Etsi halvat lennot välille Lontoo Gatwickin kansainvälinen lentoasema - Rovaniemi


Etsi halvat lennot välille Lontoo Gatwickin kansainvälinen lentoasema - Rovaniemi

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Lontoo (LGW)
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Kuinka KAYAK löytää niin alhaiset hinnat lennoille kohteesta Lontoo Gatwickin kansainvälinen lentoasema kohteeseen Rovaniemi?

Miten KAYAK-sivuston hintojen ennustusalgoritmi auttaa minua valitsemaan juuri oikean hetken ostaa lentolippu kohteesta Lontoo Gatwickin kansainvälinen lentoasema kohteeseen Rovaniemi?

Mikä on KAYAK Mix vaihtoehto lennoille kohteesta Lontoo Gatwickin kansainvälinen lentoasema kohteeseen Rovaniemi?

Mikä KAYAK-sivuston "joustavat päivät" -haku tarkoittaa ja miksi siihen kannattaa kiinnittää huomiota etsittäessä lentoja kohteesta Lontoo Gatwickin kansainvälinen lentoasema kohteeseen Rovaniemi?

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Turkish Airlines
Pistemäärä perustuu 23 142 arvosteluun
Lentoyhtiöiden arvostelut

Plussat: "The crew and the seat !"
Miinukset: "The food because of coronavirus the service was scaled back"

Miinukset: "Outstanding"

Plussat: "Great"

Plussat: "Efficient and on time."
Miinukset: "All fine."

Plussat: "Crew was good but could be better...timeing was very good."
Miinukset: "Food, entertainment"

Plussat: "Everything with the airline was just fine. I’m overall very happy with the flight."
Miinukset: "The only thing that really made the flight not so pleasant were the really bad smelling passengers on board. People, please, take a shower before boarding on a passenger flight."

Plussat: "Food is not bad"
Miinukset: "The staff told us our carry-ons are over weighted and forced us to check in 2 carry-ons and charged us 250USD! Our carry-ons are totally standard-sized but just weighted more than 8 kg. We have never encountered any airlines would rob costomers like this! Will NEVER ever fly Turkish airline again!"

Miinukset: "Food had only beef options"

Plussat: "check in..Gatwick S."
Miinukset: "cramped, breakfast was a disgust.tasteless omelette,soggy sandwich. a disgrace."

Plussat: "Entertainment options were excellent. A lot to choose from. Provided small travel bag for the flight. Airplane was clean They offered for the first drink a homemade lemon with fresh mint which was wonderful. Will definitely fly them again. Great price"
Miinukset: "Low sodium meal was not tasty. Could not finish it due to lack texture."

Plussat: "Really like the airline, sat in the front rim of economy. My husband is over 6ft and he was happy with the leg space. As was I since we flew right our 1 and a half year old boy."

Plussat: "Good crew. Clean"
Miinukset: "A little late"

Plussat: "Food and entertainment were particularly excellent. Seats were comfortable. No complaints once on board."
Miinukset: "The flight was delayed without any real indication as to why it was being delayed."

Plussat: "Entertainment options good"

Plussat: "Largely pain free experience"

Plussat: "Crew was very helpful & friendly. Cabin was well pressurized."

Plussat: "Price"
Miinukset: "Check in process with unfriendly and unprofessional staff"

Plussat: "Flight cancelled on whim of pilot due to a single faulty toilet."
Miinukset: "Everything."

Plussat: "There is simply nothing to like. Whilst other airlines give peoooe a nice hotel room to spend the night on their trunk flights, Turkish airlines offers."
Miinukset: "I didn’t like anything not least the fact you make people wait in the station when they are on flights with stops. It Morocco offers a plush hotel room. I’m never travelling"

Plussat: "I loved the amount of attention and consoling that was given to an ailing elderly woman on my flight to Turkey! On my flight to Ghana the attendants were so gentle and provided a lot of ammenities. Oh and the hotel was an amazing experience and respite especially after the run-around at the airport. Thank you"
Miinukset: "I did not enjoy the run-around I was given in trying to find the hotel desk. “50 meters then turn left” was the anthem. All someone had to say was go outside the airport and you’ll find the hotel desk! Hehe thank you Turkish Airlines however! Thank you."

Plussat: "The food was good and the entertainment was fine."
Miinukset: "After missing our connecting flight in Istanbul on our Turkish Airlines flight on January 9th from LAX-Addis Ababa (due to a nearly 45 minute delayed flight), my sister and I had to spend 24 hours in Istanbul and still pay for a night in our 4 star hotel in Addis, despite the fact that we weren't there. So, in preparation for our flight back to LAX, I spent hours on the phone with a Turkish Airlines representative to ensure that we would not miss our connecting flight on the way back to LAX on January 29 (Jomo Kenyatta-IST-LAX). The TA representative spoke very little English and became incredibly frustrated with me when I expressed my concern about how closely scheduled our connecting flights in Istanbul were. The representative said she could "help us" by seating us at the back of the plane from Jomo Kenyatta-IST, as she was "mostly sure" that our plane would deboard from the back of the plane once we arrived in Istanbul and, in theory, we wouldn't have to wait behind all the other customers to exit. This was totally incorrect: our plane only deboarded from the front exit door and the seats she selected at the back would surely have caused us to miss our next flight were it not for the fact that the plane wasn't full and we arrived only a few minutes late. Still, by the time we got off the plane in IST, our connecting flight was already 15 minutes into boarding. We showed the TA attendants our boarding passes at the long security line, and at first they both said, "don't worry, it will be fine". I had to convince them to let us skip the line as we would clearly have missed our flight. Once we finally made it through security we ran through the ENTIRE Istanbul airport to get to our gate, as we could hear them calling the final boarding call for our flight to LAX. We literally ran as fast as we could for almost 20 minutes straight, with all of our bags, which ended up being over a mile, I would guess. When we got to our gate, we had to go through yet another security line - WHY??? Apparently there was a celebrity in front of us, and while we were sweating and nervous about missing our flight, the security agents were taking selfies with the celebrity. It was insulting and rude and totally unprofessional. The take away for me is that Turkish Airlines should NOT be allowed to sell flights to people that give them less than an hour to make international connecting, especially in an airport as large and disorganized as Istanbul, and especially when Turkish Airlines flights are often late or delayed. This was one of the most stressful flying experiences of my life."

Miinukset: "I could not use my ticket I was trying to extension date but customer services terrible"

Plussat: "The crew were accommodating, we departed on time, the inflight food was good and the entertaiment was varied."
Miinukset: "The leg room was a bit limited on long flight."

Plussat: "Food was good"
Miinukset: "I had to wait until 9am when the counter for baggage registration was open. I arrived to Madrid from Lima at 5.30 am"

Plussat: "It went all ok except the space between rows"
Miinukset: "Slow service by crew and space between seats"

Miinukset: "Nothing"

Plussat: "Efficient and pleasant. Affordable and most importantly very clean!"
Miinukset: "Old style lie flat (but not horizontal) seats"

Miinukset: "Not enough movie varities."

Plussat: "Arriving safely"
Miinukset: "Seats horrible, food not eatable, poor service"

Plussat: "We didn't crash"
Miinukset: "Took too long. Build a transporter soon"

Plussat: "the price"
Miinukset: "everything planes were gross and not cleaned in between flights stewardesses were rude and unhelpful food gross passengers were treated like cattle most of the announcements were not even made in english"

Plussat: "Courteous service. Good food."
Miinukset: "USB plug did not work, but was offered a different seat."

Plussat: "The crew was kind and the food was good, the birding process was quick and easy."
Miinukset: "I had to ask 5 times in 15 min. for a blanket before anyone paied me attention. It takes way too long to have your food tray picked up after meals are served. This is important for me as I travel with a small child."

Miinukset: "I had my flight from London to Istanbul delayed and because I had connection flight in Istanbul to Russia they had to change my flight for the next day . That ruined my whole holidays and I had to go all the way home from Gatwick airport and next morning going again to Heathrow airport. No transfer or taxi was provided and No single apology from the staff or company . Very disappointed with Turkish airlines !"

Plussat: "The food on flight."
Miinukset: "Ground staff in Istanbul were very rude! Staff would not respond to lights turned on on the flight as well, for any assistance."

Plussat: "Many movies to watch. There are news channels like CNN to keep you updated with what las happening in the world."
Miinukset: "We had a connection at Istanbul. No laptop or notebook was allowed. A small portable charger to my iPhone was confisticated even thought it is smaller than my iPhone. Turkish TSA seemed a little confused with what to confisticate. They almost took away my portable shaver too. There were 4 little kids running around aisle during the flight forcing me to watch movies instead of sleep crossing the Atlantic Ocean."

Plussat: "Great crew... and good legroom..."
Miinukset: "No entertainment like video etc."

Plussat: "No real issues, we were served a decent meal, plane was new and the crew were friendly."
Miinukset: "Flight was severely delayed, not due to any fault of the airline but we were left sitting on board for 90 minutes with very little information m."

Miinukset: "No individual air vents to control temperature"

Miinukset: "I have bought two sides ticket from Turkish Airlines. And i miss my first flight, when i came to airport for return flight Turkish Airlines cancel my return flight whitout update by email or massage by phon!!"

Plussat: "I ve travelled many times on Qatar ,Emirates,and jordanian air lines but the Turkish was the poorest and the worst .A limited choices and little food ,and these people on the airplane donot do their jobs properly .I hope it will be better next time if there is a next time ."

Plussat: "The entertainment choice and availability of USB port for charging was excellent."
Miinukset: "This leg of both of our flights (going and return) was quite cramped. Due to an unfortunate delay on our return flight, our overall day was extended from ~8 hours to 16 hours, and had us flying through the night--very unexpected and tiring. Additionally, although we requested kosher meals well in advance, the delay/cancellation of our flights and rebooking effectively cancelled our kosher meals and there was nothing for us to eat. This was very frustrating."

Plussat: "Other than the late departure, everything else was excellent."
Miinukset: "Just the fact that we were some 40 minutes late, and this created panic among those passengers who had tight connections to Tehran, Tel-Aviv and Tbilisi. The rest was excellent!"

Plussat: "Flight in early November, where flying was very relaxed and spacious."
Miinukset: "TV and Lights gave me a headache, but nothing you can do."

Plussat: "The personal is always very very friendly."
Miinukset: "We did not have any TV"

Plussat: "surpassed our expectation"

Plussat: "great company."

Plussat: "flight was exactly as scheduled, flight attendance were extremly helpful and polite, food was good."
Miinukset: "nothing"

Plussat: "Clean, orginzed, professional pilots"
Miinukset: "Too hot, few meal options"

Plussat: "Worst travel experience of my life"
Miinukset: "Everything"

Plussat: "Cabin crew were competent"
Miinukset: "Over three hours late in taking off"

Miinukset: "No entertainment"

Plussat: "same as above"

Plussat: "Friendly staff as always, and more leg room than most budget carriers"
Miinukset: "They announced a 10 minute delay, which lasted for two hours without passengers getting any information, and had to take the bus a long way as the plane had somehow ended up at the other side of the airport. Then once boarded, we sat on the tarmac for at least 30 minutes."

Plussat: "New Boeing Dreamliner plane was very comfortable. We successfully bid for an upgrade which was of course spacious. Most food and drink was complimentary."
Miinukset: "The movie selection was limited. If there was on board music I couldn’t find it. There are usb and power points so you can bring your own though. It was awkward to eat out of the meal boxes with little plastic cutlery."

Plussat: "Excellent value flight to Seattle. Very helpful at check in. Brilliant plane."
Miinukset: "We choose not to pre-book seats or order meals as we felt both were expensive options."

Plussat: "Nice and ckean airplane. Smooth travel"
Miinukset: "We didn't know our 11 hour flight didn't have food. And then when we try to order food, on the menu it's all just sandwiches. There's no option for hot food."

Plussat: "Nice new planes"
Miinukset: "The food wasn’t great"

Plussat: "Service and overall experience was outstanding."
Miinukset: "Nothing"

Plussat: "All"
Miinukset: "Only graded one star for last two as short ball NA"

Plussat: "Plenty of lavatories"
Miinukset: "Food cost extra and it was horrible"

Miinukset: "I've been traveling to Europe and back for 40 years+. This is the first time I have ever had to weigh in my pocketbook along with my carry-on bag - that's outrageous!!! I realize that you are a discount carrier, and one has to pay for luggage, but this is ridiculous!!! You go to the extreme, and a women's pocketbook should not have to be added to the scale along with any other carry-on bags for a total weight of 10 Kil. That's extreme and very miserly in my opinion and not a positive refection on your airline!"

Plussat: "Entertainment"
Miinukset: "The cabin crew didn't have any personality, and didn't look happy most of the time, a smile goes along way. When you look for a cost effective flight especially when flying with family including 2 young children you think it is good that the flight costs were quite good, however when you add in the additional baggage fees each way and the reserving you seats so you can all sit together the overall flight costs including the extortionate food prices on board makes them out to be much the same if not higher than that of one of the premium airlines that already include all those things in your flight cost. Not to mention when arriving home in Boston around 40 passengers bags had been left in London and there was NO Norweign staff available to help with this, it tool numerous requests from passengers as well as the flight services people to get a Norweign member of staff to come and help. SO there were a lot of unhappy passengers. I will be seriously considering whether i use Norweign any more in the future because of this."

Plussat: "The boarding was stress-free and the leg room was excellent"

Miinukset: "Delayed by over 3 hours."

Plussat: "I recieved emails informing me of possible disruption to travel to and from airport ie road congestion & weather conditions and recommendations to avoid delays which I thought was a very helpful service."
Miinukset: "We didn't pre order food but understood snacks could be ordered during flight. The sandwiches had all sold soon after we departed New York. We were lucky enough to buy the last fruit salad. We had nothing else to eat for the entire journey. We booked hand luggage only. Obtaining a boarding pass electronically for myself and my partner was impossible. On the fourth attempt I booked myself in individually and was successfully. I then booked in my partner successfully.We tried to go through departures armed with our boarding pass but we're refused entry. We were redirected back to Norwegian main check in to obtain a happy face stamp on our boarding pass which is obtained after the weight of the luggage has been checked. Unfortunately this means that instead of going straight through departures with hand luggage only we had to go to the main Check in anyway. I agree with checking weight of hand luggage but the process could be improved greatly."

Plussat: "Quick flight. Good entertainment Quite spacious Quick boarding."
Miinukset: "Plane was cold. Not including food Staff aren’t as friendly as other airlines experienced."

Plussat: "Modern newish plane & generally a good flight with minimal air disturbance"
Miinukset: "Over an hour delay before taking off although we landed only 35 minutes late. Would have thought some free drinks might have been served given length of the flight even if it is a budget airline. Room between seats is a bit tight."

Plussat: "Economy Seats were comfortable"
Miinukset: "Information about system for ordering food was very problematic. I was not informed that I needed to order food 3 online days in advance. I tried to order it while checking in online because I realised only at that point that it was likely I would have to order in advance...I was charged but did not receive what I ordered. One crew member was nice, the others were not. When checking in at the airport the staff desk attendant was very rude. Too many hidden costs. Paying for extras like food and luggage does not make the price economical."

Plussat: "Entertainment was good, nice planes."
Miinukset: "Not knowing about no food provided but had to buy and book meals 72 hours in advance, which I couldn't do, as it was last minute. No blankets or pillows were provided - had to buy a blanket. No headsets were available, which also had to be purchased, but received text notification to bring my own."

Plussat: "The flight itself was really good, smooth and easy. The staff were also very helpful. Good value for money"
Miinukset: "The plane hadn't been cleaned properly, there was still food in the pocket in my seat from the flight before. And they didn't bring the trash through nearly often enough which resulted in passengers leaving wrappers and cups on the floor. We were 30 min delayed as well."

Plussat: "It was pretty cheap to travel but came with a lot of restrictions"
Miinukset: "Baggage allowances where very restricted and no headsets on airplane. Good choices where bad and had to pay for snacks and coffee."

Plussat: "My seat was comfortable,bathrooms were clean."
Miinukset: "Some not all of the staff was a tad bit cooler in demanor than was needed. Too much movement by other passengers."

Plussat: "Comfortability"
Miinukset: "Boarding staff a bit unwelcoming"

Plussat: "Just all in all, a really decent flight. The airplane was clean and tidy, staff were polite and I was really impressed with the free wifi. The flight was comfortable and I was able to get a little power nap in before we landed!"

Plussat: "I had a window seat..."
Miinukset: "Very confused as to why I was wasn’t told that I needed to pre order my meal.. On my way to London I got a meal included and on the way back I didn’t even get a bottle of water! Awful awful experience and will never be flying Norwegian again. , no matter what the price is!"

Plussat: "The flight was on a nice modern 767, clean and I was lucky as a tall person I had no one next to me. So I was relatively comfortable. Tickets for a flight from London to JFK were very cheap. USB port to keep phone charged was nice, but whats the point with no WiFi available?"
Miinukset: "I felt this was a bait and switch offer. Cheap price offered, but no checked in baggage included nor any food and drinks or snacks. NOTHING. Flight attendants basically ignore you the whole flight unless you purchase on the flight or in advance. Very poor choice of movies, all old movies. And no WiFi whatsoever. All of these are major inclusions on trans-Atlantic flights, and were not visible when purchasing this flight. I thought it sounded too good to be true. To be honest, if this were all included up front, I couldve brought on-board food and drink for the flight. I dont like being nickel and dimed on everything. Charging over $50 for a checked in bag is ridiculous. At least if it were for $25 like every other flight, I wouldnt of minded."

Plussat: "Norwegian is bare bones, but this flight on the Dreamliner is very comfortable. It ‘helped’ that the delay meant lots of people cancelled and there was a lot of spare space on board."
Miinukset: "It’s a long flight with no drinks... but with Norwegian you know what you sign up for! Water is $3. The 5 hour delay left something to be desired, but Norwegian texted me early so I knew not to head to the airport."

Plussat: "Price of the ticket was good Modern plane Clean plane Friendly cabin crew"
Miinukset: "The flight was full The seats in economy were small"

Plussat: "Nothing particularly special."
Miinukset: "Arrived 4 hours delayed, and they always say due to weather to rid of any responsibilities. Flight had no food and had some insane safety warnings saying gathering in groups was not allowed. That's the most big brother thing I've heard in an airplane."

Plussat: "Dreamliner was a very good place to be for seven hours. As budget airlines go Norwegian are the best we've used, amazing value to cross the atlantic."
Miinukset: "Film selection wasn't the best, but you can't have it all."

Plussat: "Friendly Crew members"
Miinukset: "Not enough food choices. Limited entertainment."

Plussat: "Booked this as was going to Denver direct and ESD a fair price. Generally well looked after."
Miinukset: "Not made clear that this trip did not include food unless purchased separately but spotted It day before so purchased our own to take on board. Was actually better as we had what we wanted and most importantly could eat/sleep when it suited us. Not offered any drink not even water but had our own. Nearly slipped up with baggage as did not purchase bags coming back as missed the point while booking. How many people book return flights and don't bring bags back? Should have been an 'are you sure' check."

Plussat: "Very good seats and a new plane for good value."
Miinukset: "Entertainment system didn't work, ordering system didn't work. When my kid got a black eye from the spring-loaded entertainment system they didn't even have a first aid kit on board with a cold compress--shocking."

Plussat: "Smooth boarding and helpful staff."
Miinukset: "Did not know that I would need to have my own headphones. Purchased rather poor sound experience headphones. Could not make my meal request change as vegetarian. Did not see that even when I booked the flight. Passengers should take their own light snacks and drinks after security."

Plussat: "Newer planes"
Miinukset: "Paid extra to pick seats. Not to pick a better seat but just to pick any seat ahead of time so family could sit together-like a lot extra! Not good Norwegian. Paid extra for food. Not clear on site so didn't know that even on long trip overnight, you get nothing to eat or drink- not even water- unless you order it ahead online and pay OR order it on board and pay. And if you didn't order any food or extras, the crew pretty much ignored you like you werent there not good Norwegian Paid extra for baggage-and a lot! Sizes/weighs allowed for baggage is less than American air carriers and they charge you per kg for overage."

Plussat: "Bigger windows, better storage, and the cabin pressure meant no jet lag. Cabin attendants were great. Amazing!"
Miinukset: "Other passengers: I can't believe how rude people are these days. No fault of Norwegian, though!"

Miinukset: "Showed up to my flight an hour before and was told I was late and booking closed... was told by another airline three hours later that an hour before I was able to change my flight for another time but was never told by Norwegian airlines employee. Not only did I pay $542 for a flight home that I actually never was on but had to pay an additional $1400 to get back home and getting home the following day. I would like a refund of my $542 since I was told the wrong information and was on time for boarding."

Plussat: "Staff were helpful and friendly :)"
Miinukset: "No pillow or cover supplied. Food was an additional charge :("

Plussat: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "Everything"

Miinukset: "Late departure and terrible customs in Oakland."

Plussat: "The boarding process with pretty seamless."
Miinukset: "No blanket or pillow provided for an 11 hour flight? No headset to watch entertainment? Why don't seats in front of toilets adjust but the ones in front do..thus squashing us in even further?! Why must we pay extra for drinks or snacks? Remember it's an 11 hour flight, fully paid for.."

Miinukset: "They did not have the vegetarian meal that I Pre ordered and paid for. I was very disappointed."

Plussat: "Food"
Miinukset: "Seat space"

Plussat: "The Dreamliner was lovely, seats comfortable with enough space The entertainment system was good, easy to use but USA biased of course"
Miinukset: "My expectations were high! So maybe that's why I am so disappointed. Should have been warned as the app is terrible, hardly ever works. OK we were delayed an hour, it happens. The food and drink service was awful. So very average hot meal 2 hours into the flight. Hardly "nice and tasty". If you're going to do the talk you got to deliver. Then nothing for 7 hours! Even trying to get water was not easy. I paid £50 for a bag and this terrible service. We get to Oakland and there's nowhere to dock! We wait 40 mi ms just to get out. More problems at Immigration There's no other flights but it takes over 2 hours go get through. This plane does this flight 4 times a week. Get it sorted. Could have been great. Couldn't recommend this service"

Plussat: "Boarding by seat number made boarding go smooth"

Plussat: "Comfortable and easy."

Plussat: "The 787 dreamlike is great"

Plussat: "On time and very nice attendants very clean cabins"

Plussat: "Koneeseen nousu oli nopeaa ja sujuvaa. Miehistö oli ystävällisiä, hauskoja ja informatiivisia. Lento sujui mukavasti ja nopeasti. Kiitos tästä <3"

Plussat: "Miehistö ystävällinen."
Miinukset: "Koneeseen nousu hidasta."

Miinukset: "Arrived late, I lost my connection, costing lots of money"

Miinukset: "Even in low fare airlines you're allowed to have one piece of luggage and hand luggage with you. easyJet allows only one hand luggage, but they don't clarify that clearly in their rules. They are telling that first in the gate and then they charge for extra £50 for hand luggage. I'm going to avoid flying easyJet in the future."

Miinukset: "Loud passengers"

Plussat: "Quick and convenient"

Plussat: "Good price"
Miinukset: "Minimal leg rooml"

Miinukset: "Really hard to land past 10pm with 2 young children. Over 3 hours delayed."

Plussat: "So smooth nice flight and great service nice people,first time we use again"

Plussat: "Short flight"
Miinukset: "Late"

Plussat: "Delay in boarding for no explained reason"

Plussat: "Daniel the long stay car park bus driver a real gem. he told us where he would drop us off, to ask anything we did not know ( that is if we knew we did not know) and best of all he told us were to find the pick up point when we returned."
Miinukset: "I did not like going to the long stay carpark north terminal it adds quite a few additional minutes on my journey, I usually use the LtP in south terminal . Also very few spaces left in zone Z even at 6 am!!! I only had hand luggage and I could not see any escalators so I had to wait for lift which was daft. Then as I had already checked in had to ask where to go next...."

Plussat: "Ok flight"
Miinukset: "Speedy boarding was shambles"

Plussat: "It's easyjet so no expectations really"

Miinukset: "Nothing"

Plussat: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "The delay and the fact I didn't have a seat because of overbook!"

Miinukset: "Overbooked flight"

Plussat: "Crew was ok"
Miinukset: "We waited 1.5 hour in the plane. They didn't even offer a glass of water. Also, they didn't let us take our luggage with us and when we went in there was a lot of space available in the cupboards above the seats."

Plussat: "The stewards did a great job"
Miinukset: "That we had to wait on the plane for an hour on the Tarmac before taking off ."

Plussat: "the plane was clean"
Miinukset: "Is it really necessary to charge for even water?"

Plussat: "Quick simple process"
Miinukset: "Not very comfortable."

Miinukset: "Slow buses and delays getting on and off. Flight delayed by 30minutes. Luggage took an age to arrive"

Miinukset: "That we now have to pay for snacks, which were previously inclusive with the flight."

Plussat: "the ticket fare is very reasonable."
Miinukset: "flight departure not on time."

Plussat: "Liked? Price. Most staff helpful."
Miinukset: "Hectic 'security' check of cabin stuff. Lots of stairs at Marseille between aircraft & terminals"

Plussat: "Not much it was cheap"
Miinukset: "Seems poor maitainane on the planes Delay on return resulted in arrival time after public transport had closed down and the chance of recovering additional costs seems remote Won't be travelling Easyjet for a long time"

Plussat: "Not a whole lot to be honest. Was an okay flight, attendants were good though"
Miinukset: "The useless bus at ZRH to take us to the terminal because easyJet couldn't be bothered to pay to go direct to the terminal. #speedyboarding"

Plussat: "Efficient service"

Plussat: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "No sucked"

Plussat: "Got to my destination"

Miinukset: "Said I could add hold baggage on line, but nowhere given an option to do so, so had tp pay twice as much at the airport."

Plussat: "It's nice to have some snacks and food available"
Miinukset: "There was no fresh food available that didn't have milk or meat. That is, nothing for those who don't eat animal products. Only peanuts, pot noodles, etc."

Plussat: "the crew was nice"
Miinukset: "Flight was canceled the information about the new flight was poor"

Plussat: "It went fine. Did not have food though."

Plussat: "great no frills airline"

Miinukset: "The chairs are not comfortable"

Plussat: "Absolutely no information given by airline staff or airport staff."

Plussat: "We had 2 hours and 45 mins delay due to technical issues as they had to change 3 aircrafts before we start boarding..."

Plussat: "Good all round."

Plussat: "Everyone can has to put liquids and cream into a small bag, which is so unreasonable. All my liquids are less than 100ml, they forced me to throw many things away! I never had any flight experience like this before!"

Plussat: "Price, route, ease of check in. The self luggage check in at gatwick really a must in the upcoming modern airports"

Plussat: "Price was very good"
Miinukset: "Flying to London and back both flights were delayed by over an hour, which was quite annoying."

Miinukset: "very long delay with no real reason given"

Plussat: "on time, flight comfortable, super fast to exit airport after landing."
Miinukset: "Flight left super early. It didn't really seem that Gatwick processes passengers this early: - not many baggage drops open, long wait. - boarding of plain very disorderly. Stuck standing on air gate for sometime. Hadn't loaded disabled passengers first. It was hard for them to get through as other passengers allowed onto air gate."

Plussat: "Easy and convenient"
Miinukset: "Clarity of front and rear entry instructions."

Miinukset: "26A for 1.85m guy. Not even a window. I thought i would die. Legs cramped."

Plussat: "It got me to my destination efficently"

Plussat: "It was quick"
Miinukset: "No entertainment"

Miinukset: "Delayed for 1h30min"

Plussat: "Nothing"

Lue lisää lentoyhtiöstä Turkish Airlines

Turvallisuustoimenpiteet lentoyhtiöille, jotka lentävät reittiä Lontoo Gatwickin kansainvälinen lentoasema - Rovaniemi

Lentoyhtiöt, jotka lentävät reittiä Lontoo Gatwickin kansainvälinen lentoasema - Rovaniemi ovat ottaneet käyttöön lisäturvatoimenpiteitä ja mukauttaneet käytäntöjään palvellakseen paremmin matkustajia. Käytännöt vaihtelevat lentoyhtiöittäin.

Tehostettu siivous

Päivittäinen siivous, matkustamon HEPA-suodattimien asennus reitin Lontoo Gatwickin kansainvälinen lentoasema - Rovaniemi lennoilla

Kasvosuoja pakollinen

Kasvosuojat vaaditaan lennolla, niitä jaetaan reitin Lontoo Gatwickin kansainvälinen lentoasema - Rovaniemi lennoilla

Istuinpaikat fyysistä etäisyyttä noudattaen

Keskimmäisiä istuinpaikkoja ei voi varata reitin Lontoo Gatwickin kansainvälinen lentoasema - Rovaniemi lennoille

Testaus ennen lentoa

Vasta-aineiden testaus, oireiden testaus reitin Lontoo Gatwickin kansainvälinen lentoasema - Rovaniemi lennoilla

Varaa halvat lennot Lontoo Gatwickin kansainvälinen lentoasema - Rovaniemi

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