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Ground crew was short and rude. The concourse lack food and shopping, we did not get the seats we requested and to which we were assigned. The flight crew was pleasant and helpful. Although we are members of the star alliance.. the woman at the desk wouldn’t admit us into the lounge. We also pay for entry into the lounge. It was a very disappointing trip. I’ll probably look into another airline next time I travel,

The flight was half an hour late, which is the new normal in Europe. Friendly crew.

The Frankfurt airport is horrible

Poor seating, poor leg room

My bag was delayed as of now by one day, maybe more. Besides, the flight was delayed by one and a half hours.

No issues boarding or on flight

One flight attendant was amazing, 1st class although she wasn't even in business class. Somehow felt others were tired or mind somewhere else, so not really good service. Choice of food was basic, but good choice of drinks. Plane was comfortable and I think pilot was a woman, which is a nice change. Excellent that there are dividers in the middle seat in business class. Corona restriction rules, like mask wearing rules is extremely wise. Other airlines removed it, but I like better your choice better. Feels safer.

Plussat: "Crew was professional and helpful."
Miinukset: "The seat was narrow for business class."
Plussat: "Crew was professional and helpful."
Miinukset: "Seat was narrow for business class."
Miinukset: "None"
Plussat: "Same as other answe"
Miinukset: "Same"
Plussat: "Seat was not super comfortable."
Plussat: "Missed flights due to driver not turned up at Bellano yesterday"
Miinukset: "We have a new flights"
Miinukset: "Everything"
Plussat: "The seats were very spacious and we were fed on the flight!"
Miinukset: "In flight entertainment."
Miinukset: "Entertainment"
Plussat: "S380 nice plane"
Miinukset: "Food lousy Late leaving Singapore caused much difficulty"
Plussat: "it’s wasnt a full flight, so that was nice"
Miinukset: "bus to the airplane was too warm and had to wait 10 minutes before actually letting us off"
Plussat: "Staff were very nice. Flight arrived on time."
Miinukset: "App or website didn’t work for check in. Lines at the airport were very long. The flight was over booked so I didn’t get a seat until at the gate. Overall too much hassle. Food options in the plane were horrible for vegans/allergies"
Plussat: "Superhyvin hoidettu nopea vaihto - auto haki ja vei meidät jatkolennolle. Tunnelma henkilökunnan keskuudessa oli hyvä."
Miinukset: "Ihan tajutonta kuinka koneeseennousu kesti niin kauan ja kone oli myöhässä."
Plussat: "Amazing crew"
Miinukset: "Legroom"
Miinukset: "My bag was lost, exsept close I lost life-saving drags like insulin and other. I not live in Finland and don’t have there my medical record that can go in farmasy without medical prescription to buy medicin. Today is my 70 years burthday. This is a good present to celebrate. Thank you"
Plussat: "Friendly cabin crew."
Plussat: "Crew were professional and friendly"
Miinukset: "Small seats"
Plussat: "The handicap service was wonderful. United was horrible"
Miinukset: "United handicap service was horrible"
Plussat: "Everything was excellent, there was no entertainment but wasn't needed because it was a short flight"
Miinukset: "We got there 15 minutes late, which isn't that bad but I had a connection flight and it was very pressed to get to it"
Plussat: "Crew was great, boarding great, honored request for vegan meals"
Miinukset: "8+ hour flight is difficult with limited leg room- United is spending so much money putting Pod seating (or laying) options up front .... but Economy seats are ridiculous. Clearly we are. It that important. Row 34 window seat has a big metal box so Zero legroom"
Miinukset: "Poor food on first leg. Sat by a man who was allowed to have 7 cans of beer. On second leg of journey I was willing to pay for food. The best choice for anyone trying to eat a healthy diet was pot noodles. Air Canada get 2 stars. Return journey on United gets 4stars."
Plussat: "The flight attendants were very nice and friendly. I enjoyed the flight, mostly because of them."
Plussat: "Lufthansa is extremely efficient, and the staff is very helpful all while being cheerful and kind. The planes are new and clean, everything was a notch above typical economy carriers. Well done!"
Miinukset: "We were 24 hours late for departure without warning. We only found it out at airport. Air attendant didn't take customer's complain seriously. When we asked if there were a choice for food. Answer was YES - to eat or not to eat."
Plussat: "I liked the ability to have some air circulation, which was not offered in the first flight, so that was nice. The ride was smooth, quick, and mostly comfortable, although I did wish I could have a little more elbow room. There was no entertainment, but that was also fine because the flight was fairly short. Overall, I don’t have any complaints."
Miinukset: "Small flight, and just a little bit of elbow room..but no complaints (besides the crying children, but that’s usually a given on a commercial flight)."
Plussat: "Flights to/from Prague are generally late and we missed 2 connections in 1 week"
Miinukset: "Connection. Ft from Prague was 2 hours late and there was no connection. We missed our dinner with dear friends that we rarely get to see."
Plussat: "Usual good service for economy class on this airline"
Plussat: "Service"
Plussat: "Love Lufthansa"
Miinukset: "Took a few time to ask for my kosher food. Crew couldn't locate me on the list, than the were out of kosher food, gave me regular breakfast, which I couldn't eat more than granola. It was pre-ordered, and I called to confirm a week ahead."
Plussat: "The crew moved as quickly as possible, and this made bathroom access easier."
Miinukset: "The small size of the plane made the long-lasting turbulence near the point of landing impossible to ignore. I don't consider this the fault of the pilot, more the size of the plane."
Plussat: "Overall good."
Miinukset: "Quantity of food served was very less. They could have given more."
Plussat: "On time"
Miinukset: "Uncomfortable seats"
Plussat: "Good quality: crew, equipment, customer service"
Miinukset: "Frankfurt airport: Had to walk for an hour to get from gate to gate. I was getting off an international flight and onto another international flight. International gates are usually closer than that. On the flight: 1. The armrests pull up, which is great if you're traveling with family or a significant other. But, in my case, it was an overweight and obese lady, who didn't fit in her seat and just slipped into half of mine. I was stuck with half a seat with her arm bumping mine for a 12-hour flight. I landed with a bruised arm. It was a round trip flight. When I had submitted a complaint, Lufthansa refunded me a 100$, which is nice of them, but I think they should have upgraded me for my return flight instead to make up for the first flight being uncomfortable. 2. I paid for the internet service and was charged double for it. Again, had to submit a complaint and was refunded the money. Check-in: The online system wouldn't allow me to check in online because my passport wasn't biometric."
Plussat: "I like the service, friendly flight attendants. Flight was punctual, food was good."
Miinukset: "I don't understand the boarding process with Lufthansa. Lufthansa does not board by zone but they let everybody board at the same time. The seats in economy class are not wide enough."
Plussat: "Absolutely the worst flight land and air stewards i havr ever seen. Would never flu with them againrude groun personel"
Plussat: "Very friendly and accommodating crew, efficient service, nice breakfast pastry for the short flight to Frankfurt"
Miinukset: "Would have been nice to have an entertainment option, but I had a book, so the 2.5 hrs went fast enough."
Plussat: "The crew was very carrying and attentive. Even food was okay."
Miinukset: "I asked at the Frankfurt Airport if we could do upgrade to Economy Premium.... The answer was NO !! The plane was full. On the plane there was an announcement that there is 2 seats available at EP..... At this point I was so upset that decided not to go for it. The land crew didn't do their job !!! Well...."
Plussat: "I love Lufthansa: flight attendants so attentive, Complimentary services that other airlines charge for. Attentive staff...and I flew economy."
Miinukset: "Wel"
Plussat: "Crew carried out their jobs very professionally Entertainment selection was good"
Miinukset: "Lack of personal seating space"
Plussat: "Great food, on time arrival"
Miinukset: "Seats are very tight."


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KLM is never consistent with services. Sometimes you get lucky with great comfort and other times you are forced to squeeze in a box for a seat. The food is always subpar and they have become so unfriendly when you need help. But hey, they are always on time and they have good connections.

24 hour delay due to a crew member arriving 1.5 h late. People clapped for this? Obscene. Will never fly delta again. A simple error could have been resolved by holding connecting flights for 15 minutes. But no, not enough passengers to cross the 8-10 person threshold. Lost $800 due to this malfeasance. Never flying delta again.

Delta operated. Missed connecting flight due to single late crew member in dfw. 1.5 h late. Missed work and incurred costs of over $800. Delta failed to hold connecting flight(s) at gate and it actually left EARLY. Fail. Never again.

Almost the only airline that offers free coffee and bread even in short 1 hour flights

The flight that you gave us, JQ7 from Melbourne did not exist. Therefore we had to stay in Melbourne for another 24 hours and find another new route and flights to return to Heathrow. All a strain and stress. Your service to us for the return journey useless. So far, I have not found that you have corrected any of your failings and therefore it could also happen again to others tomorrow, next week, or next month. The return journey was a total disaster.

Kiire oli nousuun mut kerettiin ksikki hyvin

Kaikki oli perus hyvää

being a flight attendant and using spécial fare I apreciate being treated equally to the other pax, the fact that the crew, when I informed them of my status, went to check if I had a good seat ( no one beside me, to be able to get good rest.) Those are important gestures towards the person. I look to more flights with KLM

Dreamliner was comfortable and entertainment system good

Never booked this flight

Miinukset: "Free wifi"
Plussat: "The plane ✈️ itself the attendants . The entertainment on board. Really great"
Miinukset: "Nothing dissatisfying about the flight nor the airline staff . Very polite, very professional. It was a Great flight. For long trips this airline is one of the best."
Plussat: "The crew was very kind"
Miinukset: "Still don’t have my luggage yet"
Miinukset: "Boarding was crazy. Could not everyone in the gate area."
Plussat: "Pleasant crew. Appropriate and efficiently served snack."
Miinukset: "Boarding and disembarkation were slow."
Miinukset: "Time"
Plussat: "Fantastic gate agents!"
Miinukset: "The food was terrible."
Miinukset: "KLM was not prepared to get wheel chair passenger off plane. Cost me delay of 1 hour. I will never fly KLM again."
Miinukset: "Delays, took my hand luggage into the hold,"
Plussat: "Crew was great and professional."
Miinukset: "Entertainment controls were outdated and confusing to operate. There were no charging ports."
Plussat: "Crew was fantastic."
Miinukset: "This was the most narrow airplane seat I’ve ever experienced. So uncomfortable."
Plussat: "The crew were really helpful with people who had tight connections because of the delayed flight"
Miinukset: "I wish they had WiFi"
Plussat: "The crew was amazing and the food was great."
Miinukset: "Something did not go right with our booking so it took some work for the airline to get it figured out for us. Thankfully we had left plenty of time. But that was an unexpected stress."
Plussat: "Cabin Crews was extremely good and hospital. Transfer point staff buggy / wheal Chair was good and second to none."
Miinukset: "Transfer point needs upgrade."
Miinukset: "The flight was cancelled and had to be rerouted on United Airlines."
Plussat: "Economy comfort was very nice, food decent, plenty of toilets to avoid overcrowding, and good entertainment selection."
Plussat: "Nothing to mention"
Miinukset: "Crew was rude when I asked if there was a vegetarian option for the snack. I did request special meals for the trip. Even if they did not have a vegetarian option, they don't need to be rude!! Boarding was ridiculous. we were supposed to form a line and wait. Would have been a lot better if they boarded by seat numbers. Also they made me check in my fairly small and light carry on bag resulting in its contents arriving broken!"
Plussat: "short, sweet and to the point. 1+ hour flight is usually an easy hop."
Plussat: "Nice crew pilot food and beverage"
Miinukset: "No wifi"
Plussat: "NOTHING"
Miinukset: "Having to change my seat to accommodate a rude belligerent passenger, who had taken my seat, refused to move until spoken to by steward. She then made my flight a nightmare, until I let her sit in my aisle seat. Even then she was not satisfied, she abused me the whole flight damaged the screen so I could not use it until the steward fixed it. Demanded that I except any and all alcohol to give to her to drink. When I am tea total she then continued to abuse me. I asked the steward to move me he just shrugged his shoulders and said there was nowhere else. This is definitely my the worst flight I have experienced."
Plussat: "Was happy to pay extra 45.5 pounds for laugages which was hidden"
Miinukset: "Not happy to pay extra money for my case"
Plussat: "Crew was awesome"
Miinukset: "."
Plussat: "Restrooms clean, decent food and drink, nice cabin crew."
Miinukset: "No complaints"
Plussat: "Food was excellent, service from staff was friendly, and entertainment options were great."
Miinukset: "Not a lot of shoulder room being in the middle seat. But it had adjustments options for a lot of other things which were good."
Miinukset: "Nothing good to say about this flight. The plane was old with no entertainment. The sits where very compact and not comfortable at all. The food was a sweet bread and water. The flight attendants were rushing and will take a while if you needed anything. I felt like I was taking a bus with graffiti all over the place."
Plussat: "Everything is top notch for an airline company."
Miinukset: "Nothing.... I enjoyed every moment of the flight."
Plussat: "Friendly in-flight personell"
Miinukset: "Approx. 1 hour delay, which was not the airline's fault (construction on runways)"
Plussat: "Crew"
Miinukset: "N/a"
Plussat: "Boarding was as expected, crew & food were ok. Nothing else positive to extract out of this flight."
Miinukset: "Delayed flight, horrible baggae policy when the flight is actually operated by a partner of the company you bought the ticket from and not the actual company. Dirty seats, no in-flight entertainment whatsoever (not even a magazine)."
Plussat: "Really friendly staff. Great service"
Plussat: "Crew was very nice and helpful, entertainment system worked well and had good choices"
Miinukset: "Seats were not very comfortable, it was uncomfortably hot and there was not air conditioner vent above like most other airlines"
Plussat: "Seats were comfortable"
Miinukset: "Flight was delayed by 2 hours. Could have gone to Amsterdam and come back in that time"
Miinukset: "Tiny old cramped plane."
Plussat: "Equally friendly crew and experience. It was complimented by the time we got to spend in the fantastic KLM lounge while we waited for the flight."
Miinukset: "Nothing!"
Plussat: "From pre-boarding, to boarding, to the food, and the attentiveness, everything was top notch! The cleanliness of the plane was only topped by the friendliness of the crew."
Miinukset: "The flight was marked at almost 11hrs but ended up being only 9...not a negative other than it meant not spending as much time on board!"
Plussat: "Flight crew was pleasant and attentive. Seats were comfortable for economy as well. We were allowed to check in extra baggage for free at check in which really helped since we would be catching a connecting flight in Amsterdam"
Plussat: "staff was fine"
Miinukset: "old old plane, very uncomfortable. Tiny bad screen made movies pointless"

koneessa oli liian kylmä

I payed $33.21 for seating because my wife left leg must be on the aisle, when we board the to seat was middle and window seats but not aisle.

The plane was filthy again

3.5 hour delay with little to no communication. Absolute shitshow

Trip from London to Glasgow was canceled and I received absolutely no help from anyone and was completely deserted in a foreign country with no means to get to my destination and no one has taken responsibility for the inconvenience and stress and financial burden caused. Unfortunately I have no convidence anymore that anyone will step up to simply help.

Happy travels!

Fast, good loads in and out, totally worth of price.

No where is written cheap flights must be bad! But i guess ground crew and cabin crew on this airline can not smile or be polite. Even a simple tea was served with no sugar or napkins. Had to ask for it after. For comfort you know what you expecting so that was actually ok. But crews behaviour from the ground to cabin was really unwelcoming. I FELT LIKE I WAS DISTURBING THEM! Plus one big NO to them is no priority for families. EasyJet is an affordable airline too but they have humanity and a great customer care. For me traveling with baby i need priority. A lady held her baby for 30 minutes standing in the Q. Thats wrong! After priority they can invite families and that cost nothing for them but showing that they care about their customers! IF THEY DO!

Nice trip


Miinukset: "We were late to land by 25 mins which made me stressed to catch my bus that was pre-booked."
Plussat: "Nothing. This was the worst experience ever"
Miinukset: "This flight was booked with an unrealistic connection time. The second flight was missed and we had to buy another ticket to get to our destination."
Plussat: "Flying EI-DAR, this was Ryanair's sixth-oldest active aircraft at 15.3 years old. Despite this, it featured the new sky interior and was comfortable overall. Flight was quick (albeit at 10 minute late landing) and deboarding was not an issue."
Plussat: "Efficient and cheap"
Miinukset: "Another passenger had exactly the same seat number as me which caused confusion and an uncomfortable situation"
Plussat: "The crew was great"
Miinukset: "Flight was delayed 30 minutes at least Seats very uncomfortable No water offered only drinks for purchase"
Plussat: "Crew was professional and well organised."
Miinukset: "N/A"
Plussat: "The flight was fine, we arrived safely."
Miinukset: "All the “sales pitches.” Hard landing."
Miinukset: "Missed the flight due to the delay. Had to buy ticket to get to Barcelona."
Plussat: "App is helpful. Email messages are helpful"
Miinukset: "Unclear that >100 ml not allowed in cabin size luggage that gets put in the hold. This caused unnecessary delay and extra work for staff at security"
Plussat: "Smooth flight, albeit 45 minutes late in departing."
Miinukset: "The constant effort by staff to sell stuff. Whatever happened to the days when customer service was king and satisfying customers was the motive rather than the relentless drive to make money."
Miinukset: "Food was not offered and there was no entertainment but over all the flight was fine."
Plussat: "Left absolutely on the dot. Everything very clean and comfortable, crew very friendly and professional. That includes the Ryanair people in the airport who guided me (first time flying alone) to make sure I was doing everything right."
Plussat: "Crew was attentive."
Miinukset: "seats don’t recline, no seat pocket..not even a bungee to hold anything."
Plussat: "Despite stating on the website a printed boarding pass is required I arrived at the airport with only the boarding pass on my phone and all was good."
Miinukset: "They put my daughter (under 16) on an exit seat only to tell later she can’t sit there! They randomly selected the seat for her in the first place!!!"
Plussat: "very smooth take off and landing, passengers and crew were very polite"
Miinukset: "it is a very long walk in Athens from the main terminal to the Ryanair extension"
Plussat: "Leaving"
Miinukset: "Security is ridiculous, cramped spaces, long lines, dirty."
Plussat: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "40 minutes baking on the bus to take us to the aircraft, Lack of communication Disrespectful and bad attitude of the crew Paying £80 to put luggage in hold to be told as I didn’t report that my case was damaged when I arrived at 01:00 am (in the morning) with an onward journey of 2 hrs I could not now place a complaint! Despite having photographic evidence!! No tap water available - given ice and boiling water I am done flying with Ryanair"
Plussat: "I liked that we landed safely and could go about our day, putting this experience behind me, after only an hour delay."
Miinukset: "Checking in at the Marrakech airport was a nightmare. People had to guess where to line up. There were two lines. A woman working with passengers seemed efficient and friendly. Unfortunately, I was not in her line. The dude who "helped" me hated the world and everyone in front of him. Their computers were down, and he had to hand write the boarding passes (?!). He really resented doing this for people and let them know. Once at the gate we had to get in a line, to get in another line outside, to get in another line to board, and of course we sat on the tarmac due to delays. I had to check a bag at the gate for being slightly too big. That's fine. But really, I end up paying what I would for a more professional (not "low-fare") airline. No one wants to be here. Not the employees, and not the passengers."
Plussat: "Nothing. Worst travel delay of my life. How about brokering a partial refund for the EXTREME inconvenience that ruined the first 24 hours of my vacation and cost me a bunch of extra money as a result?"
Miinukset: "The flight was supposed to take off at 1555 hours and didn't take off until 0030 after midnight. Crazy!"
Plussat: "The flight was great and all"
Miinukset: "The fact that qhen i bought on your app it said 23euro and when i got in the airport i had to pay 165euro to get on board... wth??? Still don’t understand that part would you be able to refund me that part since you didnt told the real cost.. thanks"
Plussat: "First time using RyanairI have heard so many negative comments about Ryan air and was genuinely surprised that my experience was so positive. The entire boarding process along with arrival and departure were easy and everything was on time."
Plussat: "I got where I was going...eventually."
Miinukset: "The plane left a half hour late. The Ryanair staff tried to sell us stuff the entire flight. Food, drinks, alcohol, and then the “gift trolley” came out. I couldn’t even get any water on that flight. Pfffft!"
Plussat: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "They ripped off clients by sending emails charges at the last moment, not keep their own rules,"
Plussat: "Staff is young and energetic! Beat crew on trip so fat and we've been on three other planes."
Miinukset: "Seats are eat too close if you are,tall. The landing was a,3,out of 10."
Plussat: "Crew on board was fine."
Miinukset: "Tried to check in only days and hours before. No one could help me navigate. At one point, 5 hours prior to the flight they said I would be upcharged $100.00 then hung up on."
Plussat: "It was normal"
Miinukset: "Spent an hour from landing to taxi, park and gwt out of the plane and airport. Car hire representatives left before we arrived"
Plussat: "Once boarded it was very smooth"
Miinukset: "Over 3&a half hours delay was sooooo painful"
Plussat: "Price. Clean planes."
Miinukset: "Cramped seats. No entertainment. No WiFi."
Plussat: "Flight was on time. It was a God-awful 6:30 am flight. But people at the check-in counter were very efficient and helpful. Flight crew were nice. They weren't grumpy or tired inspite of the early hour. It was a quick, uneventful flight. Smooth trip, nice landing. This was my first time on RyanAir. Overall, I was impressed. Considering the low cost, I'm definitely flying RyanAir again."
Miinukset: "Boarding process with its long line seemed demoralizing. Maybe you should take a tip from Disney World and switchback the lines. One line that stretches 40 meters is depressing. Maybe, board people by sections. This would help the long line. But the line did move amazingly quickly. A giant point in your favor. Seats: didn't recline - not comfortable. We didn't have meal service, so can't comment on that."
Plussat: "all within norms"
Plussat: "Timing was ok"
Miinukset: "All passengers were asked to pre-board which meant standing in the bridge to the plane before the plane arrived. We then had to walk down the stairs outside with the mosquitoes then walk up the stairs to the plane."
Plussat: "For any of those who hadn't realized, ryanair has changed: gone are the annoying squeezing of one bag into another at the gate, gone are the battleaxes who used to humiliate it is ine of the most pleasant the fact that you can take an extra small bag on board, & the flight attendants seem to always be super nice now...& all that at prices which enable me to travel frequently. Well done ryanair!"
Miinukset: "nothing to write: why do i have to write 50 characters here that doesn't make sense kayak!"
Plussat: "The staff & crew on the Ryanair flights I take are kind, caring and very professional. I am a regular flyer Thank you Ryanair Also I need to use OCS in both Palma & Dublin they are super! This makes my traveling so much easier and relaxing."
Miinukset: "Finding our way around the terminal. We finally found the check baggage and checked them. Then we went to security which was at the opposite end of the terminal but we were sent back to baggage to have our boarding passes stamped with the visa stamped. Then it was back to security."
Miinukset: "i was charged for still water. you are flying in a pressurized cabin for over an hour, and you don't feel obligated to offer them the most basic of services, like water. when will you begin to charge for using the toilets?"
Miinukset: "Walked almost 20mn in rain to get to the plane"
Plussat: "If you're from America, the carry on luggage is a whole different ball game. Dont think you bag will fit, they are going to hit you with fees."
Miinukset: "Awful"
Plussat: "Great flight"
Miinukset: "Selling many things on board"
Plussat: ", bought a coffee & the male attendant told me how to use it . New filter lid"
Miinukset: "waiting to take off . Flight boarded early then we sat on plane . 12.50 flight & arrived just before 15.00."

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19t 25mDRS-HEL
1 välilaskuKLM
27t 20mHEL-DRS
201 €
1 välilaskuLufthansa
5t 15mDRS-HEL
1 välilaskuLufthansa
4t 40mHEL-DRS
213 €
2 välilaskuaLufthansa
7t 45mDRS-HEL
1 välilaskuLufthansa
9t 45mHEL-DRS
271 €
2 välilaskuaUseita lentoyhtiöitä
9t 20mDRS-HEL
2 välilaskuaUseita lentoyhtiöitä
15t 00mHEL-DRS
279 €
1 välilaskuKLM
19t 15mDRS-HEL
1 välilaskuKLM
20t 20mHEL-DRS
286 €
1 välilaskuKLM
19t 25mDRS-HEL
1 välilaskuKLM
10t 15mHEL-DRS
299 €
1 välilaskuLufthansa
8t 25mDRS-HEL
2 välilaskuaLufthansa
10t 30mHEL-DRS
305 €
2 välilaskuaUseita lentoyhtiöitä
25t 45mDRS-HEL
1 välilaskuUseita lentoyhtiöitä
20t 20mHEL-DRS
363 €
2 välilaskuaUseita lentoyhtiöitä
7t 15mDRS-HEL
2 välilaskuaUseita lentoyhtiöitä
7t 15mHEL-DRS
364 €
2 välilaskuaUseita lentoyhtiöitä
10t 00mDRS-HEL
2 välilaskuaUseita lentoyhtiöitä
8t 55mHEL-DRS
406 €
1 välilaskuLufthansa
9t 40mDRS-HEL
2 välilaskuaLufthansa
8t 20mHEL-DRS
433 €
2 välilaskuaUseita lentoyhtiöitä
13t 40mDRS-HEL
2 välilaskuaUseita lentoyhtiöitä
13t 35mHEL-DRS
435 €
1 välilaskuLufthansa
12t 50mDRS-HEL
1 välilaskuLufthansa
17t 10mHEL-DRS
440 €
1 välilaskuLufthansa
6t 10mDRS-HEL
1 välilaskuLufthansa
4t 15mHEL-DRS
683 €
2 välilaskuaUseita lentoyhtiöitä
9t 00mDRS-HEL
1 välilaskuUseita lentoyhtiöitä
21t 30mHEL-DRS
783 €
2 välilaskuaUseita lentoyhtiöitä
8t 00mDRS-HEL
2 välilaskuaUseita lentoyhtiöitä
6t 55mHEL-DRS
1788 €

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Lennot Dresden - Suomi


Dresden (DRS)Saksa

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Suomi - Dresden

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109 €

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109 €