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Aegean AirlinesPistemäärä perustuu 3142 arvosteluun
Lentoyhtiöiden arvostelut

Flight was cancelled

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Flight was cancelled

Miinukset: "Healthier food."
Plussat: "Price is good"
Miinukset: "Chairs"
Plussat: "I liked getting food and drink."
Miinukset: "Letting people check in earlier."
Miinukset: "1:30 delay"
Plussat: "Everything was perfect"
Miinukset: "More drinks less food at night flight for short destination"
Plussat: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "Flight from Romania was delayed and when we got to Athens we had to go threw customs and security and we lost the connecting flight to crete. We were put on a different flight which that was delayed as well. When we finally arrived in crete all of our luggage’s have been lost."
Plussat: "i try to cancel the tickets for 3 weeks now.... please help"
Miinukset: "There are no Aegean air representatives at baggage claims or when you arrive at your gate to ask questions. I looked in vain to find out something about my luggage and no one was in athens to help"
Miinukset: "The check in staff at the front desk were extremely rude and forced me to check and pay for a bag that was a carryon."
Plussat: "A like everything of barcelona"
Plussat: "Great service, crew and good food"
Miinukset: "One hour delay"
Miinukset: "Missed connection and following flight delayed"
Plussat: "The flight was smooth, the staff friendly and did realize we would be served a full meal for a two hour flight from Athens to London; unexpected and appreciated."
Miinukset: "We didn’t board the plane at the times listed, it was running behind."
Miinukset: "Everything. Our flight delayed that can happen. But what can’t happen is the total lack of service. Shame No wonder Greece is bankrupt. Zero zero"
Plussat: "Ease of boarding and crew"
Miinukset: "Food"
Miinukset: "Gate agents were overwhelmed and incredibly rude. We of course didn't make connection. Lost our luggage. And now waitingbto board at 4:30 am. Just avoid. I fly a lot and they have topped my list of airlines to avoid."
Plussat: "The food, crew was nice and polite."
Miinukset: "Didn't have any entertainment"
Miinukset: "We didn't have enough time to get to our connecting flight. We were confused and had to run the whole time. We just made it."
Plussat: "Nothing."
Miinukset: "Everything. I was re-routed and never told why."
Plussat: "Actually every thing were smoothly going"
Miinukset: "The trip were As per flight schedule on ticket without further delay. I enjoy on Greece Athens little bit then I moved to Budapest."
Plussat: "Friendly crew, great yogurt and snack in a 2 hr flight."
Miinukset: "Aegean desks very crowded at El Venizelos (Athens) airport. Airport authority should provide more desks for high demand airlines."
Plussat: "That they use Greek products is really makes the experience for me. Friendly staff."
Miinukset: "I did not understand flight attendants in english because of their bad pronunciation and I did not know what their saying all flight."
Plussat: "I was tricked into not having checked luggage by your website. I had to pay for checked luggage. Your site is responsible. I should receive a reimbursement for this incident."
Plussat: "They charge us 40 ero each for bagage. Mabe it was my foult thst i didnt notice that the air price not include bage. Smal wotld u know I thing it is not fair"
Miinukset: "1 hour delayed"
Miinukset: "Bag fee that I wasn't otherwise notified!"
Plussat: "time scduale in flight' plesant"
Miinukset: "too small the seatin"
Plussat: "Service and boarding was smooth and professional. Everything was nice in regard to the flight. Very pleasant crew."
Miinukset: "Very tight seats. I am glad I am not a large person or had to sit next to one. It would have been very difficult. Even in these days of tight seats this was smaller than most."
Plussat: "The attitude of the staff was awesome. They give you a piece of candy when you sit down. Flight was on time. They actually appreciate your business. Highly recommend. The complete opposite of Norwegian Air"
Plussat: "Quick. Clean plane"
Miinukset: "Boarding a bit long but still fine"
Plussat: "The cabin crew was extremely helpful and patient with those passengers who were struggling to place possessions in overhead bins. While leaving the aircraft, I was able to call out to the captain that it was an excellent flight and he responded with a big grin."
Plussat: "Staff was great, fast easy check in, food was nice and everything was on time."
Plussat: "We were well looked after on both flights...My husband needed wheelchair assistance and the staff at Athens airport could not have been more helpful.."
Miinukset: "The actual booking for the flight was most confusing.I book flights on various other airlines and they seem more straight forward than Aegean .So much so I only found out the day before our flight that we had,nt booked our suitcases in and it needed a phone call to Athens to sort it out"
Plussat: "The flight was posfond in tel aviv by 45 minutes"
Miinukset: "Apparently when booking a ticket with Aegan one check bag is not included unless indicated at the time of purchase. This was a surprise to me since during the purchase process this was not highlighted. Additionally the boarding process was VERY unorganized . No clear lines people just rushed to board even though specific numbers were annouced."
Plussat: "Nothing to like. Do book through kayak or priceline."
Miinukset: "Everything. Policies to lack of standards, to booking with kayak or price. Pay 25% more not to book this airline and not on kayak or priceline, it's worth the extra cash not to book through these companies of thieves."
Plussat: "Quick smooth and efficient with two exits at landing."
Miinukset: "I hated that I and 10 ither passengers were told to RUN! i had left London, so my attite was heavy, and here i am running through the airport. It was exhausting. Why should we have to run when the intial connection was 45 mins. Because one plane with the SAME airline is running late and gives us 6 minute's to get to the gate, that should not be any fault of the passengers. Radio the other flight and have them hold. I got an email that the gate changed TWICE. the airline employee did not get that memo at all. So we were raced to the wrong gate even AFTER, I mentioned the gate change. A real frustrating experience all together."
Miinukset: "I would like if you call me and I tell you. 972-508935554"
Plussat: "Leaving and arriving on time, snacks not bad."
Miinukset: "I was charged 68 Bulgarian levas on our way back to Beirut . I had the same language from Beirut to Sofia and didn't pay any penny They asked from me 40 EUROS but the lady accepted 68 Levas. I wonder if the money went to the pocket of the employee."
Plussat: "The flight was very good. The crew really hustled to get the refreshments served, despite rough weather."
Miinukset: "At the ticket counter, there was a very rude woman that gave misleading information. We asked if there was an earlier flight we could take and she said no. Then while waiting for our flight, we realized that was not true. There was one an hour and half before ours. She was very curt and practically threw our passports at us. She must have had a terrible day, month, or year. Aegean tic\kety personnel are usual;ly nice and helpful."
Miinukset: "I didn't realize that we could of brought on our bags for free."
Miinukset: "You cannot charge someone 200 euros for a flight then dump a 40$ unnecessary bag check fee on them, it's quite deceptive. I will never be flying Aegean again."
Plussat: "Was ok."
Miinukset: "Delays due to ground traffic in Mykonos"
Miinukset: "Not being able to bring coffee purchased 200 feet from the gate on board was irritating"
Miinukset: "The staff in Athens airport, at the ticket desks, were disinterested, and actually rude. Bad impression."
Plussat: "The overweight woman who checked me in was aweful. As soon as I told her I was helping refugees in Greece, her attitude completely changed towards me. She was on my case until I boarded the plane. I will never again fly with Aegean!"
Miinukset: "Terrible EXPERIENCE! Aweful."
Plussat: "The flight crew were very friendly and gorgeous!! And short flights!!"
Miinukset: "The boarding process was a little unorganized."
Plussat: "Nothing."
Miinukset: "Lots of turbulence, 30 mins delayed, no drinks offered. Nobody came around to collect trash"

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