Etsi halvat lennot välille Helsinki - Belgrad Nikola Tesla


Etsi halvat lennot välille Helsinki - Belgrad Nikola Tesla

Helsinki (HEL)
Belgrad Nikola Tesla
pe 4.12.
pe 11.12.
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Kuinka KAYAK löytää niin alhaiset hinnat lennoille kohteesta Helsinki kohteeseen Belgrad Nikola Tesla?

Miten KAYAK-sivuston hintojen ennustusalgoritmi auttaa minua valitsemaan juuri oikean hetken ostaa lentolippu kohteesta Helsinki kohteeseen Belgrad Nikola Tesla?

Mikä on KAYAK Mix vaihtoehto lennoille kohteesta Helsinki kohteeseen Belgrad Nikola Tesla?

Mikä KAYAK-sivuston "joustavat päivät" -haku tarkoittaa ja miksi siihen kannattaa kiinnittää huomiota etsittäessä lentoja kohteesta Helsinki kohteeseen Belgrad Nikola Tesla?

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Pisteytys KAYAK-asiakasarvioiden perusteella

Turkish Airlines
Pistemäärä perustuu 22 955 arvosteluun
Lentoyhtiöiden arvostelut

Plussat: "Pilot's landing was top noch."
Miinukset: "During boarding there was a crowd with no possibility to maintain social distance. Crew should have given propper instructions to avoid that."

Plussat: "Sits are very comfortable and the food is amazing."
Miinukset: "The door from the US plane was closed in front of our nose and the staff was extremely rude.In Boston the Turkish Airlines representative from the luggage transfers didn't have a clue what he's doing. It was a complete disaster. So, the 1:10hrs between Cluj and Istambul is not enough for an US flight. You guys must schedule more time so people can get to the US plane on time. The Airline is amazing, good food, good crew, great sits, but please work on this schedule because it's so exhausting to stay an additional 11 hours on the road."

Miinukset: "The best Airlines ever from every aspects, I’m frequent traveler of Turkish airlines and will be for good."

Plussat: "Entertainment and food are always reliably good on Turkish."
Miinukset: "Ground crew was very poor at communication, no one warned us we would need a visa; we spent hours and hours queuing for what could have been sorted out in advance. Communication was terrible. The flight was delayed due to Pakistan closing air space. Turkish rescheduled but no real help in Istanbul."

Plussat: "Crew were nice. It was a very quiet flight so plenty of room to move to other seats - see below."
Miinukset: "Although the flight was probably less than half full, by the time the trolley got to us there was only one choice of lunch. People in front reclined their seats right back into our faces. Seats were packed together very tightly. Given the lack of space, better to fix seats to only recline a little."

Plussat: "Great crew, confortable seats, free complimentary internet service"
Miinukset: "Even though the same plane was used, the Cuban authorities asked passengers bound to Caracas to deboard the plane, pass to transit, to have us waiting an hour to re board. Boarding was a complete chaos. We were not handed headsets, so could not listen to inflight entertainment. Food was not good"

Miinukset: "My bags were misplaced I have to wait for an extra day to get it"

Plussat: "It is always better when this flight is operated by wide body aircraft, as was the case with A330 this time"

Miinukset: "The flight from LAX Ron Istambul was delayed for 2.5h, then the flight from Istanbul to belgrade was delayed by 3.5h. Then we learned that our luggage did not arrive, after waiting for all the bags to come out. This was by far the worst flight we have ever experienced!"

Plussat: "The flight was on time , The crew was very professional ."
Miinukset: "The online check in wasn’t possible so I wasn’t able to choose my seat."

Plussat: "Good food"
Miinukset: "Slow boarding, bad entertainment screen which should be replaced"

Plussat: "All was really good"
Miinukset: "Long lines ( about 40 min) to get into transfer zone at the airport. I guess this is not aircompanu fault, but airport."

Plussat: "the onboard entertainment system is poor: you don't have your personal screen, and the only programmes available are the saftey video and airline's ads. The flight was delayed for 20 minutes at the start however it arrived on time. So that was not really an issue."
Miinukset: "The crew are professioanl and the service is OK although you need to ask for your tea/coffee. The food isn't amazing but it meets my expectation about the short flight cuisine."

Plussat: "Cozy big leather seats in Business Class, excellent breakfast and good service overall. Turkish Airlines continued to amaze me."
Miinukset: "Boarding by bus - not my favorite way of getting on a plane. Probably not the airlines's fault."

Plussat: "All."
Miinukset: "Food may become better. Not twice meat, especially not late at night. Give an option for an omelet for example"

Plussat: "The check in assistant put us on an earlier flight to Istanbul we didn’t mind as our next flight was at 8pm so had hoped to leave the airport."

Plussat: "I never usually like plane food but liked Turkish Airline meals on all flights I’ve been on so far"
Miinukset: "I do like turkish airlines but wasn’t happy with this flight. On check in we were left with seats towards the back of the aircraft. The lady seated neit to us in the aisle seat was in a wheel chair so was a problem if having to get in and out. I didn’t think it was fair that a person who depends on a wheel chair sits so far back on a plane. She also had to deal with our crying baby"

Plussat: "We were sat in the middle rows for this flight. But only flew for 50minutes so not a big problem"

Plussat: "Really like the airline, sat in the front rim of economy. My husband is over 6ft and he was happy with the leg space. As was I since we flew right our 1 and a half year old boy."

Plussat: "It was easy and convenient"
Miinukset: "The airline lost my bag, with contained all my clothes, shoes, jewelry, ps4 gaming concel, and all the games CDs I had , alongside the documents I needed to renew my Visa, which was such an inconvenience getting back, that I had to extend my ticket by a week which also cost me almost $400. Plus the airline staff was rude. That ruined my vacation."

Plussat: "Big plane, friendly staff, good food."
Miinukset: "Sometime, it gets a bit too cold."

Plussat: "the seats were more roomier than the flight to istanbul."
Miinukset: "One of the other passengers was being difficult and irritating on the flight."

Plussat: "Istanbul Airport has good facilities and F&B options"
Miinukset: "Flight from Istanbul to Bangkok was delayed for 3.5 hours with no apology and no compensatory measures such as drinks and food or lounge access Power outlets in Istanbul airport are all round plug European with no USB terminals for phone recharging"

Plussat: "Largely pain free experience"

Plussat: "Nothing much to shout about this flight. It got there safely?"
Miinukset: "At 31" the pitch is terrible for a tall guy like myself. The screen was old and unresponsive, and there wasn't even a pleasant crew to supplement. How it won Best European Airline befuddles me."

Plussat: "The staff were very welcoming and the seats were very comfortable"
Miinukset: "Flight was a little delayed"

Plussat: "Comfortable seats, good food"
Miinukset: "Nothing"

Miinukset: "My taxi crashed on the way to Izmir, I missed my flight to Istanbul and my connection to Dublin in still stuck in Istanbul"

Miinukset: "Turkish Air lot my suitcase. I will never travel with them again"

Miinukset: "The food - I always have a v-meal - is sadly inadequate. Not enough of it, and very unimaginative. And they always supply the same thing, unless I was just unlucky to have the same thing three times in a row. Boarding was chaotic - a full flight crammed into a departure lounge with far too few seats. There were many families trying to board and the staff could barely cope."

Plussat: "never go to turkey only few places are famous caz holiday but over all people are so selfish u can find the right place to eat or spend over night and all flight are always late when try to find out they always says on thier own language not even english we don’t care have missed my tow flight and couldn’t find anyone to talk as responeble person don’t got to turkey all pay ur money to some where better you can enjoy"
Miinukset: "never go to turkey only few places are famous caz holiday but over all people are so selfish u can find the right place to eat or spend over night and all flight are always late when try to find out they always says on thier own language not even english we don’t care have missed my tow flight and couldn’t find anyone to talk as responeble person don’t got to turkey all pay ur money to some where better you can enjoy"

Plussat: "This Airline is one of my favourite."
Miinukset: "Good service and decent planes.Hardly any delays."

Miinukset: "They cancelled my returning flight WITHOUT me knowing and expecting me to pay for the penalty fee for misisng the first flight even tho I DID not cancel the returning flight which obviously I was gonna take. The staff was RUDE and INSENSITIVE. Qatar was better in overall customer service. Worst customer service from Turkish airline."

Plussat: "The food was excellent fresh and plentiful. The bathrooms were very clean"

Plussat: "No complaints about the plane, staff etc and its probably no worse than any other airline"
Miinukset: "Long overnight flight in Economy Class, little legroom. As I am larger than average and find it hard to sleep on flights, the cramped conditions were extremely uncomfortable"

Miinukset: "The worst airline I have ever flown with, worst disruption management"

Plussat: "There is simply nothing to like. Whilst other airlines give peoooe a nice hotel room to spend the night on their trunk flights, Turkish airlines offers."
Miinukset: "I didn’t like anything not least the fact you make people wait in the station when they are on flights with stops. It Morocco offers a plush hotel room. I’m never travelling"

Miinukset: "They made us wait for 2 hours out in the open on a winter night. They wouldn't let us in the terminal. It was outrageous. Everyone was extremely rude."

Miinukset: "I missed my connecting flight in Turkey as flight was delayed. It was my worst flight experience because nobody wanted to help me. It took an hour of being ignored by various TA staff to eventually get my boarding pass to the next available flight to London. I nearly missed that one as well because of it. The staff in Turkey was rude and unhelpful and most didn’t understand English properly. There were a number of others having the same issues, it was an awful experience."

Plussat: "Food"
Miinukset: "After bus arrived at steps kept on it 20 mins. 2 more buses arrived in this time. Still wait. Then let out all at once. Massive queues to board. Poeple not dressed for this. Poor babies crying Maybe 15 mins waiting in 2am cold on tarmac."

Plussat: "Everything"
Miinukset: "Would highly recommend"

Plussat: "They boarded on time, took off on time, and the service was friendly."
Miinukset: "Nothing really."

Plussat: "Facilities are really nice"
Miinukset: "I only got one boarding pass at the check in."

Miinukset: "The lost 3 of my bags"

Plussat: "Turkish is always consistently excellent"
Miinukset: "I liked everything. They are very accomodating towards passengers with special needs."

Plussat: "Entertaiment was good with choices on the latest movies and live sports channels. Boarding was fast enough and the crew are friendly."
Miinukset: "The seats are not able to be lowered and for a 11.5hrs flight, thats really painful. Food wasnt really tasty and portion seems smaller compare to other flights i had been on."

Plussat: "The services was excellent."
Miinukset: "Delay around three quarter an hour."

Plussat: "All was perfect"
Miinukset: "Nothing"

Plussat: "Everything was fine on this flight."
Miinukset: "Everything was fine on this flight."

Plussat: "Vegetarian option of the food. Constant hydration"
Miinukset: "WiFi"

Miinukset: "It was good enough."

Plussat: "Crew was a top notch, very focused and carrying. I am loyal lufthansa fan and been flying with them with more than 20 years."
Miinukset: "Guys, we need to do something with these outdated business class seats, infotainment system. Omg, last century, movie selection bottom poor :( We are always playing catch up game in terms of interior. How long it took you to offer padding & decent blankets in business."

Miinukset: "Short boarding time.missed the flight and had to pay."

Plussat: "Flight landed on time"
Miinukset: "Gate was constantly changed with no audible notification at the gate and boarding process was mayhem"

Miinukset: "A delay due to an electrical storm prevented us from taking off for over an hour which we had to wait to end on the plane."

Plussat: "Fantastic"
Miinukset: "Everything"

Plussat: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "Definitely the food!!"

Plussat: "Flight attendants were good."
Miinukset: "Didn’t have another sandwich on this flight because the first one on previous flight was very dry and were the same options."

Plussat: "Terrible flight. Super tight seats. Major airport delay to take off and land. Overall not a good experience."

Plussat: "On time, clean plane, good service."
Miinukset: "Lack of seating at departure gate, costumer agent at gate was rude about standing early for boarding (see first comment). Food was not my style my wife enjoyed it."

Plussat: "There was an reasonably attractive opportunity to upgrade to premium economy, which was extremely nice for my long haul flight"

Plussat: "Everything was on time"

Plussat: "The crew was nice and the movie selection was decent. Food was ok. As good as it can be when you pay $2,500 for a flight ticket knowing that they are not really there to offer you a service, they are there to make their own money knowing that as a traveler you really have no options other than an airplane if you want to go across the ocean."
Miinukset: "Seats become smaller and smaller...and you keep asking about my experience...$2,500 to travel seating in a miniature seat with no leg room is a bit much...and I know no flight company cares about this...we have no choice...either take that or don’t travel, right?"

Plussat: "Superhyvin hoidettu nopea vaihto - auto haki ja vei meidät jatkolennolle. Tunnelma henkilökunnan keskuudessa oli hyvä."

Miinukset: "Ihan tajutonta kuinka koneeseennousu kesti niin kauan ja kone oli myöhässä."

Plussat: "Everything, comfort, quietness,"
Miinukset: "Boarding, de-icing made us wait long on plane n it got stuffy"

Plussat: "Really not many things to complain about on this kind of flight."
Miinukset: "Boarding could be improved. Especially when it comes to hand luggage placement. They should definitely introduce boarding by place of seats."

Plussat: "The seats are comfortable with more leg room than other economy airlines. Love the downstairs bathroom waiting area. Great place to stretch. Vegetarian food was the best ever on a flight. Crew are the best..Thank you"
Miinukset: "Perfect in my book."

Plussat: "Crew and food was good"

Miinukset: "They lost my bag"

Plussat: "Hospitality and attitude of crew Food"
Miinukset: "Cramped economy seats including leg space"

Plussat: "Crew was friendly and efficient. Plane was newer (and cleaner)."

Plussat: "Attendants very nice. Movie selection...OK....not great ON TIME!...except"
Miinukset: "Food mediocre in economy class Seat back in front of me was stuck in non upright position by 1.5 inches which made me feel uncomfortable...too cramped. Pilot landed us early & then we sat on tarmac for 30 mins + because gate wasn't ready!"

Plussat: "Responsive and kind crew"
Miinukset: "Always need more room without extra cost. Why have classes of passengers? Why not spread the space equally and allow all to be comfortable on international flights? All tickets one price?"

Plussat: "Even though the flight was delayed by a couple of hours, Kayak kept us continuously informed about where we stood. Thanks!"

Plussat: "Nothing!"

Plussat: "Short and comfortable flight"

Plussat: "Departure was a bit late but we were informed. Even with that delay arrived on time. Coach seat was okay for me. Movies offered could be better but there was enough for my taste. It was a night flight anyway, so I was asleep most of the time."

Plussat: "Service is good, you actually get food and drinks, thanks for that."
Miinukset: "The seats in the economy class are too small. Not once did I have someone sitting next to me who could actually fit in his seat. They weren't particularly large people, just average men but their arms were in my space all the time. Also if I drop something, I cannot pick it up, there's no room. For transatlantic flights the seats should be bigger."

Plussat: "Mothing"
Miinukset: "I didn't like anything"

Plussat: "comfort ,crew was polite and catering delicious"

Plussat: "Good choices were great and tasted great also.."
Miinukset: "seats not so comfortable"

Miinukset: "Got delayed from atl to wash. And my flight from wash to munich left."

Plussat: "my favorite airline"

Miinukset: "They forgot the luggage at Frankfurt."

Plussat: "The crew was great. The seats were ok."
Miinukset: "Check in was very, very slow, for some reason."

Plussat: "Very good experience. Good movies."
Miinukset: "The LH reward program is not very user friendly."

Plussat: "nice services."
Miinukset: "no order in boarding and no chairs in Panama airport. Had to stand for 2 hours before boarding."

Miinukset: "No seating area at or near the gate we boarded at, and as boarding was delayed, many people ended up standing for some time because we did not wish to wander too far and then be late for boarding."

Plussat: "Most all was good."
Miinukset: "The kids screaming!"

Plussat: "Very friendly and accommodating crew, efficient service, nice breakfast pastry for the short flight to Frankfurt"
Miinukset: "Would have been nice to have an entertainment option, but I had a book, so the 2.5 hrs went fast enough."

Miinukset: "unable to select seats at booking until 24 hours before and even then, was unable to do so for the US to Hamburg leg"

Plussat: "Service was good, boarding was fast, no other issues."
Miinukset: "The seat pitch is inhumane. I could barely fit into the seat without hitting my knees on the seat in front. And that was before the person ahead of me reclined. It's not like Lufthansa is a budget airline. It's a full-fledged major carrier charging full-fledged prices. Seriously, I was expecting more."

Plussat: "Crew worked hard to make the journey pleasant, including the second crew for my connection to New York JFK, a much longer flight. Even some of the food was edible."

Plussat: "Service confort timimg"

Plussat: "I'm even still here i miss it my flight i have told they are going put me to another flight but I have not received any call yet from"
Miinukset: "I'm still waiting"

Plussat: "All. Excellent experience."
Miinukset: "No complaints"

Plussat: "Crew was friendly and the seats were comfortable."

Plussat: "All!"

Miinukset: "Boarding tool a long time and late take off"

Miinukset: "Poor selection of european films! There is a far bigger choice in e.g. Singapore airlines or Cathay Pacific. Rest was fine."

Plussat: "They vere OK!"
Miinukset: "Food and drinks!"

Miinukset: "Austrian could learn from the likes of singapore airlines and cathay pacific: the choice of movies was pretty limited (1 italian, 1 french, 1 spanish) and the games were simply boring. The food was ok, breakfast pretty terrible (breed but no butter, reconstructiesergramingtheworstieverate.Stodwoowfs"

Plussat: "The crew. The punctuality."

Miinukset: "Seating is extremely cramped"

Plussat: "On time & clean"
Miinukset: "Can’t really say"

Plussat: "Noting outstanding."
Miinukset: "Seat comfort."

Miinukset: "Not a lot of legroom in my Premium Economy seat (10C). Seat itself just OK, the high price isn't justified. This flight is usually about one hour late and it was."

Plussat: "Very efficient and fuss free. Just what I was looking for from a short haul flight!"
Miinukset: "The snacks are super small, which isn’t unexpected when the flight time is so short."

Plussat: "I was able to get good seats, front of the plane. 3rd row for all my flights. pretty decent leg room"
Miinukset: "flight was delayed, 2nd Austtian flight delayed in the same day"

Plussat: "thebflight wqs smooth and on time"
Miinukset: "snack they gave something sweet at 07:00 AM"

Plussat: "Great to be able to check in bags at the CAT railway station in the morning. Cabin crew were excellent- very friendly and helpful and did two drinks services. Austrian’s cabin crew sets them apart on European routes."

Plussat: "Very comfortable journey, leaving on time, arriving on time"

Plussat: "Flight was relatively empty today, therefore boarding was smooth and easy. I had a row to myself.. Smoothest landing ever... just a lucky day"

Miinukset: "Seats very hard and uncomfortable in economy"

Plussat: "We could walk around as needed. No restrictions. Free wine with meals!"
Miinukset: "Staff not friendly or offering of assistance."

Plussat: "Excellent crew, delicious Austrian wine, only a short flight so only some nibbles to eat which was fine."
Miinukset: "Seat wasn't the best, quite hard on the middle back."

Plussat: "Lost my luggage"
Miinukset: "Not loosing my suitcase!"

Plussat: "Absolutely nothing. Despite booking business class flights 3 months before departure date because we had to attend a very important wedding. Swiss Airlines overbooked the flight but didn’t warn us in advance. This meant my husband was forced to pay over 8 thousand Euros to charter a small private je"
Miinukset: "So That we could attend the wedding early the next morning in Oldenburg. They then had the audacity to void our return flights. Luckily I spoke with a lovely lady at Lufthansa, explained the situation and she re-instated return flights for an admin fee. Will never ever use Swiss Airlines again."

Plussat: "Good experience, service was good, and attendants were courteous"

Miinukset: "Seat !!"

Miinukset: "One hour late for take off..."

Plussat: "Nothing at all."
Miinukset: "Couldn’t get on the flight due to two cancellations of prior connecting flights. Utterly, totally unacceptable - and no explanation of why."

Plussat: "Nothing. See below."
Miinukset: "Original flight cancelled so rebooked ojba floght five hours later - then with one hour to go until that second flight, that was cancelled as well. Totally unhelpful ground staff, who were oblivious to the fact that I had a work commitment the next day so couldn’t overnight in some random hotel at an airport to suit Austrian’s policies. Eventually routed via Lisbon which meant literally flying all night to arrive at 0600. Lufthansa and Austrian have some serious faults to correct."

Plussat: "Service was outstanding!"

Plussat: "I get Airpoints with the flight, crew were lovely."
Miinukset: "Flight was overbooked, so a few delays (as they were asking if anyone would layover to release a seat) and they were being very strict on the one bag per traveller, but that’s fair enough considering it was busy."

Plussat: "The seats were very nice, and I found it very pleasing that everything was colour coordinated. (the small details in red and the rest in gray). The flight attendants were so happy and upbeat, it lifted your mood as well! I believe that we left a few minutes early, as boarding was completed early. And thefood? Mind-blowing for airplane food. I really enjoyed this flight."
Miinukset: "There wasn’t much I didn’t like about the flight. Sometimes the announcements were very slightly difficult to hear (accents and whatnot,) but you could still tell what they were saying."

Miinukset: "They overbooked the flight which delayed boarding but the flight was on time."

Miinukset: "We are late only 25 min (50% of flight - 50 min)"

Plussat: "Friendly flight attendants."
Miinukset: "Lost baggage is never good."

Plussat: "Everything was great. Lovely and efficient crew. Sound not good on films but we were in economy so maybe just the disposable earbuds. A small point and didn’t spoil an otherwise great service."

Plussat: "Everything was good"
Miinukset: "Red uniforms are ok but red tights awful"

Plussat: "Very good flight crew. Decent food and nice entertainment."
Miinukset: "Poor web site. Very poor boarding crew. Boarding crew made no announcements for who must get re-elected ticketed for shares carrier tucked or web site ticketed passengers. No prep boarding plan given therefore mass at gate."

Plussat: "The flight attendants worked very hard Patient and courteous."
Miinukset: "Drinks are varied Food needs improvement The bread is low The vegetarian meal is poor"

Miinukset: "Lufthansa’s/Austrian Airlines’s idea of a ‘snack’ is a pathetic little bag of sugar and chemicals that no one should have to be offered, even if it comes for free. Hugely disappointed. Flight attendants not attentive enough, and it took forever for the flight attendant to come after I’ve pressed the call button. Overall impression: meh! First time flying Austrian, but next time I’ll probably book with their competitors if prices are similar."

Miinukset: "Lufthansa’s/Austrian Airlines’s idea of a ‘snack’ is a pathetic little bag of sugar and chemicals that no one should have to be offered, even if it comes for free. Hugely disappointed. Flight attendants not attentive enough."

Miinukset: "Caótica boarding Uncomfortable seats did not recline"

Plussat: "Love the A 380-800"
Miinukset: "Out luggage did not make it to Houston from Frankfurt. We were late from Vienna but Lufthansa held the plane and extra 30 minutes in Frankfurt so that the baggage could make it from the feeder flights and it still didn't. We were promissed out luggage on Sunday evening. No one called and as of Monday morning no news."

Plussat: "Crew were amazing"
Miinukset: "Delayed at boarding Delayed inside plane No entertainment No room for my long legs - no option"

Plussat: "all good."
Miinukset: "austrian airlines female flight attendants have to wear ALL red. it seems a bit much."

Plussat: "Staff were always courteous."

Miinukset: "First there were problems with the plane... then it got delayed... I missed my connecting flight... now it’s 2 am I have a wedding to get to in 4 hrs and I finally just arrived ."

Plussat: "Friendly staff, on time flight. Nice refreshments"

Miinukset: "They lost my bag and refused to deliver it to my house once it was found. It is still at the airport"

Miinukset: "arogant staff, flight canceled, great difficulties to claim my money back"

Plussat: "Love the 767 seating layout with 2-3-2 seating. My hubby and I got 2 by the window/aisle. I like having 2 aisles for walking around. Pasta meal was much more tasty than the chicken meal."
Miinukset: "No free wi-fi. But, that wasn't a big deal. Just seemed unusual. If they did have it, they didn't let you know about it."

Plussat: "all was good"

Plussat: "Everything was excellent"

Plussat: "Great flight. Was long but made nice by staff/crew and entertainment options."

Plussat: "Good"
Miinukset: "Good"

Plussat: "Comfortable plane, crew was professional."
Miinukset: "Boarding was a little chaotic, but it all worked out."

Plussat: "The crew was professional and polite."
Miinukset: "My particular flight was five hours late, which happens sometime, but it was difficult to follow what was going on."

Plussat: "The seats was comfortable."
Miinukset: "It’s Ok enough."

Plussat: "Connection in Minsk"
Miinukset: "more space between the 5rows and upgraded seats"

Plussat: "The chairs and the snack"
Miinukset: "They could have warned beforehand that the flight is for Budapest and Belgrade... people in the transfer bus were in panic to realize that some of them go to another country then the rest"

Miinukset: "Good"

Miinukset: "Vegan meal"

Miinukset: "food without choice, the same thing has not changed for years, it is unacceptable for a business class"

Miinukset: "food without choice, the same thing has not changed for years, it is unacceptable for a business class"

Plussat: "Flight was ok"
Miinukset: "Very bad experience with process leading to boarding. Air France knew nothing about my connecting flight even though it was labeled “Air France”. There was no info on any airline site about my connecting flight either. Lost so much time at airports! Not sure if it was Air France or Bellavia’s issue."

Plussat: "Good seat room, clean, efficient."

Plussat: "Good"
Miinukset: "Good"

Miinukset: "No legroom"

Plussat: "Pleasant crew."
Miinukset: "The flight was greatly delayed to the point that we missed the connecting flight on Bellavia."

Plussat: "We have successfully landed"
Miinukset: "The plane we flew from Tbilisi to Minsk was old, noisy while landing, not very clean, the crew was not very attentive during this flight."

Plussat: "On time safe and clean flight with reasonable price"
Miinukset: "No comment"

Plussat: "This plane was very old. Bad seats. Only cold drinks served"

Plussat: "the crew was very professional"

Plussat: "Kind staff"

Plussat: "Good job of personnel (at least, they looked /pretended to be enthusiastic and customer-oriented)"
Miinukset: "Complete ignorance by staff/personnel of Ataturk airport what is/where is Belavia and WHERE would be the registration. Actually, I have a picture confirming this my statenent, but you quite wisely did mot provide any way to submit this picture. Bravo! :)"

Plussat: "всё было хорошо я отметила entertainment одной звездочкой, тк полет был короткий и особой развлекательной программы не предусмотрено"

Plussat: "Attentive staff."
Miinukset: "Nothing."

Plussat: "Flight in time, gentle crew."
Miinukset: "Old airplane"

Plussat: "Flight in time, gentle crew."
Miinukset: "Old airplane"

Plussat: "The prices are fine for Belarus - still not at a Ryanair level tho but better"
Miinukset: "I didn't like the fact that the seating is extremely short (no legspace) forcing me to sit sideways. Really not comfortable. There is of course absolutely no entertainment in the plane."

Plussat: "I love their services and supports. It made my flights more convenient."
Miinukset: "I think everything is good, not bad things mentioned now."

Plussat: "Clean, spacious airplane. Good food. Friendly crew."
Miinukset: "Airport personnel at CDG did not know which gate would be used even after the boarding should have already started."

Miinukset: "Unfriendly crew. No smile. Spoke only in their native language."

Miinukset: "The flight was late an hpur and a half."

Plussat: "The staff at Belavia Airline are great. Although it’s only a couple of hours flight we were served a pasta lunch which was tasty"

Plussat: "Our first time to fly Belavia Airlines and the service is outstanding. It’s the shortest time possible to fly out of St Petersburg to Kraków although there are two layovers in Minsk and Warsaw. The flight cost us reasonable $250 each. The Airport lounge at St Pete and in Minsk are both excellent"

Plussat: "4 hours delay"
Miinukset: "4 hours delay"

Miinukset: "long long line to check in - just one slow counter ... we spent one hour in line, that is not as we excepted"

Plussat: "Flight was right on time, even a little early"
Miinukset: "sandwiches with white bread"

Plussat: "on time"
Miinukset: "sandwiches with white bread"

Plussat: "Friendly crew, punctual, efficiency"
Miinukset: "No veggie food choice - probably to be reserved before"

Plussat: "Everything, it is By far, the gratest line i have used in my trip"

Plussat: "The crew were excellent"
Miinukset: "Child tantrums nearby slightly disturbing, but thats kids?"

Plussat: "Everything"
Miinukset: "Nothing. Manchester ground staff contacted to support my invalid wife went missing and we had to walk over 30 minutes from the plane to the baggage hall."

Plussat: "Alll was good"
Miinukset: "Nothing"

Plussat: "Efficient and friendly"
Miinukset: "All good"

Miinukset: "Food was a nice gesture, but not great."

Plussat: "The aircraft took off just in time, flight was smooth, crew helpful and polite. Landed in exact time, according the time table."

Miinukset: "a delay for 4 hours"

Plussat: "Excellent job"

Plussat: "Great price!"
Miinukset: "No big complaints, Balavia did what I needed."

Miinukset: "Everything"

Miinukset: "Impossible to check in in EWR to connecting flight"

Plussat: "Nice crew who spoke English"
Miinukset: "No online check in; old plane; late both ways"

Plussat: "Smooth flight. Perfect service."

Plussat: "Helpful"
Miinukset: "Better reading material"

Plussat: "All was super!"
Miinukset: "All was great!"

Miinukset: "The flight was late by half an hour and I had to pay 60€ because my cabin bag was 2kg heavier than allowed."

Plussat: "Clean and neat aircraft with nice crew"
Miinukset: "Find a way to serve at lease water. Some crew members were uptight. Need to be friendly"

Plussat: "Clean airplane nice pretty stewardess in short dress."
Miinukset: "Probably private jet whit hot tub."

Plussat: "The crew, plane and airport was great!"
Miinukset: "Part of our luggage was disassembled and not delivered to the final destination."

Miinukset: "The crew might be greeting passengers onboarding."

Miinukset: "Sēdvieta neērta un nepiemērota gulēšanai."

Plussat: "Big space to front seat"
Miinukset: "offer drinking water"

Plussat: "Good, friendly crew. Plane was quite clean, although not perfect. Smooth flight."
Miinukset: "No food included in the price of my very expensive ticket, and to make it worse, I was not informed. There was no info while booking, no info while buying the ticket, no email after buying, no email from the airline, nothing. I’ve never even heard of a transatlantic flight without a meal included."

Miinukset: "Not mentioned that in Munich I had to change terminal and pass again on security check. If I would have bought some bottles in Vilnius or Riga duty free, I would have had problems"

Plussat: "The airplane was brand new. The crew was very friendly"

Plussat: "everything was good enough"
Miinukset: "I would like a meal and drinks on the board"

Plussat: "flight crew was amazing."
Miinukset: "Boarding was poorly handled by airport staff"

Plussat: "They just wanted more money. Charged us one small carry-on bag over 60 Euro! Ridiculous. Horrible airline, will never fly with airBaltic."
Miinukset: "They should have told us that one person can only bring one bag. we just flew with Ryanair and Easyjet, which allow one carryne and one bag. Again, will never fly with such horrible airBaltic, never!!!"

Plussat: "All fine"
Miinukset: "Flight delayed 2 hours"

Miinukset: "Horrible customer support"

Plussat: "Helpful crew"
Miinukset: "Nothing"

Plussat: "It was a fairly ordinary flight"
Miinukset: "Our luggage never arrived at our destination, perhaps something to do with a connecting flight although there were 2 hrs 15 mins between connections. After informing Male Airport, a message was sent to Condor. No news all day. Next day lodged complaint replied they're investigating. Holiday ruined"

Plussat: "Simple no frills airline"

Miinukset: "Ок"

Plussat: "Yes"
Miinukset: "Trips"

Plussat: "Crews on Air France are outstanding!"
Miinukset: "Baggage was lost and was delivered 2 days later."

Miinukset: "Short flight and unmemorable (that's a good thing)"

Plussat: "Crew were efficient and friendly."
Miinukset: "Coffee creamer sachets are insufficient in quantity for the coffee. Even with two sachets the coffee was still nearly black. The flight was full and the cost of checked in luggage ensured everyone used their carry on allowance. As a consequence, overhead bins were full. I left one bag at the front of the plane and had another at my feet. However, it was a short flight, so not too unbearable."

Plussat: "Tallin airport is beautiful"
Miinukset: "Lost luggage and indifferent assistance."

Miinukset: "Flight was late"

Plussat: "My checked in bag did not arrive to HEL... Nedless to say I did check the bag tag was properly labeled RIX to HEL... oh well ... bad score for Baltic Air ... truly hope to see my bag in CGK when I arrived. Qatar airways pls come to the rescue."

Plussat: "the flight started at time. the attendant were fine. but i consider this flight not as a cheap flight. therefore, it should be possible, so early in the morning to offer a coffee at least."
Miinukset: "the experience on board should be improved, particularly when the flight is not different from regular airlines in terms of cost"

Plussat: "the flight started at time. the attendant were fine. but i consider this flight not as a cheap flight. therefore, it should be possible, so early in the morning to offer a coffee at least."
Miinukset: "the experience on board should be improved, particularly when the flight is not different from regular airlines in terms of cost"

Miinukset: "flight was delayed, missed connecting flight. new flight they gave me was also delayed, almost missed connecting flight again"

Plussat: "Good service, good connection in Riga! Perfectly on time!"

Plussat: "New planes"
Miinukset: "I wasn’t asked to prepay luggage & it cost me double. That makes me very annoyed."

Plussat: "Nice crew"
Miinukset: "Please give out water for free"

Plussat: "If water was free it would be better. Other than that everything was fine"
Miinukset: "."

Plussat: "The plane was very clean and new. The crew who worked this flight were most friendly, professional and quite articulate in three languages including the captain. I highly recommend them."

Plussat: "Did not have food, so not able to rate that. Comfortable for sure! Plane ain't that big and one side had only 2 seats next to each other."

Plussat: "Everything was excellent"
Miinukset: "Nothing. All was good"

Plussat: "Flight was short and sweet, no problems to report."

Miinukset: "They delayed our flight from Gatwick to Riga with no information given to passengers. Many of us had a connecting flight with Air Baltic from Riga to Helsinki- which we asked if they will wait for us, the crew member said because the flight was also with Air Baltic, they will wait for us. We got there 10 minutes before take off, and the gate has already closed. Furthermore, we got to the Air Baltic counter, we were given 5Euro meal vouchers even though we will be staying at the Riga airport for 9 hours. Also they gave us terrible customer service attitude, which we definitely do not deserve after being delayed, and causing so much trouble on their behalf. Definitely do not recommend flying with Air Baltic again. I've never been this angry with any air line."

Miinukset: "We were told upon check in that there was a charge to check in. I have never heard of such rubbish in 43 years of air travel. We were told we could check in online but we only had 4 minute in which to do it. We were charged €150 for 5 people. The check in Sgent was sour faced as well. Once aboard the plane (a nice new aircraft) we found the stewardesses sour faced as well. Overall not impressed by air Baltic!"


Miinukset: "This is an airline that has perfected the art of nickle-and-diming customers. One example: I asked for a glass of water. The smug flight attendant told me, “We only sell bottled water,” with a look that dared me to complain."

Miinukset: "We had to pay for 3 pieces of luggage, including my hand luggage. It came to about $150 dollars. When i booked the flight, it did not indicate anything about this extra change so be ware of this. The flight itself was quite inexpensive."

Plussat: "The helpful ground person at check-in."
Miinukset: "This airline company looks a like person who is begging for money. First time in my life I paid for the luggage. 40 Euros!!! what for? Apparently Air Baltic has no clue about how to run a service business. Somebody has to teach them this naked reality: IN SERVICE BUSINESS YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE YOUR MAJOR MARKETING ASSETS! They don't even serve a glass of water, apparently they could not manage to integrate it in the ticket price. But they dare to get thirsty and unhappy customers on the plane. Anyways: This airline company is charging extra for luggage. And I could not see this anywhere when I was buying ticket online. If I knew I'd never buy the ticket from Airbaltic. "Not writing it clearly and visible at the time of ticket purchase" is certainly tricking and misleading us. This is a crime!"

Plussat: "Professional appearance"
Miinukset: "Extra $ for the seat (quite absurd) and 40 Euros for a check in luggage."

Miinukset: "No food or entertainment."

Miinukset: "I was flying transit, but I had to go through the check-in in Paris. At the check-in they started to make problems about my carry-on luggage. I had just two flights from the United States behind me and no problems at all and suddenly I can't fly with my carry-on luggage? I didn't like the AirBaltic check-in service."

Plussat: "Everything was very smooth and the crew was very attentive."

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