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Lento Varnan lentoasema – Helsinki-Vantaan lentoasema
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RyanairPistemäärä perustuu 19678 arvosteluun
Lentoyhtiöiden arvostelut

Fast and uncomplicatet journey. Except transit through Stansted. Uncomfortable, hard seats.

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Fast and uncomplicatet journey. Except transit through Stansted. Uncomfortable, hard seats.

koneessa oli liian kylmä

The plane was filthy again


2 hours delay with no explanation and no assistance from the crew

Connecting flight was cancelled

Fast, good loads in and out, totally worth of price.

Kids being animals kick people's sits and the usual 2.5h delay in departure (they make it so one cannot claim). Perfectly fine if it's a free service but horrible and lame being a paid flight.

Nice trip


Miinukset: "Boarding was a caos, I guess is Italian style"
Plussat: "The flight was on time"
Miinukset: "Food was poor, particularly the croque monsieur, which was dry and tasteless."
Miinukset: "If the seat and sitting area would have been cleaner and if you could recline your seat"
Plussat: "Good crew"
Miinukset: "Seats"
Plussat: "The stay"
Miinukset: "Ridiculous long wait even though Ryanair said to still go for the original time. 9hours in the airport is not good enough"
Miinukset: "Drunk and loud people on the flight."
Plussat: "Smooth flight (thank the weather Gods)."
Miinukset: "Extra fee for a boarding pass, extra fee for pre-paid checked bags, total confusion @ check-in. RyanAir blows."
Plussat: "Flight delayed, 20 minutes to get through passport control, chaos at the car park due to changes & fees! Welcome back to England ☹️"
Miinukset: "Ryanair delays, Manchester airport in general, poor and anti-travelers focused"
Plussat: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "Flights are always late."
Miinukset: "Very long wait for baggage pick up Overall it was adequate and safe"
Plussat: "It took off and landed safely."
Miinukset: "1.5 hours late. No air conditioning Cabin crew not attentive, and had the intercom turned up, so when she spoke it was like nails scrapping down blackboard. Minimal information coming from the cockpit."
Plussat: "Good flight with no turbulence. Checked luggage came out fast."
Miinukset: "They never gave me a printed boarding pass when I checked in and then once boarding the actual plane outside of WiFi range they made a big deal about not being able to show them a boarding pass. I had already shown two people before. If they needed to see it before boarding the plane then they should mandatorily give you a printed pass."
Plussat: "Literally nothing."
Miinukset: "To be charged $20 at the ticket counter for a printed boarding pass is offensive. Despite having already checked in online, Ryannair apparently thinks I should have spent my holiday hunting down a print shop as not to incur their "get a printed boarding pass from an unpleasant ticket counter employee" fee. No boarding pass kiosks and unclear why they would not provide a digital one upon online check-in. Or rather it became clear as I handed over my debit card. Seats are intentionally designated apart from your travel companions so you'll pay more to have them switched to sit next your friend. Cabin is extra cramped. Ryannair is all-around terrible by budget airline standards."
Miinukset: "Nearly 3 hours late and no proper explanation for delay. Sorry but delayed incoming aircraft doesn't wash. Also had to wait nearly half an hour upon landing at Stansted before we could disembark"
Plussat: "Quick announcement of gate"
Miinukset: "Eased through security in Lisbon; only to be left standing for at least 40 mind; no announcement from staff. In total our flight was delayed by 90mins and now we have missed our coach for the last leg of the journey! Not happy at all!!!"
Plussat: "Crew were nice"
Miinukset: "Seating was cramped"
Plussat: "Please return my money."
Miinukset: "Please return my money."
Plussat: "The crew were very friendly and very helpful with my sister struggling with her baggage due to her breaking her arm a few weeks ago. The crew on the ground at Shannon and on-board the flight could not do any more for us."
Miinukset: "The seating arrangements whereby we had to pay extra to sit together despite us booking the three tickets all at the same time. Ryanair are over-charging their customers with these hidden charges which are only declared at the check-in stage"
Miinukset: "Always delayed and poor services"
Miinukset: "They didnt took care for me reach my destination. Even After they they new that was ryanair mistake."
Miinukset: "They don't tell you there isn't a bus or transportation to the airport, when I got to where they said to go there was no bus, either go back to Paris and take a bus so I just flew with someone else... not impressed."
Plussat: "Nothing."
Miinukset: "Flight was an hour late without notice. I payed for selected seating and was not seated with my husband, I payed more for my luggage than the air fair, had to pay for water. Pushing for product sales. The most unrelaxing ride I have ever been on. And complicated checkin online."
Plussat: "I really appreciated receiving one on one attention to check in on my health status as well as some sparkling water to settle my stomach, and having a bag for nausea. They were incredibly adept at dealing with a potentially sick passenger, and got me a wheelchair to depart the plane."
Miinukset: "Plane was late to take off by 40 minutes We arrived at the plane early on the bus, but couldnt board as the stairwell hadnt been fitted to the plane, therefore had to sit on the bus in the heat until the stairs came along"
Plussat: "Nothing . I wish there was an option for 0 stars"
Miinukset: "They charged 3 times more on the actual ticket for CHECK-IN at the airport and PRINTING BOARDING PASSES. Sent us to the cashier two times separately to pay for checkin bags and for the boarding passes. When we did not understand the extra round trips to the cashier the agent yelled at us. If you must fly RyanAir -make sure you pay for every thing on line ahead of the tIme and unless you are a back packer do not think you are getting a bargain price."
Plussat: "Got there on time."
Miinukset: "Seats extremely uncomfortable. Did not recline. Tuff hard ride."
Plussat: "nothing ..."
Miinukset: "Queuing for 45 mins at boarding at 21.25 pm which grew to 10.05 pm! no apparent reason for this although we were all given manual luggage tags and then they were checked off again before getting into the plane- the Malaga ground staff could not answer questions as they didn't speak english well enough.. poor. onboard completely overcrowded locals and no help from crew on seating = lots of spare stoats at back.. i.e. space."
Plussat: "Everything went fine, boarding was super fast and efficient."
Miinukset: "Having a flight a bit later would be good, but besides that everything was fine."
Plussat: "Airline staff was nice. Seats were fine."
Miinukset: "The airport is not well air conditioned. We were then led to the tunnel BEFORE our airplane arrived only to stand there with no air conditioning. It was sweltering and we had direct sunlight at sunset. It was stifling in there for 20-30 minute. Very very uncomfortable and aggravating."
Miinukset: "The staff was very rude and the airline lost my bag even though it had to bright name tags on it. They minimal effort to find and now I'm abroad with nothing, thanks Ryanair!"
Miinukset: "€50 charge for not booking online. No free snacks on flight."
Plussat: "Crew friendly and professional."
Miinukset: "Seats are so uncomfortable."
Miinukset: "£50 x2 charge for not being checked in We checked in 24hrs before hand but they said it wasn't on the system When we checked in we checked our bags in and choose our seats. Absolutely disgusting a £17 flight ended up over £200"
Miinukset: "Flight was late and this information is displayed nowhere else than at the airport. Very poor communication with the customers, like always."
Plussat: "price, though am told that Easy Jet is just about as inexpensive - reminder - the only thing you get for the price is a ticket, the seat costs additional money! Everything else costs money, including water......on the bright side - it's not a pay toilet on the plane!"
Miinukset: "baggage weight limit--lower than all other airlines, no water, no food, waiting line to board (minimal at best seating), cramped seating on plane, extreme difficulty with online check in, really long walk through terminal with no water - places to buy or drinking fountains,"
Plussat: "As per always, Ryanair are cheap, get you to your destination on time with minimal effort."
Plussat: "Time, crew. Comfort"
Miinukset: "For the price was fair"
Miinukset: "The whole experience was a mess. Santorini airport was a disaster. The Ryan Air employee that checked in my bag charged me 45Euro, so I paid her cash-- later I received an email that showed that I paid 31Euro, leading me to believe she pocketed the difference. If this is indeed true, I wonder how many times that happens a day... It was without a doubt, one of the most stressful experiences flying, that I can remember. Extremely dissatisfied."

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