stressed I literally had a stomachache and felt completely unwelcome."

Plussat: "Good choices were great and tasted great also.."
Miinukset: "seats not so comfortable"

Plussat: "Terrific staff, efficient process"
Miinukset: "Bathrooms weren't working"

Plussat: "Boarding was okay, we still had the rush towards the beginning and the concern is always finding overhead space"
Miinukset: "Apparently if you're not awake when they ask you your choice, and it comes time to pass out food and you're awake... You don't get any. Really horrible. Food being handed out, you're hungry and not even an offer. They simply skip you."

Plussat: "my favorite airline"

Plussat: "It was a very nice flight everyone was very polite and attentive"
Miinukset: "Turbulence"

Plussat: "The crew was great. The seats were ok."
Miinukset: "Check in was very, very slow, for some reason."

Plussat: "You disappointed me"
Miinukset: "Noting"

Plussat: "Entertainment system"
Miinukset: "I feel that the there should be NO reclining of seats in the economy section. There is about 10-12 inches of space between my face and the seat back if the seat in front is not reclined. If it is reclined , this distance is reduced to 6-8 inches. Too, too close. And reclining does not add much to the comfort of the sitting position. When the person in front of me reclines, then I am almost forced to recline so I have enough room."

Plussat: "Easy bording pleasant crew"

Plussat: "nice services."
Miinukset: "no order in boarding and no chairs in Panama airport. Had to stand for 2 hours before boarding."

Miinukset: "It turned around and we were stuck in Frankfurt for the night."

Miinukset: "No seating area at or near the gate we boarded at, and as boarding was delayed, many people ended up standing for some time because we did not wish to wander too far and then be late for boarding."

Plussat: "Very friendly and accommodating crew, efficient service, nice breakfast pastry for the short flight to Frankfurt"
Miinukset: "Would have been nice to have an entertainment option, but I had a book, so the 2.5 hrs went fast enough."

Plussat: "the staff is top notch"

Plussat: "Service was good, boarding was fast, no other issues."
Miinukset: "The seat pitch is inhumane. I could barely fit into the seat without hitting my knees on the seat in front. And that was before the person ahead of me reclined. It's not like Lufthansa is a budget airline. It's a full-fledged major carrier charging full-fledged prices. Seriously, I was expecting more."

Plussat: "I liked the in flight movies"
Miinukset: "Can't say there was anything I didn't."

Miinukset: "Delays and boarding"

Plussat: "The flight crew was lovely, and the best part of the entertainment was the on plane cameras which we could watch. Very cool!"
Miinukset: "Gluten free meal for breakfast was a turkey sandwich?? I would have preferred yogurt"

Plussat: "Crew worked hard to make the journey pleasant, including the second crew for my connection to New York JFK, a much longer flight. Even some of the food was edible."

Miinukset: "Little more leg room would be nice"

Plussat: "the service,order, attention, human quality, punctuality. all in general."

Miinukset: "Boarding three planes to three different destinations from the same gate is very confusing."

Plussat: "Comfortable seats 2-4-2 seat formation means less stress if you have a window seat Good food Good storage options"
Miinukset: "Crew seemed curt and unfriendly Very small pocket on the back of the seat in front of you Decent movie selection but could have been better"

Plussat: "The crew was incredibly pleasant and helpful"
Miinukset: "The entertainment system didn't work for many passengers, and had to be continually reset, and sometimes still did not work. When it did aorkX it was extremely slow and unresponsive. Also, the USB and electrical outlets near the seats did not work and power devices"

Plussat: "The crew was very nice and accommodating."
Miinukset: "The bread was still cold/frozen"

Plussat: "I slept"
Miinukset: "I arrived at airport with my connecting flight at 9pm, there was no way to check my luggage until 4am. I could not go to transit hall until someone took my luggage so I was able to board but no place to leave luggage like other airlines, that was not fun since the transit halls had the sleep pods I could have used"

Plussat: "The whole flight was great. The flight attendants are so nice. Food is good. Free alcohol. Perfect international flight. Would be nice if you could get 2 free checked bags, but that is a small complaint."

Plussat: "Thanks"

Miinukset: "Food looked awful. I have decided not to open transparent package with sandwitch."

Miinukset: "Haven't flown out yet."

Plussat: "crew was good and that's about all."
Miinukset: "Again bad food.....was sick from flight over......VERY cramped!!!"

Plussat: "Everything"

Plussat: "Nothing!!!!!!"
Miinukset: "My flight was canceled three different times do to strike! No one called to offer anything for the inconvenience! I was stranded in poland for two extra days! Missed two days of work and lost money because of it! Will never fly with you all again! This was my first and last time!"

Plussat: "Excellent customer service and great food as well"

Plussat: "Crew was great! Flight was smooth and on time!"
Miinukset: "Air conditioning!!!"

Plussat: "Nice quick flight."
Miinukset: "Plane was really small. So we’re the seats."

Miinukset: "This was a terrible flight. Had a connection that was delayed several times and eventually cancelled without explanation. I was traveling for my best friend's wedding and they did not work with me to try to get me on the next flight. I had to book another flight from another airline."

Miinukset: "Thank you"

Plussat: "Seat assignment process was great and considerate of my preferences."
Miinukset: "If AA could fix its luggage handling process that would be great. BOTH (!) of my bags have been lost on this flight. Both have been eventually located, recovered and delivered to me, but experience was not pleasant this time."

Plussat: "Crew was wonderful."
Miinukset: "Not much leg room."

Miinukset: "Nothing you could do, it was a maintenance issue."

Plussat: "Service, food and the cleanliness. Also the help we got in transfer, from one flight to the other."
Miinukset: "Nothing really much!"

Miinukset: "More space for carry on luggage"

Plussat: "EAsy boarding"

Plussat: "Best leg room last leg."
Miinukset: "Nothing specific."

Plussat: "Everything went smoothly. The flight landed early."
Miinukset: "Seat back in economy was uncomfortable for a shorter person. The head rest pushed my head so far forward that my back and neck were curved so much it caused upper back pain."

Plussat: "Not a challenging process from beginning to end."
Miinukset: "Nothing"

Miinukset: "Beat up baggage"

Plussat: "Nothing."
Miinukset: "Aircraft seating was terrible! Seats were way too close together. Seats were uncomfortable. Couldn’t even get an entire soda from the attendant. Made me remember why I dislike flying."

Plussat: "Boarding the plane was incredibly fast. As for the crew, I got an iffy energy from one of the crew members whom I felt was trying to play on my intelligence."
Miinukset: "I wish American offered more vegan and wheat/ gluten free options, as well as herbal tea options. I was determined to sleep during this flight, but I was hoping this plane would have the TV behind the chair. I enjoy watching the live map as we’re flying."

Plussat: "Flt on time & comfortable. Crew outstanding!!"

Plussat: "On time departure and arrival."
Miinukset: "Boarding lounge and plane were hot. No gluten-free options for snacks. At least I’d had a long layover where I could get a decent meal."

Plussat: "I feel everyone was courteous and professional in their job. Nothing special happened that was outstanding."
Miinukset: "What I didn't like was the flight from SAT to PHX arrived 1 hour early and their was no gate to go to. Consequently we sat on the tarmac for minutes! There was no value in arriving early!"

Plussat: "The crew we're very pleasant & friendly. The flight was on time even though we sat in the runway for a bit."
Miinukset: "Having to pay 3 Euros for a cup of coffee. And the seats were very uncomfortable."

Miinukset: "the AA flight arriving to Charlotte experienced a door malfunction that delayed deplaning by 15 minutes. Not a big deal unless you had a close connection to begin with. Result was a dead sprint to Charleston gate where no attempt to hold the plane for those passengers. Also, a black, middle-aged woman with short hair working the ticket counter had the personality of a piece of cardboard with zero responsiveness. AA should reconsider who it places to interact with the general public."

Miinukset: "Free seats in economy class are way too squeezed for a 10 hours flight."

Plussat: "Very quick connection"

Miinukset: "AA gate attendant assigned two of us to the same seat."

Miinukset: "[1] the "group system" boarding process arranges passengers in an aleatory way making the process totally chaotic. For instance last groups are the last ones to enter the aircraft and don't easily find space for the hand luggage. They have to accommodate bags under the front seat making the already uncomfortable trip more painful. Also this process may delay the departure time. [2] Food service is terrible. no options, specially for kids or people with food restrictions. Not even the payed ones offer healthy food alternatives. [3] No comfort at all for a flight that departs little before midnight and arrives at 7 am at its destination. They forgot about the pillows and blankets you find in other airlines. [4] at the end, when I collected my baggage I realized 1 wheel was missing from one of my suitcases. I informed the airline and 3 days later I receive an email saying that the airline is not responsible for damages that include wheels and other "baggage accessories" I did not rate the flight poor because at least it manages to arrive to its final destination..."

Plussat: "The crew tried and did as good a job as they could with what they had to work with."
Miinukset: "The shuttle transportation didn't give me any information about baggage claim, took me 45 min to find the right baggage claim! So frustrating."

Plussat: "Good foot room."
Miinukset: "The Crew were incredibly rude, and the pilot was unapologetic for being late coming back. They offered little to no comfort. They replied rudely to people when they asked them to repeat themselves because they couldn't hear. They were not very helpful and seemed annoyed and irritable. The plane was uncomfortable and the screens in front of me were useless because they were so low quality. The air craft has an option for fax but has no USB charger or port for a 10 hour flight. The aircraft I was on was not fit for that long of a distance."

Miinukset: "customs in miami is aweful. long waits. its a long maze to get back to the domestic terminal as well."

Miinukset: "Apparently Finnair leases a Hilly plane and crew for this flight right now, so it wasn't quite the same."

Plussat: "I enjoy the movie/TV options while in the air. They have a good selection you can view on your wireless device."

Plussat: "Short duration"
Miinukset: "Didnt have a seat assignment for me. Told me the flight was overbooked... paid long in advance. Disappointing, finally finally found a seat."

Miinukset: "The stewardesses were gossiping in the back of the plane and we could all hear their complaints about the new uniform policy. They did not seem very happy to be there and there was no in flight entertainment. A total bummer."

Plussat: "BA system down. Najor delays and long lines. Flight good."

Plussat: "Was about an average flight for domestic travel."
Miinukset: "Leg room on flight wasn't the greatest and seat recline also slides the bottom of the seat forward."

Plussat: "Service and friendliness"
Miinukset: "Person sitting next to me smelled awful. Several passengers asked to move because of how awful the smell was. This individual should not have been allowed to board for basic sanitation reasons."

Miinukset: "The flight never happened, so all in all, things we're pretty terrible!"

Plussat: "Crew was ok, did their best considering the circumstances, but even they were getting aggravated and were short with the passengers near the end."
Miinukset: "The Washington airport is horrible. The gate we left from was not a gate but a series of doors that buses came to. This wouldn't be so bad if they were able to handle it in an orderly way, but the airport showed complete incompetence in organizing anything and there were people everywhere trying to find the right door which kept changing on them, and the times kept changing...it was a mess. Then, when we finally got on the plane and were about to take off, the air traffic control tower called and said that their flight path was incorrect and to not take off...but didn't give them a new flight path for nearly two hours as we sat on the runway. Nationalize the airports in DC, fire the whole lot and start fresh, I'd say."

Plussat: "Good crew. Early arrival"
Miinukset: "No entertainment. Not enough food"

Plussat: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "After bomb scare at gate we had a simple mechanical delay us another hour that should have been noticed and fixed during bomb scare delay. Food was scary."

Miinukset: "Bumping passengers with seated tickets so you can fly additional crew elsewhere is 100% unacceptable. Luckily I got on the flight last minute but only after dealing with extremely unprofessional staff/supervisors at the gate"

Plussat: "The crew was wonderful and ny seat had plenty of space."
Miinukset: "My flight times kept changing every 20 minutes. It drove me crazy to keep informing my family about constant delays."

Miinukset: "The only reason for the one star, is that there was no entertainment or did on the flight. So those categories didn't apply. For me, in my flight experience, it's to get to where i need to be and not to be entertained. Food and drinks aren't needed, I can get that when i get to my destination."

Plussat: "Boarding was quick and easy and the flight was on time."
Miinukset: "No entertainment was offered and leg room was minimal."

Miinukset: "Kayak keep giving me the wrong information. So I ended up canceling my flight and i had to pay for another ticket."

Plussat: "In flight entertainment"
Miinukset: "Diversity training"

Miinukset: "The flight was delayed for more than 90 minutes. The reason the passengers were told was that the crew was waiting for the pilot. I flew to many places around the world but this was the most interesting reason that I was told which caused almost 2hours delay."

Miinukset: "Lac of professionalism from American employe I lost the flight and the ticket . I don't think I will ever choose American to fly again in the future."

Miinukset: "didn't go on this flight because of weather, had to run and catch a flight to charlotte instead and then to cmh"

Plussat: "Fast"

Plussat: "On time"
Miinukset: "Public announcements inaudible"

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