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Pisteytys KAYAK-asiakasarvioiden perusteella
NorwegianPistemäärä perustuu 4454 arvosteluun
Lentoyhtiöiden arvostelut
Miinukset: "It would be great if they had free drinks and snacks"
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Miinukset: "It would be great if they had free drinks and snacks"
Miinukset: "Flight was cancelled at last minutee"
Miinukset: "The seats were so close together that it was extremely uncomfortable. I was charged 80 Euros extra for my bag which them claim was overweight, it was the exact same 10 Kilo weight as leaving Chicago. No service for water or food food unless you pay for it."
Plussat: "WORST STAFF EVER. Incredibly rude and not helpful. DO NOT FLY."
Plussat: "The plane was big"
Miinukset: "Flight was delayed for technical reasons, they didn’t provide food or water during my seven-hour flight unless you preordered, and the snack bar was terrible. Entertainment was not really good."
Plussat: "Everything was easy and comfy"
Miinukset: "Nothing"
Plussat: "The air conditioning system was advanced and made me feel comfortable"
Miinukset: "Meals are purchased when you book a ticket. If you do not prepurchase a meal, you can order snacks and sandwiches but you’re not a priority to meal purchasers so in the event of yesterday, there is a long wait for your food. People assume most tickets come with something so that should be advertised"
Miinukset: "Uninterested clue. Poor communication regarding delay. NEVER AGAIN."
Plussat: "We were delayed for over 8 hours in Oslo. There was NO ONE from Norwegian at the desk EVER. We NEVER received any information."
Miinukset: "Someone at the desk to tell us what was going on. Communication."
Miinukset: "We were charged a luggage fee even though when we reserved the flight they were included. This is completely a ripoff!! I will definitely begin the process of taking this to my attorney."
Miinukset: "Bad! I will defiantly fight for a refund !!!"
Plussat: "The crew the attention while on my flight.. overall I can’t wait to fly with Norwegian airlines again"
Miinukset: "Keep up with the great work"
Plussat: "airplane"
Plussat: "No delay leaving Madrid and the check in very organized."
Miinukset: "Getting to NY we have to taxi for one hour"
Plussat: "Low fares, took away things like snacks and drinks which we were super okay with!"
Miinukset: "None"
Plussat: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "I had a long flight from LAX-Los to Barcelona and it was very uncomfortable, crew needs to be trained to service passengers. Your airplane was dirty, trash between seats. My husband had bug bites on his feet. I ordered a sandwich from online monitor and received a very different sandwich, when I asked flight attendant he said, the picture its just an illusion. Very unprofessional and misleading information to passengers."
Plussat: "Premium cabin is good value, much more space than economy for not outrageous cost, food is actually really tasty, though still served in a box with plastic utensils in Premium, Dreamliner is nice plane"
Miinukset: "Nearly an hour late departing because of “passenger security screening for flights to US” - as if they don’t do this every day? They needed to start getting people into gate area much earlier. Limited video content - all sorts of programs I’ve never heard of or didn’t want to watch."
Miinukset: "My flight was changed to a flight I could not make. I had to cancel flight to Oslo and Spent extra $500 to purchase another flight. Very unhappy."
Miinukset: "I was not allowed to board on the return flight despite flight being delayed 40+ minutes causing me to miss my flight home from Paris to the US. Had to book another flight at my own expense."
Plussat: "The seat was comfortable and reclined."
Miinukset: "We were not offered water at all during the 9 hour flight. The TV did not work. The crew never came around for trash! It was on the floor and in the seat back pouches. There were only two menus for the whole plane."
Miinukset: "Kind of a bumpy landing and the flight was delayed. Baggage check in terminals were down as well, which caused quite a bit of delay"
Miinukset: "I missed checkin by 2 minutes, because there was line of people checking in for later flights."
Plussat: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "I missed my flight waiting at the wrong gate( there was another flight to Stockholm, my connecting city, being conducted by another airline) I did not notice until it was too late. The airline neglected to offload my checked luggage, refused to do accommodate me with a change fee and now has lost my bag and has no idea where it is."
Plussat: "Plane didn't crash"
Miinukset: "Rip you off making u check in 15 lb luggage for $65 per piece After that it aint no budget. Stay away from Norwegian. Maybe they sail better..."
Plussat: "Price was competitive. Nonstop from Oakland to Gatwick was great."
Miinukset: "No Wi-Fi on 787. If they had Wi-Fi, my review would have been excellent, but lack of Wi-Fi makes the flight 10 times longer."
Plussat: "The price is reasonable"
Miinukset: "Seats are so small compare to other economy airline and so uncomfortao"
Plussat: "787 Aircraft is nice. Decent selection of in-flight entertainment options. The main reason to fly Norwegian is low cost."
Miinukset: "Boarding was delayed 30 min because Norwegian isn't very well organized. The boarding lounge at Gatwick has half the capacity of the aircraft, so people were packed in to a tiny space until boarding actually started. In-seat USB charger didn't work."
Plussat: "The food was pretty good."
Miinukset: "The flight was delayed for poorly explained reasons, there was a huge baggage cost for an international flight, the plane taxied for 5 hours after landing, the heat was cranked up and there were no fans, our baggage hasn’t come out 2 hours after landing, but most of all there was no in flight entertainment for the 7.5 hour transatlantic flight - I don’t want to fly Norwegian ever again."
Plussat: "The flight I took coming home had two less rows, so I had an extra inch or two of legroom than I've had on some other flights."
Miinukset: "I know it is becoming more common on certain airlines to have to pay for things like extra checked bags, but this airline takes it to the extreme. My single checked bag was $65, there was also a charge for reserving a specific seat (not even the upgraded seats), there was no food or water on a 9 1/2 hour trans-Atlantic flight unless you paid extra for it. After arriving at Orlando, the cargo door of the aircraft would not open meaning bags had to be unloaded 1 at a time through a smaller hatch resulting in a 2 hour delay to get a checked bag. Not impressive for a supposedly new Dreamliner."
Plussat: "The flight itself was really good, smooth and easy. The staff were also very helpful. Good value for money"
Miinukset: "The plane hadn't been cleaned properly, there was still food in the pocket in my seat from the flight before. And they didn't bring the trash through nearly often enough which resulted in passengers leaving wrappers and cups on the floor. We were 30 min delayed as well."
Plussat: "It was not full...which made extra room for us."
Plussat: "Clean airplane, reasonable entertainment."
Miinukset: "The flight got delayed by almost 4 hours. The boarding was also poorly organized."
Miinukset: "Great experience. I knew that they charge extra for literally everything, so I had my food, water, jacket. Plane was partially empty - great extra space. Highly recommend, but be aware of their strict policy to avoid unpleasant surprises."
Plussat: "No entertainment provided"
Miinukset: "It took them 3 1/2 hours for them to give us the opportunity to buy some water. I've never seen a more inept flight crew. The in-flight entertainment was broken but that's not really the fault of the flight crew. So instead of turning at them off they just left the screens flash in our eyes for the eight hour flight."
Miinukset: "Was not aware this was a discounted airline. You even have to pay for water. I had a carry on but they told me I had to pay to check in bag. It was $65 usd for 1 bag!!! And the girl next to me on my flight had same weight and didn't pay. Never again."
Plussat: "The free entertainment"
Miinukset: "The crew had no authority in the cabin. There were two drunk men loudly laughing, talking, and cursing for the last 3 hours of our flight and the crew never did anything to quiet them down. Also the crew members were the least friendly flight crew I have ever encountered in my travels"
Plussat: "The engine purred like a kitten. Seats, free videos, easy access to order drinks & food w tap of your finger. Friendly, courteous greets you w a warm smile. Spacious airplane."
Miinukset: "Norwegian airlines needs to tell their customers that their luggage was left behind in Stockholm. We are exhausted from the long travels & are even more pissed off when multiple customers kept waiting for their luggage. I felt even more horrible to the family that was taking a cruise the next day. Can you believe Norwegian airlines are closed on Sunday. Couldn't talk to customer service until Monday when they opened. Bad customer satisfaction;("
Plussat: "Food"
Miinukset: "Breakfast and kids"
Plussat: "Dreamliner was new, clean and very comfortable, plenty of leg room. The meal was excellent including choice of wine. Would definitely fly with Norwegian again."
Miinukset: "The process was not clear as to whether or not we had preordered dinner. Worst part of the trip was waiting for our luggage at Orlando, it took 90 minutes before our luggage appeared. Do not know where the problem originated."
Miinukset: "Plane originally scheduled to leave 10:20 PM. Got an email notice that would be delayed until 4:30 AM. Plane finally left at 8 AM. Flight was not by Norwegian but by Euro-Atlantic--incompetent ground staff provided almost no information about what was happening, let people into the jet way while the plane doors were still locked, couldn't organize boarding in any way, crew distributed food and drinks on the plane than seemed to hide away from passengers until final drinks/food. From the long delayed first arrival at JFK through check in, boarding, it was calamitous. I still don't know what caused the delay or what Norwegian itself might be like but this stank."
Plussat: "Great service. Prompt and so efficient. Can't say enough good about it."
Plussat: "Smooth plane ride"
Miinukset: "lack of communication between customer service/gate workers and actual crew members.this resulted in not having bassinet for daughters in plane. -Can't fly together with multiples. Seats for parents flying with infants are window seats, which is an obstacle, especially when changing tables in bathrooms are only on the other side of the plane -food overpriced. Snacks on plane cheaper and better quality than meal provided"
Miinukset: "Rude. Uncaring. Disorganized. Unhappy. Crew. Always delayed. Always overcharges and upsells."
Miinukset: "Boarding did not start until 9:50am which is when we were supposed to be taking off."
Plussat: "Boarding"
Miinukset: "NO WI-FI"
Plussat: "Comfortable and good entertainment choices."
Miinukset: "Landing in Iceland to switch crews was a surprise to me. I wasn't aware of this before the flight."
Plussat: "Crew was polite and accommodating. Seat were comfy and they inflight movie selection was pretty awesome."
Miinukset: "i loved everything!"
Miinukset: "cramped seats"
Plussat: "The new plane"
Miinukset: "The food was very small portion"

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5t 40mTRD-OSL
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