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Spend 10HOURS on the phone to get on scheduled plane. BA made wrong date and was send in circles. 11houts before flight I bought different tickets to get back on time to LAX. No help from Finnair, British Airways and Kayak. Had so much stress and insanity from representatives about my flight. Kayak MUST have 24 hours live person. Was calling from Vilnius and getting machine from noon until 6pm, Vilnius time. Does Kayak knows calling rates!!! This was WORST experience ever!!!

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Spend 10HOURS on the phone to get on scheduled plane. BA made wrong date and was send in circles. 11houts before flight I bought different tickets to get back on time to LAX. No help from Finnair, British Airways and Kayak. Had so much stress and insanity from representatives about my flight. Kayak MUST have 24 hours live person. Was calling from Vilnius and getting machine from noon until 6pm, Vilnius time. Does Kayak knows calling rates!!! This was WORST experience ever!!!

Don't lose more than 1000 dollars of my luggage.

Long security lines at Stockholm airport. Completely full flight, we were at back of plane

I loved the FinnAir blueberry juice

Flight was delayed and they didn’t have any vegetarian meal options. You had to reserve online for a vegetarian meal. On other airlines you don’t have to reserve your meal restrictions. I was left starving the whole flight because they only had one meal option which was meat.

The seats in the Airbus flight from JFK to HEL were a bit uncomfortable. The layover in Helsinki airport was boring because there were no stores open in the terminal and there was almost nothing to do for 3 hours.

Plussat: "Seats were comfortable."
Miinukset: "There was no food or drinks on an international flight - you had to pay for even a coffee or tea ...... not acceptable!"
Plussat: "All was good and on time"
Miinukset: "Just be good, they could still offer free drinks or water to passengers"
Plussat: "Service and drinks"
Plussat: "The crew was very nice"
Miinukset: "Long delays, started in Las Vegas all the way thru to Athens"
Plussat: "Crew and ground staff were amazing."
Miinukset: "Seats. Always the seats, they need to be more comfortable and accommodating for long journeys. This is true for every airline."
Plussat: "Stewardesses were very friendly and helpful. Moved us to a row with empty seats so we could have more room!"
Miinukset: "Food"
Miinukset: "Flight was delayed more than an hour due to mishandling of baggage - was at runway for takeoff and was called back to the gate because a bag was loaded that should not have been."
Plussat: "Check-in at BWI could not have been nice/more courteous. Great flight and crew!"
Miinukset: "We love this BA flight out of BWI."
Plussat: "I like that we were on time for departure"
Miinukset: "The speed boarding it was confusing,no one was there in the que until they called you to board then People starting to come up from the que that was already there. Speedy boarding should be exactly that."
Plussat: "There is o option to say food not applicable hence 1 star the menu to buy looked ok but didnt use it seat was standard and fine"
Plussat: "The staff is friendly & helpful."
Miinukset: "The flight left late from JFK & made me missed my connecting flight to Sofia. I ended stuck at the airport in London. They gave me a voucher for a light refreshment and while I was at the airport I observed a mouse coming out of a corner. This is the second time this year that British airways did this to me. I will never book a flight with them again! I have an ill family member who is waiting for me to get there. They have no respect for people’s time!!!"
Plussat: "Good food good crew flight was good"
Miinukset: "While in London not good experience for old people especially if wheel chair assembly and to get AA airline birding pass is very confused need to b more in comfortable"
Plussat: "We loved the safety video. The seats were comfortable"
Miinukset: "No complimentary sodas or water."
Plussat: "No hassle and all straight forward"
Plussat: "On time."
Miinukset: "The dinner menu was ok. I didn’t like the breakfast at all."
Miinukset: "Delayed by 1. 5 hours!"
Miinukset: "Wasn’t aware of the baggage fee"
Plussat: "I would like a refund on my ticket"
Miinukset: "I didn't like the fact i had to wait the same amount of time it takes to get to the destination because of the delay"
Plussat: "It will as so bad I bought a return ticket on emirates for me and the family , it was a big mistake to book on air Azerbaijan"
Plussat: "Real nice equipment."
Miinukset: "No information on connecting flights was provided. Also no heads up on the connection process ie. the need for a shuttle etc."
Plussat: "Easy trip to Helsinki."
Miinukset: "Food & drink sales by M&S was unusual. Even water at a price"
Miinukset: "Waiting 6 hrs"
Miinukset: "3 hour flight without any complimentary beverage or snack. Had to request even a cup of water."
Plussat: "The power plug points in Premium Economy."
Miinukset: "Rude staff and service. Limited service for food. if you compare British Airways with other European airlines like SAS, Swiss, and Lufthansa; British has fallen far behind in quality and service."
Miinukset: "air condition from above and from everywhere, it was too cold for me."
Plussat: "It was on time"
Miinukset: "You can’t pay to pick a seat"
Plussat: "Flight was on time. Snacks and beverages available all time."
Miinukset: "Flight was operated by American Airlines. Aircraft was insanely old, with no personal entertainment system, but only a few overhead monitors for all passengers, which played OLD movies. That is unbelievable and unacceptable in 2018. Seats pitch was pretty small and I even had to fly on a broken seat that would not recline, for a 11 hours flight. The most uncomfortable flight I have ever flew. If that wasn't enough to make the experience the worst possible, flight attendance was rude! I strongly suggest to avoid American Airlines at all cost."
Plussat: "The food was fine, and there was plenty of it. The movie selection was good."
Miinukset: "The crew turned the lights out when we took off, then when everyone was asleep they turned them on and served dinner, at like 10-1030 pm... Way too late to be eating. Then they turned the lights off, then on again for drinks, then off then on again for a breakfast snack, then off then on again for more drinks. Just pick one, on or off please."
Miinukset: "There was no food."
Plussat: "Crew were great, food good : better business class than international BA!"
Miinukset: "Too many passengers with over size carry on"
Plussat: "Flight was okay and staff where friendly"
Miinukset: "Delay on take off even though we was early loaded, rusty wings on the plane made you wonder if it would make it!"
Plussat: "The food and staff were great."
Miinukset: "Price & food not so good."
Plussat: "The duration"
Miinukset: "N/a"
Miinukset: "It was shocking that there wasn't even an offer of a glass of water during the 2-1/2 flight -- unless we paid for it. The crew went through once with their cart of purchase offerings and that was it. Shameful."
Plussat: "Crew was awesome"
Miinukset: "My seat covering was too short and plastic part exposed. Luckily empty seat was used to replace actual seat"
Plussat: "The seats are more comfortable than other low cost airlines. There is a bit more leg room. The crew are always friendly. We arrived earlier than the scheduled time."
Miinukset: "There was no in flight entertainment except a graphic showing how far we were progressing. Alas, paying for M&S food is not what I expect, that's EasyJet territory not British Airways."
Miinukset: "Plane was extremelly cold.Came back with bronchitis, missed day of work.Attendent claimed they do not have blankets, but at least came later one with one. Seat could have been broken was uncomfortabe sit on,"
Plussat: "It was wery nice flight"
Miinukset: "The plane boarded late due to a leak sprung in the AC system. Therefore, we didn't have AC for approximately 30 minutes. Otherwise, it was an enjoyable flight."
Plussat: "Friendly service Delay Notification"
Miinukset: "Extra cost incurred by delay 5/6 lost time in total"
Miinukset: "Boarding by steps, being charged for coffee when all other airlines provide it as complimentary service. morning snack would have been nice. The head flight attendant have a heavy Italian accent and spoke English so fast he couldn't be understood."
Miinukset: "There was no entertainment for that flight."
Plussat: "Staff are excellent, really friendly, respectful service. Food (expensive as always on planes) but excellent quality, really good choice to use M&S as providers. Excellent communication from pilot and cabin staff on delays before takeoff."
Miinukset: "System for paying by food with Avios points did not work. Plane left almost an hour late due to delays (landed 30 mins late)."

The cost of luggage that we had to buy separately from the ticket bought in Kayak was EXTREMELY costly, so this is the first and last time I buy a ticket in Kayak

There was no legroom. I am only 6 feet tall, but my legs were wedged against the seat in front of me. I can’t imagine how a taller person could even fit. There was no beverage service!!

Small plane, but short flight. On time . Could have a bit more organize boarding process since it uses a bus but the rest was fine.

I requested a special meal 2 weeks ahead of my flight. It was impossible to find a way to do this on the website so I filled out the request form and today (the day after my flight) I receive an email that you are working on my request. While the crew was nice and apologized I think there should be an easier way to request a meal. Please review your website. It is not clear how to go about requesting a special meal. The rest was ok. Had to do an all out sprint to the gate since the 50 min layover was not enough to get to the different terminal in Madrid to my connecting flight. I went straight there. No bathroom stop or time to refill my water bottle. Not sure how less mobile passengers would cover this distance in 35 min before the gate closes, especially when also having to show Covid test etc. at the Gate. American Airlines could also do better on sustainability. What’s with all the single use plastic? Other airlines are able to provide silverware and reusable cups. Why can’t you?

Sold out flight. Attendants were busy and forgetful. Probably stressed like all of us.

It would be much appreciated if Kayak could somehow help get locator codes across airlines when they share flights. For example, on Kayak my flights were sold to me by Finnair and Iberia, but both flights were operated by American and yet I was not given an American record locator. So I had to spend time on the phone with American to track down my American record locator in order to do my online check-in. If possible, when you buy on Kayak you should be provided with the record locator for the actual airline that is operating the flight, not just what it's sold as.

The airplane seems to be in good shape. The crew member aren’t as welcoming as they’re in other European airlines. It’s hard to understand the flight attendants when they speak English.

Exceptional from beginning to end.. thank you Kayak!

Me fui madrid - Cancún y nunca llegó la maleta 🧳 a Cancún… iberia no se hace responsable y debo arreglármelas con AereoMexico quienes no dicen nada sobre mi equipaje…… MUY IRRESPONSABLE IBERIA

Everything ok

Plussat: "Crew was nice"
Miinukset: "Very little room amongst the seats. Tiny armrests and little room to move in your seat without disturbing the neighbor. No entertainment"
Plussat: "The plane was nice."
Miinukset: "The crew was kind of slack. They didn't have aqua con gas. The toilets were not kept clean."
Plussat: "Not much to like."
Miinukset: "The crew at the gate needs a serious lesson on customer service. They are the rudest people ever and can’t speak an ounce of English. They give a bad impression towards Spain in general and the courtesy provided within. There was no entertainment onboard and no food/drink served."
Plussat: "Nothing special."
Miinukset: "The seats are awful."
Miinukset: "Being put in standby after we booked 3 months in advance and loosing our luggage"
Plussat: "Cabin much too hot and no air circulation until just before pushback. Ack!!"
Miinukset: "Leg room on Iberia flights is scarce, even though I'm only 5'7" tall. No snack or beverage service on a 2 1/2 hour flight."
Plussat: "Everything was perfectly...nice crew"
Plussat: "Nothing special"
Miinukset: "Nothing special"
Plussat: "Food, Entertainment was state of the art for airlines that is, wine and beer available as choices"
Miinukset: "No so friendly staff but OK, I've noticed other major airlines trying a little harder. but it was OK. It was difficult changing seat assignments and checking in online,"
Plussat: "Finnair landed their plane so smoothly...."
Plussat: "same"
Miinukset: "same"
Plussat: "That I arrived"
Miinukset: "Iberia flight was delayed by 45 minutes causing me to miss my connection from London to Dublin."
Miinukset: "space between seats, too tight for my legs"
Miinukset: "At the airport in Rome, I wasn't able to take on my carry on bag, when it was within limits. I was upset because many had the same size and had it with them. I was concerned with valuables inside, but thankfully all arrived OK."
Plussat: "Philadelphia to London"
Plussat: "Aircraft is comfortable (A340-600)"
Miinukset: "One of the flight attendants was rude."
Plussat: "Arrived on time"
Miinukset: "The seat pitch was so small my knees were hard against the seat in front of me for 1.5 hours and I was miserable the whole time. To put this in perspective this was the most uncomfortable I have ever been on an airplane. My legs hurt the whole flight. This was the first leg of an expensive international flight and given the price of the 2 legs I should have been upgraded to a more comfortable seat. My flight to Europe on Iberia was excellent. However based on this bad experience I plan to avoid Iberia in the future because they treat their high price paying customers poorly. Peter Valorz"
Plussat: "The flight was comfortable and crew was good."
Miinukset: "Boarding was a nightmare. They need to load back to front."
Plussat: "surprisingly smooth transition with enough time to make all connections.."
Miinukset: "wish I would have been informed of imports not allowed but more my bad..."
Miinukset: "Puse un reclamo pues me cobraron 150€ por un perrito de soporte médico y no me han respondido al respecto."
Miinukset: "The plane was absolutely freezing. It was so uncomfortable. And no leg room whatsoever. I couldn't even cross my legs."
Plussat: "Absolutely awesome, thanks for an excellent flight"
Plussat: "Crew was nice."
Miinukset: "We had paid for reserved seats. When we got to the gate they were not there. Got bad seats to fly six hours. Left an item on the plane. No help tracking it down. No one would give us a phone number or how to go about locating it."
Miinukset: "The only bad thing is that the checking at JFK was very long!!!!"
Plussat: "Good deal and good service!!"
Miinukset: "Not very Organized at boarding!!"
Plussat: "Overall everything was fine. AA airport crew in St. Louis was amazing helping me with a mistake in communication"
Miinukset: "My flight itinerary was changed I received no notification of this change. Lost my flight. AA airport crew saved the day"
Plussat: "Nothing in particular"
Miinukset: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "Delayed flight, no AC, no food service (even to purchase)"
Miinukset: "Every thing"
Plussat: "A short flight but could have some form of entertainment."
Plussat: "Considering my flight was from Tenerife to NY even though they stopped in Madrid they could have given us at least a bottle or glass of water without charging for it. No TV so not the greatest flight. Staff not very helpful at airport to accommodate a seat change to be able to sit with family."
Miinukset: "I paid more to make sure I would have a shorter trip from Tucson to Paris, with only one connection and a less than 2 hour connection in Dallad. Yet, I was in Dallas from 3pm until 8:30pm with my 3 year old who was exhausted and hungry. I guess it was not worth paying more for a short connection."
Miinukset: "Such small seats, terrible food, cabin lights stayed on overnight!"
Plussat: "On time, good food, good entertainment, friendly flight attendants!!!"
Miinukset: "There was nothing I didn't like"
Miinukset: "Baggage lost."
Miinukset: "Food, particularly the meatballs. They were smelly. The entertainment choices took a long time to find and load."
Plussat: "It is always a pleasure to fly in this Iberia company"
Plussat: "Excellent service from flight crew (polite, helpful, enthusiastic, friendly), descent legroom, seat comfort was descent, clean well maintained restrooms."
Miinukset: "Antiquated aircraft, too little space between seats (side-to-side), poor image quality on screen of entertainment system (too old), lack of individual air nozzles, weak air-conditioning system (flight was full and aircraft was too warm throughout flight)."
Plussat: "On time departure"
Miinukset: "No leg room"
Plussat: "The flight was with Canary Airways not Air Europa Next time I’ll book with Canary Air direct because Air Europa made a mess with the reservation and are hard to reach"
Miinukset: "Nothing"
Plussat: "Nothing"
Plussat: "Entertaining sistem"
Miinukset: "Boarding"
Plussat: "I loved the crew members, always willing to help great energy through out the flight."
Miinukset: "Food choices, up to date movies and inexpensive luggage’s"
Plussat: "Open seat right next to me"
Miinukset: "The check in agents are truly the worst. Only one check in agent came after me through security and apologized on behalf of his colleague and upgraded me. Awful check in person"
Plussat: "Crew was very accommodating and sensitive to the fact that I was traveling pregnant and with a small child; more than other airlines I’ve been on recently."
Miinukset: "There was a slight delay in takeoff and it seemed like very strict policies about baggage allowance on board."
Plussat: "Trip was short."
Plussat: "Everything was as expected except for the inconvenience of no having food on board."
Miinukset: "Had to pay for food. not a single chip :("
Plussat: "Brand new aircraft, excellent communication"
Plussat: "Crew very pleasant and professional. Priority boarding worked very well"
Miinukset: "Bridge did not work on arrival. Used bus. Sky priority but then they stuck everybody on like cattle."
Plussat: "Friendly and the seats were more comfortable I think."
Miinukset: "This is a complaint regarding a luggage that was not included in my fare ticket. I was not informed from your company Kayak that the luggage was not included in the price. I had to pay extra money on top of the fare ticket of $150 for just one luggage just because was not mention on the fare ticket. Please give me an explanation of your policy in regard, and please advice people in regard of what I just mention otherwise I think your company tricks people without mentioning clearly that suitcases are not included to lower prices"
Plussat: "Everything was great!"
Plussat: "Good seating space."
Miinukset: "Food & drinks are expensive, but we brought our own."
Plussat: "The aircraft was new, Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Was quite roomy. The toilets felt more spacious and not cramped like on other aircraft. Crew were friendly enough."
Miinukset: "The entertainment system kept on rebooting and didn't work for a portion of the flight. Apart from that, very impressed with Air Europa!"
Miinukset: "I booked a Delta flight and got an Air Europa flight. The flight was two hours late. The plane was really old and and had no screens, USB chargers, super tight space and things kept breaking. I’ll never book a flight that is operated by Air Europa."
Miinukset: "We had to board this plane the old fashion way on the runway carrying your bags and everything. Very uncomfortable and no help. It also was very disappointed to be charged €60 per each piece of luggage returning to Madrid even though they had not charged for the same luggage coming into our destination. The lady at the counter was very cut and dry and was not helpful at all. This was a round trip, no explanation on the overcharged is acceptable. Kayak should warn their customers if luggage charges are going to be added."
Miinukset: "No complaints besides the seat cushions are so old they are hard as rocks now. No more padding in them."
Miinukset: "Sat sweltering on tarmac with doors open. All passengers sweating"
Plussat: "I really liked the food throughout the flight and the crew was amazing!"
Miinukset: "We were not allowed to check in online and we had to be at the airport hours to check in physically but there was no counter with airEuropa, so we had to wait until the people arrived then we had to make line which was long! We had issues with our bags so we had to check them in, which was okay since it was free. The space in the airplane was so tight that it was not comfortable at all."
Plussat: "Everything worked reliably (with one exception). The flights actually arrived earlier than expected. A plus."
Miinukset: "The audio in the in-flight entertainment system did not work (at all). A minor annoyance overall, since you usually sleep on overnight flights anyway."
Miinukset: "Look tasted old and greasy"
Plussat: "Wide body plane A330"
Miinukset: "Seats too narrow. No individual TVs, no entertainment, not even a music channel available."
Miinukset: "only food and water for purchasing no entretainment."
Plussat: "Friendly staff. Good proportion of quality-price for the airfare."
Miinukset: "In BCN airport, too few counter clerks to deal with a long line of passengers boarding for multiple flights."
Plussat: "The view"
Miinukset: "Beeing 1.5 hours late for a 25min flight No info Filthy airplane"
Plussat: "It was a cheap flight but I didn't feel like I was cattle."
Miinukset: "The boarding was inefficient. There weren't any zones called or anything."
Plussat: "The flight staff"
Miinukset: "I was upset because I had no television the entire trip. Very bored. Nothing to read."
Plussat: "Smooth flight"
Miinukset: "Air temperature inside too hot."
Plussat: "terminal E7 was filled about 15 AE personnel standing around doing not much of anything. Not even simple announcement welcoming or informing the customers of why its flight was delayed. They were busy greeting their own VIP's heading in and out of the business class. When asked what's going on, the AE personnel simply stated 'just wait'"
Miinukset: "At the security, i was turned away because TSA will not take Air Europa's electronic boarding pass. When I went back to the check in counter, I asked why, no answer from three people at the check in standing around. Again, indifferent attitude. Shouldn't AE inform customers of this time wasting problem? No self check in kiosks."
Plussat: "Equipment and crew on both Paris to Madrid and Madrid to Miami were good. On time and as pleasant as economy air travel today can be. No food or entertainment to rate on Paris -Madrid leg."
Miinukset: "Distance between landing gate in Madrid and departure gate too long. (Sign says 31 minutes walking time!) Also very long distance between landing gate and luggage claim in Miami - I don't know what passengers who can't walk well do."
Miinukset: "The flight was cancelled"
Miinukset: "2h delay and missing connecting flight then another 1 h delay on the new flight that I waited 3 h in Madrid"
Plussat: "The food was good, and my luggage arrived safe."
Miinukset: "It wasnt so comfortable and there was not TV or even radio, or entertainment for an 8hour flight. Also when trying to sleep, crew continues to pass by and turn on airplane lights."
Plussat: "The flight was great, had seen some negative reviews. But for me nothing negative to say about air Europa, wonderful seat, great flight crew, everything was on time. Just and overall great experience."
Plussat: "The flight was on time - most important! The service was good, although I wasn't hungry so didn't eat the food. Seat was comfortable enough, no complaints!"
Miinukset: "It was a bit warm in the plane"
Plussat: "Fresh new airplane and great service"
Miinukset: "When I booked my flight it was not at all clear that I had to pay for checked luggage, therefore I had to pay extra when I arrived at the airport. Please make it clear from the very beginning that checked luggage is not included. Easy Jet does a great job of this, giving you the option to pay for a checked bag when buying your ticket. With Air Europa, I had no idea at all."
Plussat: "Crew service, fast boarding"
Miinukset: "Regular headset didnt work to see the tv,"
Miinukset: "Any long flight should have provide wifi for its passengers."
Plussat: "Staff was nice"
Miinukset: "flight was almost 2 hours delayed and no one explained anything"
Plussat: "The price of the flight."
Miinukset: "The flight crew did not offer enough water:"
Plussat: "The airplane was neat and the crew nice also, I don't have complains about that."
Miinukset: "Too little space between seats, always has the person behind putting their knees in my back! Also the food is not that great, and had to pay even for the earphones!"
Plussat: "The crew were very helpful once boarded in assisting with overhead baggage."
Miinukset: "The flight had major turbulence without any communication from the pilot or crew as to what to expect and having been on 8 flights just this week I am not a first time flyer, but have not felt so uncomfortable with noises of what what sounded like ice hitting the plane. Just looking around it was clear I was not the only one who felt this way. I understand that the pilots did there best to navigate through the weather but for the future it would be great for them to communicate that we would be hitting some turbulence. The landing as well was one of the worst I have experienced. I will not be flying or recommending air Europa to anyone. Just checking in to receive boarding passes was a nightmare as they informed me the plane had already closed even though it was an hour before my flight left. I was then directed to customer service who then sent me back to the counter where I finally received my boarding pass. Running through the airport and to security was awful and when I arrived at the gate the gate was still open and people were still boarding. It seems as thought air Europa is more concerned with how many tickets they can sell than customer service."
Plussat: "I got to where I was going."
Miinukset: "We paid to have our seats upgraded, only to find out at check in my husband and I had been assigned different seats and not seated together. When we boarded and realized the plane was half empty we shrugged our shoulders. Why? Airlines have become so greedy, I am sure if they could charge for seat belts and toilets they would. Airplanes have become glorified city buses."
Plussat: "Food is OK, staff is OK The service was good. Excellent and always smiling crew."
Miinukset: "One TV for each 20 people with bad resolution. Only one movie presented with communication problems started 3 times and never gone to the end. Very long, long long and boring flight... NO MORE OPTIONS FOR ENTERTAINMENT. Only one cabin bag!!! If you have another one you will be charged for an Extra 60 Euros."
Plussat: "Nothing good to say about Air Europa"
Miinukset: "They canceled our flight and made us stay in JFK for 30 hours. Promised a plane out at 3pm the next day which never happened. Flew at 10:30pm and missed a full day of our honeymoon. No compensation or apologies. The flight was terrible very cramped seats, no entertainment, and horrible food. I suggest to never ever fly with this airline."
Miinukset: "the flight kept getting delayed. There was NO AIr Europa represtentatives at the airport. Telephoning them was not helpful. They either hung up on me or kept saying to call back later. Flight ended up being cancelled. Shuttle busses to hotel, which was a a full hour away took us hours to get to. Arrived at hotel at 5 am! Return was said to be at 10am but wasn't until noon for what they told us would be a 3 pm flight. Ongoing lies. Flight didnt leave until 10:30 pm and then there was a 45 min delay on the plane. Plus lots of waiting in lines all day. It was horrible. Missed a full 24hrs in madrid. Hope to get some money back as compensation."
Plussat: "The airplane was amazing brand new!"
Miinukset: "The crew was ok, I wanted to give her a glass of water I didn't want to drink and she refused and told me I had to wait because she was busy... Then she never came back, so I had to drink it anyways to avoid it from splashing my neighbor. Another crew member was kind enough to bring me chamomille because I wasn't feeling ok so some crew members were really nice others really dissapointing"
Plussat: "probably nothing, everything felt cheap"
Miinukset: "food bad by any standards, clumsy stewardess spilling drinks, very long boarding, very poor entertainment choices"

Vol retardé au départ, mais aucune information communiquée. A l'arrivée nous avons attendu 30 minutes dans l'avion porte ouverte sans savoir pourquoi. A nouveau aucune information donnée par l'équipage.

El embarque y el vuelo bien. Los asientos incómodos, no se pueden reclinar y no tienen apoyo para la cabeza. Toda la comida, bebida o aperitivos hay que pagarlos aparte.

The flight from Milan to Warsaw was terrible - not enough time for the change, had to check-in at the airport, smart pass didn’t work, and the flight was delayed by 2 hours.

The 1st flight was late so I missed the 2nd one

Delays in flight is not acceptable. The passengers knew about the delays before the staff.

Got to the airport 2.5 hours before the flight but had to queue so long for the compulsory bag drop that we had to run for the gate. Really unpleasant experience.

Efficient boarding and check in Good comfortable plane Only issue was emails asking me to get Spanish QR Covid code. That was simple but whatever I uploaded to Vueling they told me they could not validate. As a result I had to do an airport check in They need clearer communication

By far one of the worst airlines I’ve ever had to deal with. Customer service is very poor. Stay clear of any airline you cannot get a hold of a real person to help with your problem.

Miinukset: "WIFI announcement which did not exist"
Plussat: "The inflight crew was very nice"
Miinukset: "The staff that works in the counter was very rude. My carry on bag which has fit in all the trains across Europe and other airlines did not meet the standards of Vueling so I was charged with 50 euros which is ok with me. What was upsetting was the attitude of one of the attendants of the counter. She was a spaniard lady lacking all customer service skills. I will never use this airline again"
Miinukset: "Amazing"
Plussat: "Seats comfy plenty of room"
Miinukset: "The delay which was no fault of Vueling"
Plussat: "Nothkng"
Miinukset: "Everythkng"
Plussat: "Quick flight - friendly staff"
Plussat: "Quick flight"
Miinukset: "Had to exist and renter via departure and go through security again because there was no direct transfer, it was horrible having to go through security again."
Plussat: "Nice staff on board."
Miinukset: ""I had to call" to add my OneWold frequent flyer number. Cleanliness could be improved. Information in Catalan, as we were flying to Catalonia."
Plussat: "Straight check in and boarding process. Even the flight was delayed we arrived on time"
Miinukset: "No food offered for free. No even water offered"
Plussat: "They are always late not much room."
Miinukset: "Long delay"
Plussat: "Good but not the delay"
Miinukset: "The flight was delayed by 2 hours so I missed my coach from Barcelona to valencia and had to pay €34.50 for another ticket can you please try to refund me this money."
Plussat: "Assigned exit seats to us"
Miinukset: "Rude staff, grabbed my shoulder to ask a question instead of just asking verbally, not allowing us to bring carry on bag, etc."
Plussat: "The flight was OK"
Miinukset: "It was delayed almost one hour."
Plussat: "Comfortable seats"
Miinukset: "It was delayed with no reason and I missed my check in. I specifically purchased this flight vs the one at 10 pm to not miss check in. Ugh! 20 euro late fees. So, I paid more for the flight (because the 7pm was more than the 10 pm) and now I have to pay a late fee to check in. On top of that, I paid an additional service fee by booking though FlightNetwork and they did not book my checked luggage like the price breakdown said. It’s been terrible and a waste of time and money."
Plussat: "nothing"
Miinukset: "vueling is the worst airlines ever"
Plussat: "Efficient boarding and departure. Clean aircraft."
Miinukset: "Seats are too close together. This is the first time my knees the seat ahead of me."
Plussat: "Crew was nice, responsive and professional. They tried to make the best of a bad situation and were helpful in that regard. Pilot explained the reason for the delay. Also helpful"
Miinukset: "Arrived early at the airport and checked my bags. Was charged $190 for one extra bag. Told I had to pay for two flights because there was a connection! Boarding was late and then the plane took off late. Horrible."
Plussat: "Randomly given exit row seating."
Miinukset: "First at the airport they tell us we have to check our carry ons when we had already flown three flights with them with those same bags as carry ons, then they criticize us for having heavy bags, which they never would have known if we had been allowed to carry them on. Their back up reason for needing to check bags was the flight was overbooked and there would be no room for bags, both of which were false as I personally counted at least 15 seats open and there were at least 6-7 completely empty overhead bins. Finally, it is Kayak that notifies me that my flight is delayed 90 minutes, but yet the airline decides it is a good idea to have us board and then just sit on the plane before finally telling us after 30 minutes of sitting on the plane with the flight door still open that we are delayed another hour. I would not fly them again."
Plussat: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "unorganised deaprture @ barcelona airport where everyone was allowed to board at the same time. Also our flight way delayed but Vueling did not text anyone on our flight to inform us."
Plussat: "Crew was nice and welcoming"
Miinukset: "Plane took off an hr later, not many vegetarian or vegan meals to choose from, my legs didn’t fit in my seating area..."
Miinukset: "No space between rows, tiny seats. Even on a short flight the very limited space was exceedingly uncomfortable"
Plussat: "I've lost my job! The flight first thing in the morning should respect that we rely on them to get on time in the morning. One in 3 flights of Vueling are delayed! Ryanair is far better in this point! Today I really hate Vueling"
Miinukset: "I also lost the train tickets! I had to pay twice for everything. An apology is not enough, it sounds like they are laughing on us!"
Plussat: "New plane, comfortable seat and helpful crew"
Miinukset: "Disembarking in Barcelona very disorganised"
Plussat: "Got off the plane quickly"
Miinukset: "We were late boarding and departing but were not alerted before hand. Didnt matter for me however since i was there early."
Plussat: "The low price and civilised flight times. Had no hold baggage."
Miinukset: "Attempts to get extra money by not allowing check in before 7 days without paying extra for choosing seats."
Miinukset: "Left late (and therefore arrived late) due to starting the boarding process late and slow boarding. I wouldn't go so far as to say the attendants were rude, but they were not friendly, either. Could not check in online ahead of time due to flying with a US passport (which was not a problem with, for example, British Airways, flying from London to Rome)."
Plussat: "Nothing. Was too uncomfortable."
Miinukset: "I couldn't fit my legs in the space between seats, so much so that I had pins and needles in my feet by the time we landed. The food is really expensive. Never flying with this airline again."
Miinukset: "small plane delayed both ways no information as to why. Rude staff"
Miinukset: "Cancellations and delays over and over again. Will not be using them again."
Miinukset: "seats were awful-- very thin cushioning"
Plussat: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "Took no responsibility for missed flight to NYC after flight from Barcelona was delayed. It took 3 hours in Gatwick airport to get rebooked on a flight the next day. Did not agree to pay for accommodation or food or transport for the 24 hour interval between flights. Terrible."
Plussat: "The seats were comfortable and the flight attendants were courteous and polite."
Miinukset: "Our flight left 20 min late but we landed on time so it wasn't terrible."
Plussat: "Checkin was simple and efficient. Food was good quality. Flight attendants were pleasant and cheery. Bags came out quickly."
Miinukset: "Remote standing boarding by bus in Barcelona. Food was overpriced."
Plussat: "Clean plane and bathrooms. Smooth flight. Communicative captain."
Miinukset: "At times crew seemed so aloof that I felt I was bothering them just by being there. Flight was delayed (just like the Vueling flight that made me miss my connection the day before which is why I was on this flight to begin with)."
Miinukset: "they left my lugage the delayed the flight for 2 hours, terrible services"
Plussat: "Nothing."
Miinukset: "Worst experience ever. Will not fly with them ever again. Avoid at all costs"
Plussat: "My first time with Vueling and it was great."
Miinukset: "Staying in airport for six hours"
Plussat: "Friendly service -- free gate check, and a free upgrade so that my partner and I could sit together :D"
Plussat: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "All of it"
Miinukset: "Booked online for British Airways. Wasn't clear that it was operated by Vueling a budget airline. I payed extra for British Airways specifically to avoid the budget carriers. Vueling charged for everything (nickel and dimed) as expected, line through ticketing was extremely long, and of course there wasn't any entertainment for the flight. I wish kayak would have been very clear that it was not a British Airways flight. Paid extra for nothing."

no entiendo nada me anularon el vuelo u estoy pendiente de reembolso y ahora me enviáis que el vuelo está operativo, no entiendo nada

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The plane was filthy again

I have no complaints at all with my return flight


They considered my small backpack as a second piece of luggage and made me pay 45 euros as an extra charge. I had a small bag (40x25x20) and this small backpack, which was like a handbag. In the first flight they accepted this without any extra charge. On this flight they did not. I had to pay and now they should send me an invoice by mail. Please can you look after this? I need the invoice, for my re-imbursement. This policy by RyanAir is unfair. They say one price, but then it is another, and much higher!

Check in was slow

Fast, good loads in and out, totally worth of price.

Nice trip


Plussat: "The crew was great and everything about the whole experience was wonderful."
Miinukset: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "30 mintues late"
Plussat: "On time."
Miinukset: "Better seats"
Miinukset: "Having paid for our seats I wasn't impressed to find someone else sitting in them! Steward did sort out quickly though."
Plussat: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "Hidden fees everywhere!! Worst experience ever and I’ve been traveling all month long!!!"
Plussat: "Off ons time no extras got here quick all I want"
Miinukset: "Was perfect"
Plussat: "Boarding was straightforward"
Miinukset: "The flight was delayed by 1hour and 45 minutes. Luggage arrived after waiting more than 30 minutes at the carousel"
Plussat: "Smooth boarding Friendly staff"
Miinukset: "Flight was delayed 1.5 hrs Dalayed at the gate 1 hr Waiting at the baggage claim 1.5 hrs Very disappointing"
Plussat: "We started boarding much earlier than the time on the ticket, but still left on time."
Miinukset: "The pilots landed in the wrong terminal (it was a domestic Spanish flight but we landed with international flights), so we all had to wait in the airport together without receiving any information for about 20 minutes. The woman working at the airport was very calm and helped us understand the mistake. We are lucky that we didn’t have a connection. I don’t understand how this could happen."
Plussat: "Price."
Miinukset: "We arrived 2 hours before the flight. No gate info available for 40 minutes. After 40 minutes it said gate info would be in 20 more minutes. After that 20 minutes they said another 20 minutes. There was no info on the flight and you have no place to wait until they decide to tell you where your gate it. When the gate info finally came up it said to report to the gate immediately and then we were supposed to board. Basically you are forced to stand for 3 hours not knowing anything about the flight."
Plussat: "On time and fairly quick baggage retrieval. Being able to check-in before you leave UK is very useful."
Miinukset: "I booked through Kayak and although it does warn about extra charges for baggage, I feel I was duped because I booked for 3 check-in bags at additional cost thinking that would mean for outbound flight and return but once the booking transferred to Last minute on completion it turned out I only had check-in baggage for the outbound flight (different airline) and not for the Ryanair return flight. Ryanair charges more if you book check-in baggage after the original booking so the flights were much more expensive than I had thought. Kayak did not help with this issue. I would not use them again."
Plussat: "To really enjoy flying budget carriers, it’s imperative to purchase upgrades like more seat room and premier boarding. It’s so worth it!"
Miinukset: "It was snowy and windy when we boarded, a jetway would have been better."
Plussat: "Value for money"
Plussat: "Flight was on time"
Miinukset: "Couldn't take on bag as not priority. Booked extra leg room seats expecting priority but no longer Won't travel with Ryan air again"
Miinukset: "I wanted to change my flight but waited too long. I hate the policy is nothing is refundable"
Miinukset: "The Lithuanian crew team was far too casual. Service as well. Informal."
Plussat: "very friendly cabin crew..... went above and beyond when i needed some assistance highly recommend and will definitely be flying Ryan air again"
Plussat: "Nothing! Will never fly them again!"
Miinukset: "Being a tourist, I had no access to a printer to print a boarding pass. First off, who prints boarding passes anymore when you have smartphones?! RyanAir insists on paper! But they won’t print one for you. No they sent you to SwissAir for a printout for a cost of 15€. Then back to RyanAir so they can tag your bags. Do they take the bags? No! You have to go to 2 different areas to to drop off bags. Just ludicrous! Makes you appreciate American efficiency. Don’t fly RyanAir!!!"
Plussat: "The price was very cheap as I booked half a year ahead. Flight was on time. Boarding was quick and efficient."
Miinukset: "Not enough room for legs. You have to pay for everything else except for the flight but this is Ryanair and it's understandable."
Plussat: "Good service easy flight"
Miinukset: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "As ever with Ryanair, I resent paying almost as much for my suitcase to fly as for myself"
Plussat: "Announcements for closing flights at checkin counter area."
Miinukset: "We were in the line which went along smoothly until we were just a few people before being served. There was a couple that had issues and the entire line of people including me had to wait in a standstill for 30 minutes. It made me run to my closed gate but did get on. The solution is to have a counter they could have moved to just for big issues rather than hold up 50 people. So sort of plan B for big problem flyers. It was lame. All else was fine and will fly again. Thanks, Chris G. San Francisco California"
Plussat: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "Ryanair boarded the plane only for us to be stuck inside a dirty stinky tunnel with no plane at the end of it. Crying children, moaning kids, no air conditioning, for about 1.5 hours. Ryanair as a company KNEW they'd be delayed, yet they board us into a disgusting tunnel to sit on the floor with no toilets no water nothing. We then board but at this point I was deathly ill and Ryanair didn't take care of us at all with any free refreshments like they should have for being late. Disgusting service. Won't be flying with them ever again this happens way too often."
Plussat: "Really kind and helpful staff"
Miinukset: "The boarding process is rough although stansted airport In general is pretty terrible."
Miinukset: "Trying to work my way threw the line to board as I had priority boarding. Had to pay for water even in priority. Can't see why I paid for priority. No leg room in priority. Very disappointed."
Miinukset: "Ground crew went on lunch break causing an hour delay. Seat was dirty. Could not understand what the crew was saying."
Plussat: "N/A"
Miinukset: "None of the flight attendants had knowledge of the terrorist attackstbat had occurred, and did not acknowledge my fear and uncomfortability in boarding a flight heading towards the terrorist attacks. I would like Ryanair to consider giving me a full refund for this flight due to the poor customer service."
Plussat: "Fine, exactly what we expected. No frills, but no hassles either."
Miinukset: "Boarding involved a long wait standing in the sun on the tarmac."
Miinukset: "The plane didn't arrive so we couldn't take off. Our flight was delayed more than 1 hour."
Plussat: "How helpful they were"
Plussat: "Plane was comfortable. Not roomy but fine. Crew was polite when not hawking wares. Felt safe landing"
Miinukset: "After paying €30 for a 20kg checked bag ahead of time, we waited for 20 minutes to get our bag weighed and checked. when it was our turn in line, the steward simply left and we eventually went to another line, where they said there was no bag on the reservation, even after I showed her my online receipt. She was very rude and clearly didn't want to deal with us. We stood for another 20 minutes in a different line only to be told that the bag was clearly on our reservation. We finally got the bag checked after yet another wait. We waited about 25 minutes in line to board for the plane and had to gate check our carry ons. No water served on the flight, and instead the flight attendants were aggressively trying to sell perfume."
Plussat: "They did get me there is one piece..."
Miinukset: "By the time you get what you need, it's cheaper to just book a "real" flight, where you don't get extra bills for every item, such as having to pay over 50+ Euros for luggage and carry-on, not to mention 15 Euros for a boarding card. I understand it makes it cheaper to print it ourselves, but I don't have access to a printer while on vacations. 5 Euros might be understandable, but 15 is abuse. Plain and Simple. My first and last RyanAir experience."
Plussat: "Service was great, plane was clean and flight was smooth"
Miinukset: "Seats were not super comfortable but what can you expect from a budget airline?"
Miinukset: "Ran out of everything always."
Plussat: "Prices"
Miinukset: "Boarding"
Miinukset: "It was not clearly stated anywhere that a boarding pass must be printed beforehand, as most companies allow use of mobile passes or downloading of the boarding pass onto the phone. Their website did not allow downloading of the boarding pass on the phone and I was charged a 15 Euro fee for "checking in" at the airport when I had already checked in online. I will not be flying with this airline again, the other airlines are cheaper when considering all the ridiculous fees and poor customer service."
Plussat: "Cabin crew were brilliant and dealt with all questions with ease. Well trained team and immaculate appearance."
Miinukset: "Rough landings but not sure if that's due to aircraft model."
Plussat: "For little more you can fly a major airline with seats that recline boarding passes that you don't have to pay to print at the airport ( traveling you often don't have access to printer) ."
Plussat: "Tight seating. Short flight with no food."
Plussat: "The price of the ticket."
Miinukset: "Everything else. The seats were the smallest I've flown in a very long time. The boarding process was chaos. The flight attendants spent more time trying to sell us perfume than they did providing any type of service, such as a beverage service. In fact, they charged money for beverages (a lot too!), as well as pretty much every other aspect of the flight experience. How does it make any sense to charge you money for checking in for your flight at the airport if you have to visit the check in counter either way? Really crappy airline, I would only fly them or recommend them to someone who is also trying to pinch pennies wherever they can."

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Lennot Santa Cruz de Teneriffa - Suomi


Santa Cruz de Teneriffa (TFN)Espanja

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Suomi - Santa Cruz de Teneriffa

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