Halvat lennot Saint Thomas Island


Halvat lennot Saint Thomas Island

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Washington (WAS)
Saint Thomas Island Cyril E King
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Minkä niminen on lentoasema kohteessa Saint Thomas Island?

Kuinka KAYAK löytää niin alhaiset hinnat lennoille Saint Thomas Island?

Miten KAYAK-sivuston hintojen ennustusalgoritmi -työkalu auttaa minua valitsemaan juuri oikean hetken ostaa lentolippu Saint Thomas Island?

Mikä on KAYAK Mix vaihtoehto lennoille Saint Thomas Island?

Mitä KAYAK-sivuston "joustavat päivät" -haku tarkoittaa, ja miksi siihen kannattaa kiinnittää huomiota etsittäessä lentoja Saint Thomas Island?

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Pisteytys KAYAK-asiakasarvioiden perusteella

American Airlines
Pistemäärä perustuu 45 396 arvosteluun
Lentoyhtiöiden arvostelut

Miinukset: "Flight attendant was very aggressive and confrontational."

Plussat: "Awesome Customer Service"
Miinukset: "Nothing"

Plussat: "The flight crew was fine considering it was 2 in the morning."
Miinukset: "Our flight was delayed 3 times; from 10:40pm to 12:55am to 1:25am because “the copilot was late on his flight from Chicago.” When another American flight arrived around midnight and their copilot offered to step in (he had not exceeded his flying hours), he was refused by management. Exhausted passengers were extremely angry. Each time the flight was delayed, the gate agents waited until the “Boarding in...” status screen reached 0 before announcing the next delay. Not cool."

Plussat: "The crew was exceptional. The seats are very uncomfortable. It feels like you are being packed in a sardine can."
Miinukset: "The airlines need to take into consideration, the Price that passengers pay for an airline ticket, only to be restricted in those uncomfortable positions on the average of 2 to 3 hours."

Plussat: "The Crew was friendly and professional"
Miinukset: "More entertainment options and food"

Miinukset: "Flight was delayed for no reason given. Flight attendant touched my baby without asking if it was ok. Too many announcements over the speaker. 20 min one trying to sell us a credit card was ridicoluolously long. It was also after an ad for it on the video screen."

Miinukset: "My luggage was delayed. I received it the day after"

Plussat: "The flight crew was pleasant!!!"

Miinukset: "Nothing!!"

Plussat: "Good seat though cramped."
Miinukset: "Cramped. I don't like in flight credit card offers."

Miinukset: "Late departure; horrible breakfast choices( don’t eat biscuits and gravy) so therefore ate fruit and a yogurt. This is first class? The pastries were tasteless; didn’t get headsets until after movie had started. Nothing extraordinary about crew. Wish there were more competitive Airlines flying out of Phoenix— American Airlines disappointments...again."

Plussat: "Crew serving was bad"
Miinukset: "Quality of food not good"

Plussat: "Made it safely."
Miinukset: "Getting my phone blown up all day about delays on my two flights. Then sitting on the tarmac in the plane while the ground crew moved equipment around. Were they surprised a plane was coming in?"

Plussat: "Got two seats to myself."
Miinukset: "I don't even know who our flight attendants were. Did we have them? Isn't that a requirement?? Guy in seat in front of me was super rude (yes, I know it's not the airline's fault.). Terrible turbulence (again, not AA's fault)."

Miinukset: "Our luggage was ruined and our stuff inside in bubble wrap was smashed to bits!"

Miinukset: "The food is very tasty, but AA has not changed the menu in at least one year."

Plussat: "Boarding was fast, seats were comfortable, flight was on time, crew very professional."
Miinukset: "The boarding area was dirty, and the gate changed twice, once when I was already in a different terminal, so having me to ride the shuttle twice. In general I hate to have to pay extras for baggage, seats and pedale food. This is not AA specific, but if AA would lead change I believe it would soar in 1st place for customer satisfaction."

Plussat: "It was finally on time."
Miinukset: "Being given the, “run around” by American Airlines."

Plussat: "I was able to upgrade to the best seats for a small fee. Flight was great, staff was courteous and very caring."
Miinukset: "Inconsiderate passengers that get on the plane when they are sick and try to infect everyone else with their illness."

Plussat: "Smooth flight, pilots were friendly. It was a nice flight"

Plussat: "I haven't flown AA in a while, I was impressed with the entertainment and food!!! They had a variety of movies. Also, the food was simply but delicious! I had the pasta and it was good!"
Miinukset: "I feel like they are cramming more seats on a plane. I am 5'2 and I felt I had no leg room!!!! It's an international flight, they should be some roominess!!! I rather chose an Asian airline than a USA airline. I can't believe the space!"

Plussat: "Comfy/roomy seats, friendly staff, female pilot!!"
Miinukset: "It was freezing and blankets were not available. It is typically cold on flights but this felt like sitting in a freezer. That is the o not reason I gave 4 stars and a 3 star for comfort"

Miinukset: "Multicity trip was cancelled because I was not able to take the first plane."

Plussat: "The meals were pretty decent and I loved that I was given chocolates during the flight."

Plussat: "This JAL flight was actually operated by american airlines using an american airlines plane. This flight was not great compared to the JAL flight we took to Haneda which was actually a JAL plane which was roomier and had pretty good food."
Miinukset: "Food was extremely salty, overly sauced. The breakfast options were salmon or omelette and i got salmon. It was spongy and didn't look like salmon. It must have been mashed with something else and reformed into a roll form."

Plussat: "When I arrived at the airport to see the scheduled 9:30a departure was pushed back to 1pm, the gate crew did a good job of keeping us updated and they even provided lunch! The plane was undergoing maintenance but they found another plane and did not have to cancel the flight, and ultimately got us to our destination safely. Crew was very nice."
Miinukset: "Flight was delayed 4 hours so my half day of travel became a full day, half of which was mostly wasted at the airport. Would rather have been with my family than sitting at the airport."

Miinukset: "Not able to check luggage all the way through"

Plussat: "On time"

Plussat: "The crew remained calm amidst the 2nd attempt to board after delays in landing gear tire changing."
Miinukset: "Cramped. Had to pay for wireless on plane."

Plussat: "Boeing 777 was very comfortable and quiet. Power provided to each seat. Food and drink were readily available."
Miinukset: "They had to reboot the entertainment system 2 times to get it working which took over an hour. Had to redo seat assignments. Did not like bogus 79 and 129 dollar seat assignments that were designed to just extract more money from the customer."

Miinukset: "I can't rate it because they canceled my entire itinerary without so much as an email. I did not take my flight to Wilmington via my original flight. I had to book another flight because the change fees were too expensive. I did not know that my return flight to Denver had been canceled until I was checking in a few hours before my flight. I was told my ticket had no value. Awesome! It really stings that I then had to book a new return flight, and because I am a teacher who makes about $23,000 a year, I had to book the cheapest flight, which was with American. I do not plan on giving them any of my hard-earned money in the future if I can help it."

Plussat: "Crew was very pleasant, boarding efficient."
Miinukset: "Food was very mediocre but nothing new in air travel. The biggest complaint is that there was no individual light available for each person to sue to read. On a transatlantic flight of 10+ hours that is not overnight, it is a bit much to expect customers to fill that much time if one cannot read because the lights aren't working. The flight attendant said it was a very old plane as the reason why, not exactly what one wants to hear. Also, the plane was different than the one I prepaid my seats for, thus the money I spent on bulkhead seats was wasted as we just got two normal seats. Not a good experience."

Plussat: "Legroom was decent and the flight was fairly empty. So lot of space."
Miinukset: "No vegetarian food though it was mentioned earlier."

Plussat: "Very quick connection"

Plussat: "Quick and fast. Slept through the landing and woke up to everyone gone and was in a rush to get out, but forgot my phone and passport, and I asked about it they went back there and looked for it for me and got it back. Over all good experience."
Miinukset: "Wish they offered water, but since it was short it made sense."

Miinukset: "Flight was changed. Didn't get the seats I had already picked out. Woman on flight was very rude to me when I asked where the restroom was. NOT a good experience over all."

Plussat: "My wife and I have flown on many airlines. This was one of our best experiences. All the staff that we came across were ridiculously helpful and very understanding. Despite us getting held up in traffic and running quite late, staff members of both American Airlines and Qantas were extremely calming and reassuring the whole way through. Flight was extremely comfortable and entertainment was fantastic. Made the trip really easy."
Miinukset: "Food wasn't the greatest. Barely touched the breakfast and dinner meal. Supposedly the flight had free wifi, but I honestly couldn't eat that to work for me."

Plussat: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "We purchased seats and they changed them without telling us so we picked new ones. Well guess what, we get to the airport and the same thing. I was seated at the front of the plane and my fiancé was at the back. Luckily a nice gentleman switched seats with me and we were able to sit together but it was the last seats that did not recline on an 8 hour flight. We will never fly American again. Their customer service offered no help and was extremely rude to us."

Miinukset: "We didn't have hot beverage service due to turbslsnce and the attendant never came back to offer my 84 year old mother another choice"

Plussat: "On the 2nd flight it must've been a new airplane because this was the first time my knees weren't jammed into the seat in front of me flying coach. Most comfortable flight I've been on in a decade."

Miinukset: "Despite arriving more than an hour ahead of time, I had to wait in a long line to get to the ticket counter and by the time I got there the assistant refused to check my bag. I then had the choice of catching another flight standby, possibly not even arriving on the same day, or changing my ticket for an obscene amount of money. I hope to never deal with AA again."

Miinukset: "Apparently Finnair leases a Hilly plane and crew for this flight right now, so it wasn't quite the same."

Plussat: "See above"

Plussat: "No delays except for weather."

Plussat: "The professionalism of the crew."
Miinukset: "The flight left late and they did not explain why their was a delay. The landing was not smooth. It was a rough landing."

Plussat: "BA system down. Najor delays and long lines. Flight good."

Plussat: "Everything was good or better."
Miinukset: "No dislikes"

Plussat: "Boarding was good"
Miinukset: "No drinks or snacks. We were told the hour and a half flight was too short for service. Really??? First class got their drinks."

Plussat: "My business class seat was comfortable"
Miinukset: "4hr boarding delay and no entertainment system whatsoever on a 6hr flight."

Miinukset: "It was a mess from start to finish. Ridiculous lines. Ridiculous covid rules. They have us all shoulder to shoulder in tiny waiting areas then suddenly we get on line to board and have to stand six feet apart and then on the plane we are squashed all together anyway. It’s all so stupid. Not having the ability to get a boarding pass from the online app or printed made me have to wait in a line 300 people long to access the kiosk and then half of them were down. Then another line maybe 500 people long just to be allowed up the escalator to where there is another line to go through exuding checks. Nuts!!! My flight was an hour and I spent three hours online getting to it!!!"

Miinukset: "We sat on tarmac for two hours after the scheduled take off and weren’t even offered a glass of water..."

Plussat: "Terrible airline, missed my connections twice and had to rebook twice because of stupid agents. Never again"

Plussat: "Lots of leg room!"

Plussat: "Felt like the pilot was experienced and skilled because It was very smooth in departing and landing."
Miinukset: "There was a lady sitting on my assigned seat. She said flight attendance told her that is ok to do. I wouldn't mind if she or staff asked me with legitimate reasons. It happened at mt last trip; ending up sitting next to big person instead of sitting with my 12 year old daughter."

Plussat: "Great service. Attendants were very kind."

Plussat: "The seats were very spacious, the ground and cabin crew were very courteous and the entire flight went smooth."
Miinukset: "No In-Flight Wi-Fi."

Plussat: "Can’t think of anything"
Miinukset: "The flight in was delayed so we missed our connection. They took our luggage, split our group up and refused to give us accommodation or even a tooth brush or blanket. We asked a united agent for help and she suggested we can call customers service once we get back to LA. Writing this review as we are still stuck in DC. I understand that low level employees can’t do much but at what cost does one get empathy?"

Plussat: "Flight mechanics (checkin, luggage, boarding), in cabin service were allfine."

Plussat: "Good. Seating. Not too crowded"
Miinukset: "Na"

Miinukset: "WiFi was broken for much of flight Delayed an hour leading which destroyed many connections; no accommodations made on the arriving end"

Plussat: "Just arriving safe, otherwise Nothing"
Miinukset: "Customer service is very poor"

Plussat: "Refund was prompt"
Miinukset: "Flight was canceled"

Miinukset: "No WiFi"

Plussat: "On time. Friendly crew"
Miinukset: "Very tight. Not food except snack."

Plussat: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "- same price as economy in other airlines - no carry on - no online check in - kiosk check in only after a united employee scans their badge - extreme confusion and delays at check in counter because of these changes - unhelpful and uninformed ground staff"

Miinukset: "- The flight out of IAD was overbooked and left late. - My hand luggage was taken from me with promise of delivery at final destination - Staff in EWR was unhelpful and just short of rude - My luggage did not make the connection at EWR - There was no United staff in PoS to take my report of lost luggage -"

Miinukset: "Entertainment system Movie Streaming erratic"

Plussat: "crew helped me get on flight from standby list and were especially helpful at gate"
Miinukset: "at first they told me i would have to check carryon at gate even though i had measured it and kbew it would fit under seats."

Miinukset: "All good"

Miinukset: "I checked and paid for my luggage and alpt of peoe with carry on luggage had theirs checked for free. Totally unfair"

Plussat: "Welcoming"
Miinukset: "Can't think of i enjoy it"

Plussat: "The size of the pane. :) it was very comfortable."
Miinukset: "The attitude of the captains first lieutenant"

Plussat: "The crew was friendly and accommodating."

Plussat: "Seat assignment"
Miinukset: "I'm not a pilot but I've flown enough to know what turbulence is. I was one of the first to board and asked the flight attendant if there was food for purchase or any type of snack as my blood sugar was so low. I was also in pain and needed to take my medication. It was a 40+ minute flight however when one is handicapped you are at the mercy of the person taking you to the gate it's not like you can stop and look for a place to eat. It wasn't until we were almost at the destination we received a plastic cup and offered a sip of water. I sat right in front of the flight attendant and she could see my discomfort yet didn't offer a bag of peanuts or a drink"

Plussat: "Good service and environment"

Plussat: "Got to Denver"
Miinukset: "Gate change an hour before original takeoff. Time was at opposite end of airport"

Plussat: "Missed my flight so I ended up staying overnight in the airport to catch the 5:25 am flight the next morning. One of the cleaning staff found a blanket for me which really helped since it was incredible cold in the airport."
Miinukset: "Security line at BWI is extremely long and under staffed compared to other airports. There was not enough legroom and the flight attendants pressured people to check baggage when there was plenty of room on the flight to stow luggage."

Plussat: "Headrests had pull out sides for head. In flight movies what a great selection."
Miinukset: "Seats were small, very little leg room also,"

Plussat: "Good price for flight to SFO"
Miinukset: "No food service. Stale snacks and paltry beverage service"

Plussat: "Seat too small, zero entertainment, minimal food"

Plussat: "Short layover"
Miinukset: "initial flight delayed and Denver layover was almost too short. Just made it."

Plussat: "Everything was great. I had remarkable flight. I was thankful for great seats, and awesome flight"

Miinukset: "Dead battery on plane. Delayed flight caused missed connection. No hotel voucher. Sit in terminal all night."

Plussat: "Crew was great!"
Miinukset: "Had to pay to watch movie."

Plussat: "Staff was pleasent"
Miinukset: "Had a delay made me 2 hours late"

Plussat: "Crew was great"
Miinukset: "Great aircraft!"

Plussat: "Everything was smooth from boarding to deplaning. On-time departures and arrivals."
Miinukset: "Wish seats reclined and electrical outlets present for charging."

Plussat: "On the ground, we were quickly reserved into a new flight the following morning. In the air, The staff stayed cheerful through a cabin filled with stressful guests and provided a number of complimentary services."
Miinukset: "The delay caused us to miss the last flight out of our connecting airport. We were forced to stay overnight in the airport because the airline had ran out of hotel vouchers. Airports are not set up to accommodate guests trying to find a few hours of rest in what became an 8 hour layover. Had a single extra plane been a alike at either the connecting airport or our departing airport, none travel plans would have been disturbed. As it stands, we lost a day of vacation due to the recovery of staying up all night in a connecting airport."

Plussat: "It was comfortable and crew was friendly."
Miinukset: "The tv screens were so bright it was hard to sleep."

Miinukset: "The side that I had was very hot and it took a while before it cooled down after flight attendant was notified from everyone on that side"

Plussat: "It was efficient and comfortable."

Plussat: "The entire trip was easy from booking to flight"
Miinukset: "The seats could have been a tad more comfortable"

Plussat: "Got me safely to my destination. Other passengers were friendly and helpful. Sf and Vic airports nice. flight attendants passably pleasant. No food that I was aware of. Entertainment at least there was a wifi option since there were no screens."
Miinukset: "Check in agents all might as well have been robots, but with bad attitude. Even at the star alliance gold checkin desk the agent was clearly unhappy/furious (seem to be ongoing issues with the system/ machine frustrating him) and was consistently abrupt and cold though our interaction. He did help by lifting bags onto weigh and to press buttons to get the tickets issued, but I would have a much better experience of United if he has shown any sign of warmth or even smiled. I was struggling with a baby in a carrier, and several suitcase, and he didn't show any sign of humanity. The guy who labeled our bags was a bit nicer. The team overal though just barked instructions at the customers, never looked them in the eyes, and seemed to all hate their jobs. We got our boarding passes issues successfully, yes, but I felt on pins and needles like I had to be very careful not to offend anyone.... Which I don't think is what you want your passengers to feel at the start of a flight."

Plussat: "Was on time and very smooth flight"
Miinukset: "Too many change of gate. I felt like i had to look out to make sure the gate didnt change"

Miinukset: "There was confusion on where to go check luggage and what duty free items could be carried on board."

Miinukset: "Seat did not recline Very very bumpy landing made everyone queasy"

Miinukset: "Take off delayed due to traffic"

Plussat: "Attentive Stewardess"

Plussat: "It was my first time flying with United. It was also my first time flying on a plane that was smaller and it was the best flight I've ever been on. I really enjoyed the free wifi and entertainment on board. I have a child that had an electronic device that allowed her to watch a movie. The selection was also very up to date and a decent verity. Very good flight"
Miinukset: "Nothing it was a very good experience."

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