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Quelle question... Vous savez très bien que mon premier vol a été retardé et que de fait j'ai raté ma correspondance et n'ai pu avoir mon vol avec ryanair. Qu'en est il du billet que j'ai dû racheter à mes frais ?

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Quelle question... Vous savez très bien que mon premier vol a été retardé et que de fait j'ai raté ma correspondance et n'ai pu avoir mon vol avec ryanair. Qu'en est il du billet que j'ai dû racheter à mes frais ?

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Serious mix up on numbers between what was on the plane and what the documents said. This delayed the flight for over 1 hour

Fast, good loads in and out, totally worth of price.

Nice trip


No queue at Arrecife check in.

The flight was punctual, friendly crew members.

Miinukset: "Lead turblence"
Plussat: "flight late so crew dismissive wanting to get people on board, during flight was ok"
Miinukset: "smile it helps"
Plussat: "Next just to check if a person say that they have paid luggage . Just to have a look. Not just jump to you have to paid. I would have paid for something I had already paid for. That’s all. Not only was it a waste of time for me and for them as well. As the air hostesses had such attitude."
Miinukset: "I know the customer is not always right but it would not kill them to check if someone say something."
Plussat: "Quick flight. However as is usual with Ryanair cabin crew their diction on the intercom giving instructions are appalling. This is a feature of Ryanair. Ask for diction or speech lessons and at least passengers will understand. My kids thought the crew were speaking Polish"
Miinukset: "The seat space was cramped, I paid extra to reserve my seat but it doesn't do you any favours. The aeroplane was old and needed modernisation. It was lacking in basics like netting/storage on the back of the seat Infront. Budget airline is a budget airline I guess."
Miinukset: "The"
Plussat: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "Bagage charge"
Plussat: "Crew was nice and professional."
Miinukset: "Boarding is always late and take long time. Maybe come with some better system to make it quicker. I'm not happy with prices for suitcases but that kinda doable."
Plussat: "The aircraft seats were really comfortable."
Miinukset: "We could have been boarded on time instead of early so we could sit a bit more to wait"
Miinukset: "a series of frustrating events, all of which i had to pay for, none of which were justified"
Plussat: "The cost was the big plus on this flight."
Plussat: "Nothing was terrible about the flight. The crew was great. There was a delay b/c of weather, but you can’t blame that on the airlines. But € 3 for a bottle of water. Really. Extra fees to be able to take a carry on bag onboard. Really. The attempt to squeeze every last farthing out of the customer is frankly disgusting."
Miinukset: "See above."
Plussat: "Only option available at the time. I would not have flown Ryanair if there had been any other airline flying the route in the time slot. Actual flight was fine, but the process from booking the flight to gettin aboard was horrible."
Miinukset: "Rayanair made the transaction as difficult, uncertain and unpleasant as they could. From the moment the booking was complete, a series of email demands, warnings and impossible conditions ensured that it was never clear whether we and our baggage would get on the flight. The initial price was unreasonably low and the eventual cost was twice what was quoted but it had to be paid as a series of penalties over several days. The contract staff in Athens were clearly demoralized, embarrassed and apolgetic, but had no flexibility to resolve issues in a reasonable way."
Plussat: "Easy on off process."
Miinukset: "Very small seats."
Plussat: "we did not receive the boading check in pass even we did an online check in and end up we have to pay 55pounds extra"
Plussat: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "Needed to catch connecting flight after Milan to Liverpool flight .. which was Liverpool to Belfast.. already delayed couple days due to weather.. long story short - they put tags on bags to put in hold which meant I wouldn’t catch connecting to Belfast as I’ve have to wait at carousel (Dublin not operating due to snow) , explained my story that I needed to catch this flight in order to have any chance of making uncles funeral but she completely ignored it, and said that’s not my problem!! Couldn’t believe my ears.. Disgusting behavior"
Plussat: "Accessibility guys in both Bergamo and Manchester were brilliant."
Miinukset: "Delayed for 2 hours the first hour was on the departure boards - fair enough but almost all of the second hour was on the plane with hardly any information at all."
Miinukset: "The smell on the toilet was horrendous"
Plussat: "I miss my flight from Trieste to roma today."
Plussat: "The plane was so empty, we were allowed to change seats so I sat by a window seat and had the whole row to myself! Also, the plane was warmer than usual, which was kinda nice."
Miinukset: "It was delayed by 40 minutes."
Plussat: "Was on time"
Miinukset: "Nothing"
Plussat: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "Crew was awful. They spoke on the loud speaker trying to sell something for more than half the flight."
Miinukset: "It was 2h late Seats are not reclinable"
Miinukset: "Booked online & didn't read the fine print. Therefore never registered & had to pay $60 penalty. Did get an e/m 2 days before the flight but was in Poland at the time with no access to my e/m. Don't remember being asked about luggage online so had to pay $40 for my ck'd bag that I thought was excessive. Don't understand if I book online & get a confirmation why I have to register. Seems to me it's another unnecessary nuisance to scam senior citizens like myself. Since you cost me another $100 don't think I'll ever fly Ryanair again. Milt Kriger"
Miinukset: "Asked to put cabin bag in hold despite having no other hold luggage. Plenty of room for cabin bags right above my head. Even more delayed time"
Plussat: "Short flight and easy checkin with preprinted boarding passes."
Miinukset: "If you don't pay to choose your seats, they intentionally split you up from your traveling companion and then pester you to pay in order to sit together. Literally, a significant part of the plane were not sitting next to their spouse/companion. And then the crew announced that people were not allowed to switch seat because "assignments were made based on weight and balance calculations"! Wait, what?! No one asked me or my wife our weights, size, or even weight of any carry-ons, so what calculation were they making?! I'll tell you. They calculated how much money they could squeeze and, dare I say, extort from their passengers!"
Plussat: "Safe, clean"
Miinukset: "To difficult to get boarding passes on line . Site has a problem changes info. Had to cancel two flights because they were not helpful.your person who took our nfromation on line gave us confirmation then at airport would not let us board even though the info was on her screen at airport. There fore we had to cancel another flight through you , cancel car rentals etc,hotel, no I was not pleased with service. We missed gong to Lourdes, had to book another flight to Madrid spent entire day at airport trying to go some where as you had no other flights which was costly, many expenses we had no counted on and your girl was rude and left the counter went on here break leaving us standing there with 2 young kids and myself k 83 years we could continue our trip very disappointed"
Miinukset: "We stood in line for almost 40 minutes with no signs or help from anyone. Finally got to the desk and we were told we Needed to have boarding passes so we needed tonsee customer service. Stood in line for 30 minutes to have the customer service guy charge us to print out boarding passes and that we hadn't checked in. Then sent us back to check boarding passes only to find out we didn't pay for checked luggage. All in all, we arrived 2 hours early only to pay twice as much as our original tickets and barely make our flight. Do your selves a favor and pay the more expensive route, because the cheap tickets were not even remotely worth the hassle."
Miinukset: "£50 to check in at the airport. No mobile boarding passes allowed for non-U.K./eu passport holders."
Plussat: "I like the price!"
Plussat: "I liked the price."
Miinukset: "I understand no meal on a 3 hour flight. However no water was offered. Also don't understand the check in fee. Had to go to desk anyway for visa check."
Miinukset: "You have to check in way ahead of time, I actually even followed the emailed prompts to check in and add baggage but when I went to the airport they had no recollection and refused to print my boarding passes despite my 200+$ receipt for already checking in and adding baggage. I then had to pay 50$ per person for them to print boarding passes after playing tag with the attending staff. Absolutely worst airline. I could have flown first class in a premier airline for the cost."
Plussat: "Cheap as chips flight, lovely crew, captain speaking appreciated (had flown Vueling a couple of weeks before and they had none of this except the cheapish flight). Stansted airport nice. Time of day of flight S on offer good for me."
Miinukset: "Add-on costs...though still added to a little less than alternative."
Plussat: "Don't know we didn't make the flight. We left 2 days early from London and never made it to Germany"
Miinukset: "Don't know we didn't make the flight. We left 2 days early from London and never made it to Germany"
Plussat: "On time"
Miinukset: "They let us buy coffee after checking with and they won't let you take it on the bus to go to your flight so they owe us $6"
Plussat: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "My flight was cancelled due to strikes in Greece. I went to the airport to talk with a rep from RyanAir in person since they charge you to speak to in the phone and they were no help at all. They did not offer any type of rebooking. My initial flight was the following day at 6:15am. The strikes were called off and my flight was reinstated but I was sent an email after I went to sleep so I missed the original flight. I went back to the airport and was refused help to rebook on a new flight because it was my fault that I missed the reinstated flight when I was contacted by email at 10:30pm. I had to book with another airline at a much costlier expense, but they were much more pleasant and accommodating and even moved me to an earlier flight at no charge. i understand the strikes are out of their control but their customer service was terrible."
Miinukset: "It was very difficult to locate the check in and boarding gates even with the directions."
Plussat: "The flight was smooth and the great was friendly"
Miinukset: "We lined up at gate 109 to board then they changed the gate to 104 the last minute."
Plussat: "After purchasing seats online the day prior to the flight the airline charge me $160 to check in at the airport. This was after as I said purchasing seats and baggage the day prior. This company is a complete rip off"
Plussat: "Cheap fast"
Miinukset: "Small comp. no food entertainment good crew"
Plussat: "The tickets price"
Miinukset: "The flight got delayed for more than 3 hours so we lost the bus and train connections. The seats are terrible too."
Plussat: "Nothing!"
Miinukset: "After experiencing a hardship, Ryanair staff refused to allow me to check a bag because I didn't have the funds. They made me unpack it and load it into a carryon. As a result I had to leave some valuables behind. They did not have a humane bone in their collective bodies. They charge you for EVERYTHING, including water. They're so hard up for money they sell lottery tickets in flight! Don't EVER waste your money flying with them."

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