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Qatar AirwaysPistemäärä perustuu 11756 arvosteluun
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The staff uniform was clean and they were so friendly.

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The staff uniform was clean and they were so friendly.

Clean, well maintained and on time performance.

It was QR707 , sold as AA8119 - I was not able to select seat online and not able to select food option online too!

They did not let my uncle fly at all

Plussat: "Crew was great and food was nice!"
Plussat: "Very nice and accommodating crew!"
Plussat: "The flight was on time"
Miinukset: "When a very large man is placed next to someone else who is in a middle seat and cannot use the arm rests on either side, I would think the hostesses would make an effort to move one of the three considering there were multiple other open seats. He was also very old and could hardly stand up when needed. It was the most uncomfortable flight, if I had the money, I would definitely fly business class"
Plussat: "The food and entertainment"
Plussat: "Crew was amazing"
Plussat: "Food and leg room"
Miinukset: "All was fine"
Plussat: "Crew was fine, polite and helpful. Seat was not so comfortable as i am tall (no leg room)"
Plussat: "All except the food"
Miinukset: "The food"
Plussat: "flight attendants were not friendly enough."
Miinukset: "both flight from Bos-Doha, Doha-Hanoi was delayed"
Plussat: "Staff on the plane is fantastic."
Miinukset: "No option to pick a seat in economy class."
Plussat: "Service and food were excellentpA"
Miinukset: "Announcement volume too loud"
Miinukset: "Lost baggage maybe in Rome airport Conbecting flight qatar to vueling was worst"
Plussat: "Q-suits. Very comfortable and private. Great upgrade to the 777. WiFi now available for very reasonable price"
Miinukset: "Bus transfer to Termial 5 is VERY poorly organized and takes over an hour. This makes it harder to get to Terminal 5 even if you don't have to clear security again. Seats had a bar under the padding at about the position of my hips. Uncomfortable to sleep for several hours"
Plussat: "Service was excellent with very polite staff."
Miinukset: "Front seat anchors were right in the middle of the leg space in 777 which is kind of dumb for Boeing guys."
Plussat: "price, comfort, food"
Miinukset: "arrived late, causing connection stress"
Plussat: "Staff was courteous. Food wasn't too bad. Plane was clean and modern. Ambiance was relaxing. This was a very pleasant flight compared to other airlines."
Plussat: "Excellent customer service, from the check in process, to boarding, to flying 21 hours from Boston to Phuket with infant- we couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Everyone was so accommodating and helpful as we traveled with our 7 month old a lot g distance."
Plussat: "For the most part the crew were very helpful."
Miinukset: "Food quality and quantity."
Plussat: "everything went smoothly, no delays, boarding was easy and quick"
Plussat: "Comfortable, on time"
Miinukset: "The seats were cramped"
Plussat: "Dedicated to customer service"
Plussat: "Hindu meal only be vegetarian"
Miinukset: "All is good"
Plussat: "All around a great experience."
Plussat: "Exceptional service!"
Plussat: "Qatar has one of the best service in the world"
Miinukset: "Nothing that I ca th think off"
Plussat: "Entertainment"
Miinukset: "They re issued my boarding pass Doha, for Dallas flight and gave us the last seat on the plane, even though I chosed the seat at the time of booking. Food was ok, but when we asked for the chicken they didn’t had it. It’s an international flight of 15 hours with food shortage???"
Miinukset: "Menevintä ruokavaihtoehtoa (kana) ei ollut tarpeeksi, taaskaan."
Plussat: "Excellent airport; always on time; good meals; excellent entertainment"
Plussat: "Good flight"
Miinukset: "Food is terrible.. why can't they offer sandwiches or bread and butter for people who don't eat Asian food"
Plussat: "Staff were professional, food was good and seats were comfortable."
Miinukset: "For 14 hours flight, we were given 1 meal and 1 snack ; that seems too little for a long flight. They didn't have whiskey, only beer and wine...really... I asked the flight attendant to put my cabin luggage in the space above the seats, because I am old and could not do it myself, and he first frowned and asked why....ridiculous"
Plussat: "Very helpful staff both ways, an experience that we rarely see in major airlines these days. We will definitely fly Qatar airways again."
Miinukset: "Requested Asian vegetarian mean but available was non vegetarian. Led screen did not working."
Plussat: "Good food includes veg."
Plussat: "A couple more inches leg room than most airlines was welcome, They airline and crew were very good and the Doha airport very nice."
Plussat: "Flight was on time ."
Miinukset: "The seating was not organized when people needed to bored. It was busy and people where rushing to get in the plane ."
Plussat: "Food quality needs to improve, some chairs can't recline."
Plussat: "I can understand what kind of flight it was because it was a small plane"
Miinukset: "Bad smells and an old plane i hope you will change the plane to another better one"
Plussat: "Qatar Airways Is Fantastic Service"
Miinukset: "Service and Food Selection"
Plussat: "The crew was amazing, the entertainment system needs more content, the food could use more variety. I would definitely travel with them again."
Miinukset: "My overhead light didn't work, my tray was broken, my headset was faulty (they replaced it on my 3rd request, my luggage didn't appear on the carousel for 1 hour and 50 minutes."
Plussat: "Inflight services, food"
Miinukset: "Wheelchair services in India, person left in between and had to walk with pain in my foot for a distance."
Miinukset: "Plane seemed old and not upkeep. Chair in front of me leaned back to 5 inches from my face, every time he moved, the tray fell. The air seemed to be off in the front of the plane. Was sweating. But when I went to the bathroom in the back, it was cold"
Plussat: "I loved the hospitality and the smooth comfortable flight. The plane was full but there was enough space for everyone to relax comfortably during the flight."
Miinukset: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "The Airlines is saying, They notified the travel agent. I did not receive any emails. I was able to do web checkin. Only when i went to the airport, I was told, the flight got cancelled. Had to stay 24 hours in Bangalore. Very BAD service."
Plussat: "Extra room and fast boarding"
Miinukset: "Food"
Plussat: "NA"
Miinukset: "Informing that the flight would delayed by three hours ahead of time would have been amazing. Instead of extending the delayed time every 45 min making us miss all the other opportunities to fly out"
Plussat: "Super comfortable and inflight entertainment was amazing"
Plussat: "Leg room"
Miinukset: "Not sitting in an airplane without AC for 30 minutes after everyone loaded"
Plussat: "Crew was great, very generous with snacks and beverages, and prior to boarding we were able to switch flights and seats without problem. All the Delta agents were extremely helpful, and had great customer service!"
Miinukset: "Far in advance I requested a seat with extra leg room for a back condition that is supported by a physicians note. The seat did not appear to me to have extra leg room. I was very uncomfortable."
Plussat: "It suited the time i could travel"
Miinukset: "I felt although they said the two attendants were great they were at best mediocre especially the man"
Plussat: "Handing by any cap was great to get us on the plane on time."
Miinukset: "The plane we got on time to board was delayed enough to miss our connecting flight, so delayed another 3 hours when missing the next flight."
Plussat: "Flight was mostly uneventful, which is great! Right after takeoff we made a complete circle and no information was given as to why, but we assumed it was air traffic."
Miinukset: "Great flight"
Miinukset: "It was so cold! People all over were asking for blankets and commenting on the coldness"
Miinukset: "I wanted an aisle seat."
Plussat: "Everything! I appreciate that the ticketing agent helped me get an earlier flight and I appreciated the gate agent making sure I had a good seat! I love Delta!"
Miinukset: "Nothing honestly"
Plussat: "New plane with good features. I was very comfortable."
Plussat: "The seats are probably the most comfy of all the flights I’ve taken. All the crew was super nice."
Miinukset: "On my delta app it said we’d have the TVs again but we didn’t have any this time."
Plussat: "The crew asked a passenger to move so we could all sit together. It was awesome. :)"
Miinukset: "Duration"
Plussat: "Delta is my favorite airline. Smaller planes with two seats two a row."
Miinukset: "I was told to check my luggage even though there was still overhead bin space."
Plussat: "On time, good flight"
Miinukset: "No power on outlets at waiting room airport, charge 2 dollars for earplugs"
Miinukset: "Delta always has 1 or maybe 2 people checking everyone in, including the baggage drop. So, EVERYONE has to wait for one person to finish checking in the first class passenger with a thousand needs. Very poor service as is their norm."
Plussat: "- great customer service - friendly staff - Positive energy"
Miinukset: "- No room in the seats - No food served on plane - Crowded -"
Plussat: "Staff was attentive and pleasant. Seat was comfortable, good knee room. Left and arrived on-time. Good experience."
Miinukset: "Reclining seats need to either go away, or be built so that reclining takes leg room away from the person reclining. Why should I be punished for a rude passenger in front of me who decides to punish me by reclining their seat?"
Plussat: "Staff’s attention and patience with customers was great. They knew many were frustrated with the delay but they met our needs with a smile"
Miinukset: "Weather delay was a real bummer but I liked the app wanted to help reconnect people with other flights. The app should also tell us the reason for the delay, if allowable, especially if it weather. I almost hoed on another flight through Minneapolis but would have been stuck in Minneapolis cause I didn’t know the delay was due to weather an hour later."
Plussat: "comfortable seats enough overhead bin space."
Miinukset: "nothing"
Plussat: "Got me to my destination, just not comfortably"
Miinukset: "Seating is ridiculously cramped and overhead storage is small"
Plussat: "Flight ifself was okay once on the plane"
Miinukset: "5 hours delayed for no apparent reason. Understaffed in SJC to handle this."
Plussat: "Good clean aircraft. Fairly comfortable seats. Even had a power outlet in my row. Not too bad for an aircraft from the late 70s."
Miinukset: "for some reason, i had to pay to gate check a bag. It didnt seem like anyone else did while boarding my flight."
Plussat: "Crew was nice, the snack was pretty good. Good air conditioning."
Miinukset: "Didn’t turn off overhead light. It’s usually off most of the flight."
Plussat: "Travel got delayed by an hour but we were satisfied by the crew and food"
Miinukset: "The delay of the flight. Not sure on the reason"
Plussat: "No food, no entertainment but the crew were nice and the process was painless. Recommended"
Plussat: "I got a good seat from LA to GTA on 1st jan. it was in the front and spacious and I was also served food."
Plussat: "Makes all the difference to have Flight attendants and pilots all wonderful. Gratefully, ~Elana"
Miinukset: "They were very dishonest about everything. We need to be there in Australia on Monday morning for very important event but reached Australia Monday night 8PM. Virgin Australia contatcted out their flight from SJC to LAX through Delta and Delta cancelled flights becaue no-show of Pilot to operate the plan. What a Joke???? We asked them to put us through another carrier to LAX for connecting flight they refused.Very very BAD. It was a big miss for us.. never again Delta/Virgin Australia.............."
Plussat: "Crew was friendly and helpful"
Miinukset: "Our flight was delayed by almost 2 hours and caused me to miss my connecting flight. Next available flight was a 6 hour layover that I was not expecting."
Plussat: "I liked that flight time was shorter than expected"
Miinukset: "no screens, only wify entertainment, app is working only with ios and android. seats don't have much leg room, and not very comfortable. i paid for extra luggage, and they were strict about the weight(had to take any items out of the bag, even that i had one large bag, and one small bag(2nd bag was underweight)"
Plussat: "Flight management and service is better relatively"
Miinukset: "Gate agents are useless"
Plussat: "Flights were on time and friendly attendants!"
Plussat: "I was a little concerned flying West Jet due to poor experiences in the past with Delta, but the flights were on time, staff friendly and accommodating and the plane very comfortable."
Miinukset: "Nothing negative to say!"
Plussat: "The flight was very quick."
Miinukset: "They didn't serve us water."
Plussat: "I liked the boarding process."
Miinukset: "Bigger seats are more helpful."
Miinukset: "Delay over one hour."
Plussat: "Very on-time and fast, respectful crew."
Miinukset: "The airplane was old and with no entertainment."
Miinukset: "The crew didn't even have the decency to wait for passengers to deplane. They were long gone by the time we got off. I found this pretty terrible service. Oh yeah and they announced the wrong arrival gate too. I'll never fly Delta again. There are better airlines that treat customers with more respect."
Plussat: "Courtesy seating"
Plussat: "Movie selection"
Miinukset: "They want us there at 4:20 for a 6:20am flight but Clear doesn't open until 5. I was through checkin by 4:23. Why bother if one can't get to the breakfast facilities for another half hour plus? Then Peet's had no pastries."
Miinukset: "At least 10, including my entertainment systems didn't work as soon as we took off. A 4 1/2 hour flight cross country with no entertainment, very disappointing. The crew was very unorganized, they couldn't even figure out how to give drinks and snacks in an efficient manner with initially skipping several rows without asking about either. Seat headrests were not adjustable up and down."
Miinukset: "Sold us a flight with unassigned seats"
Plussat: "Take off and landing was incredibly done. Almost unnoticeable that didn't make me nervous at all."
Miinukset: "Very rude flight attendant - unnecessary attitude"
Plussat: "New and improved food options!"
Miinukset: "Boarding took more time than usual. They were able to accommodate less carry on baggage."


Miinukset: "They were making luggage issues with all passengers"
Plussat: "Food, Entertainments, travel kit as well as flight crew made it a delightful experience."
Miinukset: "Checkin agent at the SFO airport was kind of obnoxious."
Miinukset: "We were delayed for quite some time with no explanation."
Miinukset: "The aircraft arrived late in Istanbul for the connecting flight to Egypt causing us to miss out flight which made us wait 5+ hours in the airport which was a huge inconvenience."
Plussat: "EVERYTHING they served"
Miinukset: "Strong, recycled perfume from flight attendants on business classy"
Plussat: "Turkish Airlines rocks! Great food and great service.."
Plussat: "Great hospitality, food was as ordered, plenty of drinks, energetic staff"
Miinukset: "Gate experience at IST was sub par"
Miinukset: "The serbice qnd food was terrible"
Miinukset: "Cabin temperature was very cold"
Plussat: "Charged me >$700 for missing a flight. This never happened earlier. Customer service girls are robotic: they just repeat the same lines. THY wasn't like this, something major has changed."
Miinukset: "Zero effort to reaccommodate."
Plussat: "Comfortable seats, good service."
Miinukset: "To be expected, but no vegan options for food"
Plussat: "Excellent service and food. Good selection of movies. Great overall experience."
Miinukset: "Crying baby and squealing toddler."
Plussat: "The service, food,seats,crew,hot towel, slippers & more."
Miinukset: "Nothing. Everything was great!"
Plussat: "The amount of food and drinks we got was perfect, the movies, shows and other entertainment options were plenty and they had a great selection, and the sleep kit (slippers, socks, lip balm, etc) was very much appreciated and helpful. The staff were nice and professional."
Plussat: "Everything was great, thank you for your service."
Miinukset: "NA"
Plussat: "Stewards and stewardesses were friendly and very helpful."
Plussat: "N/A"
Miinukset: "Connecting both flights would be good"
Miinukset: "Entertainment console was small and options were not great. Food was not so great. Breakfast was good."
Plussat: "Friendly staff, decent meals, comfortable seating"
Miinukset: "Istanbul airport- needs major refurbishment"
Plussat: "It was unfortunate that our flight was delayed by 7 hours. The crew was nice. The plane was small but it was ok."
Plussat: "Service, Media"
Miinukset: "Seat room, very tight."
Plussat: "Food"
Plussat: "Flight attendants were not helpful or friendly."
Miinukset: "Flight attendants were not helpful or friendly."
Plussat: "Professional and friendly staff"
Miinukset: "N/A"
Miinukset: "Slippers and blankets were not provided to all passengers. Toilets got unacceptable by the end of the flight."
Plussat: "Staff are EXCELLENT"
Miinukset: "Internet was spotty."
Plussat: "Loved the service, food and airplane itself."
Miinukset: "Istanbul airport is large and difficult to manage. Had to walk/run for about 20 minutes to get to my connecting flight."
Miinukset: "The flight left early, without me. Instead of beginning boarding at the time printed on my ticket, like every other airline, boarding was completed and closed fifteen minutes before my ticket said they would start, so even though I was eight minutes early I was actually seven minutes too late. Turkish Airlines service desk took the evidence (my ticket) and then refused to rebook me, forcing me to pay $600 for a new flight and for a visa to Turkey just so I could exit through security to book & pay for it. They will not be getting any more of my business in the future!"
Plussat: "Everyone in the crew was friendly and helpful. The flight was long, but seemed shorter because the crew was attentive."
Miinukset: "My flight was delayed."
Miinukset: "Departure is 4 hours late. Missed connecting flight at Istanbul. Asked us to pay for Visa to stay in hotel. Did not have money. Also forgot to take Credit card from USA. As per the rule Airlines has to pay for Visa. They never paid. Asked us to pay. Totally harassment. Never book Turkish Airlines in my remaining whole life. Also will this incident to all my friends after going back to USA. Very very bad experience. Sat down 24 hours at Airport without food and sleep. Mostly will file a case against Airlines."
Plussat: "The crew was courteous and helpful. The plane left on schedule and connected me to my next leg with no problem"
Plussat: "The flight attendants were incredibly kind and attentive"
Miinukset: "Bathrooms were a mess. Badly need more cleaning throughout flight"
Plussat: "Good food"
Miinukset: "No bed to sleep in"
Miinukset: "My first time flying with Turkish probably my last. Too many delays, first from SF to Istanbul and then the worse part no one was able to tell me from which gate my flight to TLV, I received at least 6 emails from you saying a different gate each time and we had a delay almost two hours in Istanbul. Because of all the delays I missed a few important phone conferences regarding my business. Unprofessional service! if I was running my business the same way I had no business! Not going to do this mistake again!"
Plussat: "Food was good."
Miinukset: "Seats where extremely uncomfortable. Flight attendants and aircraft staff were so rude and unfriendly at all."
Plussat: "Best value on the market. Excellent service. Great food and beverages. Very good service. Excellent Longe in Istanbul makes Most Club Longe look like a dump."
Miinukset: "My TV remote was broken. I could have used next seat but was too lazy."
Plussat: "It is just superb"
Plussat: "Airplane and entertainment were nice."
Miinukset: "Flight left an hour late so we missed our connection."
Plussat: "Good crew, good food, good entertainment."
Miinukset: "Very cramped economy seats; no reclining. Rude gate personnel in Istanbul."
Plussat: "Low prices & generally good service and entertainment"
Miinukset: "This airline used to be excellent. Now, the prices have been going up and the standards down. Service not as good, food not as tasty, plentiful and varied, crew not as warm and attentive. Instabul airport was the usual chaos, which does not add to the experience for transfers. Also: boarding started late and of course was not done and time and since we lost our slot we were further delayed taking off. That made the transfer time even less and the situation more stressful."
Plussat: "Comfortable, tasty"
Miinukset: "The flight was delayed in 40 mins Our entertainment system didn't work"
Miinukset: "Several TVs were not working. While some were repaired the TV for my viewing did not work. Though it was set right it failed raw weal times."
Plussat: "Best airline food I have ever had. Most comfortable long flight as well."
Plussat: "Food was good"
Miinukset: "Flight was delayed over an hour. This airline is extremely untimely! If you have a short layover, never book with them. Fortunately we had a long layover so it didn't hurt us"
Plussat: "The seat was good"
Miinukset: "The crew was not at all good, I had to call them so many times for one thing, not at all managed well"
Plussat: "Boarding"
Miinukset: "Staff not fluent & clear in English"
Plussat: "Had no idea the Turks ran such a top program that to me was superbly close to my experiences with Emirates."
Plussat: "Overall everything was great. Boarding was smooth with the help of the attentive flight attendants. They were professional and attentive through out the entire flight. I enjoyed the hot towels they passed out after we reached altitude. The chicken dinner was delicious, the eggs for breakfast not so great (eggs should be eaten soon after cooking) perhaps pancakes and sausage have a longer shelf life. I also enjoyed the snacks that were available through out the flight. The The flight was on time and I had no problems connecting to my flight to Berlin. The Istanbul airport was very busy and I was pleased that the airport staff were helpful with directions."
Plussat: "As compared to other intl flts I think leg room should be improved. Secondly the tv module system has problems in both leg of flts the system was jammed and would not go to next step. Very limited choice of Indian movies"

Cabin crew was terrific, even though they didn't come through the aisles enough between meal service to offer water or drinks. The quantity of video entertainment available was great, but the video screen was not good quality. Food served was sub-par for international business class. Absolutely no snacks were available between meal services, so i suggest bringing something in your carry-on. Most other airlines have some snacks such as small sandwiches, cookies, candy, fruit, or chips available for pickup at the gallery areas on intercontinental flights in business class.

Plussat: "Place was clean; crew was nice and attentive"
Miinukset: "Seats are small and uncomfortable for long haul flights"
Miinukset: "Everything was super. Really"
Plussat: "The seats were very comfortable"
Miinukset: "The entertainment"
Miinukset: "I was charged $60.00 for luggage"
Plussat: "The confort and quality of Lufthansa is excellent!"
Miinukset: "Better food"
Plussat: "Crew was really wonderful"
Miinukset: "Seats were not comfortable and the food was terrible"
Plussat: "The bus was one of the most comfortable international flights I have ever been on."
Miinukset: "Somehow, our luggage never made it to Rome, despite a nearly four hour layover in Munich. Disappointing."
Miinukset: "Our luggage did not arrive at our destination!!!!"
Plussat: "Not much compare to other airlines"
Miinukset: "Food!"
Plussat: "The crew was kind and attentive. The food and complementary drinks were satisfactory. There were many movie and television options."
Miinukset: "The lady next to me got into an argument and no one intervened to defuse it. Not sure what protocol is there. The seats reclined too far into my personal space making me feel uncomfortable."
Plussat: "it’s wasnt a full flight, so that was nice"
Miinukset: "bus to the airplane was too warm and had to wait 10 minutes before actually letting us off"
Plussat: "Entertainment"
Miinukset: "Female flight attendant was rude and unprofessional."
Plussat: "Superhyvin hoidettu nopea vaihto - auto haki ja vei meidät jatkolennolle. Tunnelma henkilökunnan keskuudessa oli hyvä."
Miinukset: "Ihan tajutonta kuinka koneeseennousu kesti niin kauan ja kone oli myöhässä."
Plussat: "Service. Crew genuinely cared about passengers.Well done."
Miinukset: "N/A"
Plussat: "Excellent service!!!"
Miinukset: "Really nothing negative to share... just a little uncomfortable in economy class."
Plussat: "Excellent!!! Booarding was quick. No long lines in the jetway. All around great service on board! 5 *****"
Miinukset: "Never given a choice on food like others. It was just given to me."
Plussat: "Good selection of movies"
Miinukset: "The food was soggy and not the greatest"
Plussat: "Food was good. The flight left on time. There were so many movie options."
Miinukset: "There were a few crew members who clearly shouldn't be working in a customer service industry. I understand it's not an easy job but many other crew members were quite bubbly and kind."
Plussat: "Comfortable, great food, good selection of entertainment"
Miinukset: "The staff tried to helpful but lost at times"
Plussat: "Great Service from the crew!"
Plussat: "New aircraft, clean, comfortable"
Miinukset: "On time"
Plussat: "The flight attendants were very nice and friendly. I enjoyed the flight, mostly because of them."
Plussat: "Service on board was good."
Miinukset: "The walk to the connecting flight was too long and took a lot of time."
Miinukset: "In economy class, seats are packed tight"
Plussat: "Great price, great airlines, easy flight....I few LAX to Geneva."
Miinukset: "Boarding process was longer than expected. Seat assigment from check in was not honored at the gate. FA asked me to switch seat only to favor passenger from Germany."
Plussat: "I liked how smooth the boarding was handled. The flight attendants where polite and helpful. A very comfortable flight."
Miinukset: "No complaints"
Plussat: "The boarding process was orderly, the seats comfortable, plenty of luggage space, excellent food -- one of the best economy class flights I've taken."
Plussat: "Not a thing"
Miinukset: "Bad seats in premium economy. Rude staff."
Miinukset: "I assigned seats for me and my daughter but they separated us in both legs. That's not good"
Plussat: "The food and service"
Miinukset: "I don't have my luggage yet!"
Plussat: "The crew were very polite."
Miinukset: "Food could definitely improve, and so could the entertainment systems."
Miinukset: "The kosher food was terrible!!!!"
Miinukset: "Flight delay for over an hour with United"
Plussat: "Kostenlose Wein, Weinbrand usw. Und Sendungen von Bundeliga. The flight attendants were also very friendly."
Miinukset: "Nothing"
Miinukset: "Very annoying person next to me. I know that wasn't team's fault but she made my flight terrible."
Plussat: "The service was great. Attendants were friendly and helpful."
Miinukset: "The seats in Business class could be more comfortable. The padding in the seats was very hard"
Plussat: "Entertainment, comfort"
Miinukset: "Food was not good. Too salty."
Miinukset: "The most unpleasant flight attendants we have ever had in our flying lives. Rude, condescending, treating passengers as if we are not human. Lufthansa should carefully examine their training."
Plussat: "The flight itself was great... A bit of turbulence, but otherwise quite comfortable. Crew and captain were excellent."
Miinukset: "The plane arrived 2 hours late, causing me to miss a train from Marseille to Nîmes, and costing me money for an extra night's hotel that I hadn't planned (Marseille), plus wasting money for the night at the hotel that I HAD planned (Nîmes), plus the cost of having to purchase an additional train ticket for the following morning. The $7 voucher at the airport was nice, but honestly doesn't come close to making up for the cost and inconvenience."
Plussat: "The flight attendants were very friendly and welcoming and eager to help. The flight was comfortable and had nice accommodations."
Miinukset: "The breakfast meal was a little different."
Miinukset: "We booked our group of four with Lufthansa, paying $300 more than equivalent flights on competing airlines, specifically because our 20 month old daughter fits within Lufthansa's age, height, and weight limits for using the bassinet. We have reserved our tickets and the bassinet over two months in advance, paying $35 extra per seat for these reservations, and even got an email that specifically stated "bassinet confirmed". On the flight, when it came time to install the bassinets, the flight attendant came to us, took a look at our daughter, and said that she will not fit in the bassinet, that she is too tall, and too heavy, and suggested that we should have checked the limits for the bassinet before coming on the flight. When we inquired as to the actual limits, she could not provide any numbers, only said that she could see that our daughter is too big for it. When the family next to us got their bassinet, it became very obvious that our daughter would fit in the bassinet, and we pointed out that she was well below the height and weight limits published on the Lufthansa website. Only then did the flight attendant admit that there were other babies on the flight, and they only had four bassinets on the plane, despite having 11 slots where bassinets could be installed. Our reservation months in advance did not matter - we did not get the bassinet. As compensation, we were offered some Lufthansa miles, or 50 euros for in-flight duty free shopping. However, we lost close to 1000 dollars as a group when we chose to fly Lufthansa rather than a less expensive airline. We were very uncomfortable throughout the flight, having to hold my daughter in my arms for over five hours. We are are still very upset that the crew blatantly lied to us."
Plussat: "This flight was 11 hours and I could have lasted another 2 or so hours."
Miinukset: "The lady who checks paperwork for animals at the front desk with Luftansa Airlines was uninformed and didn't know what she was doing as well as unnessarily rude. MY large dog was on this flight and after several employees had looked over my forms for him she came out nowhere and threatened to not allow my dog on board due to faulty and incomplete paperwork! I instantly went into a nervous condition of the sweats and scrambled to prove her wrong. When I asked again what was wrong with my (actually legitame paperwork) she just told me that at this point it didn't matter and that she would allow me to fly even though I was at risk of quarantine aty destination. I wasn't happy about this and asked again why there seemed to be an issue and she was unhelpful, handed me a business card for the USDA and told me that I was lucky to get away with her travel mercies for my dog. I had visited a USDA certified veterinarian and she hadn't given me the opportunity to prove this. I was confused and annoyed and while the other employees could see this about me, they apologized on her behalf. I really wish I had gotten this woman's name and work station so I could follow up with her and inform her on a few things. Other than that I love working with and flying Lufthansa airlines!"
Miinukset: "Hi"
Plussat: "The service was good. The food was average. I liked the complimentary wine."
Miinukset: "They lost my bag. Huge problem."

Almost the only airline that offers free coffee and bread even in short 1 hour flights

Overall a pleasant flight.

New 737 and seats too confining

Kiire oli nousuun mut kerettiin ksikki hyvin

Kaikki oli perus hyvää

Plussat: "Crew was great, on time flight, clean plane."
Miinukset: "Entertainments options were shockingly few. Honestly have not been on a plane recently with so few and limited options of TV series and movies. I was extremely surprised. Wish I had know and I would’ve had more options for my family."
Plussat: "This Transavia Airlines is not good at all."
Miinukset: "Many things cheaper does mean better."
Miinukset: "Boarding at Florence is always chaotic but this isn't within the control of KLM or their crew."
Miinukset: "When its rain we shouldn’t walk to the air plain"
Plussat: "Almost everything, especially the crew."
Miinukset: "Don’t feel like anything should be better to be honest"
Miinukset: "Boarding was crazy. Could not everyone in the gate area."
Plussat: "Planes were on time and connections made."
Miinukset: "One bag delayed as not put on flight and food could be better."
Miinukset: "Half the screens were not working - crew were made aware but nothing was done. Vegetarian choices were poor to non-existent ; I witnessed crew insist to a passenger that there were no vegetarian options! They finally cobbled something together for him but not a pleasant experience"
Miinukset: "The KLM crew are always great serving and treating you. Well above many other airlines."
Plussat: "The friendliness of the crew"
Plussat: "Entertainment was amazing"
Miinukset: "Seats a bit hard"
Plussat: "The entertainment was amazing"
Miinukset: "The seats were a bit hard"
Miinukset: "This return flight was much better than the flight going to Amsterdam. I believe the biggest factor was the type of aircraft. The old 747 just didn't meet expectations. The newer 777 on the way back was much more comfortable, with better amenities."
Plussat: "The crew was great! The food was also much better than other airlines. And passing out whole bottles of water was much appreciated."
Plussat: "My seat at the window was great and the staff really friendly and courteous!"
Miinukset: "The check in desk was late opening & the carry on luggage size was smaller than advertised on their website, so it had to be put in the hold. Open on time to prevent less stress to travelers & give more accurate information about cabin luggage."
Plussat: "Quick flight"
Plussat: "very attentive crew"
Miinukset: "Only ham sandwiches on offer! I'm not demanding and would have been happy with cheese."
Plussat: "Crew was good"
Miinukset: "Food"
Miinukset: "None of our 4 checked bags arrived with us. This was despite ample connection time (2+ hours) in Amsterdam."
Plussat: "The flight was perfect! Great food,movies and I even got to sleep !"
Miinukset: "All was well!"
Plussat: "Nice flight ...was comfortable travel ...good food.Thanks"
Miinukset: "No such things"
Plussat: "Everything was great! Crew incredible. They acknowledged my wife’s birthday and made her feel special. Food was ultra salubrious. Loved the big screen monitor."
Miinukset: "No complaints about anything."
Plussat: "Crew"
Miinukset: "N/a"
Miinukset: "The cabin crew was racist. She told me to move back from an empty seat just because she wanted one of the guys ( from her country ) to set on it! Very rude and racist."
Plussat: "Smooth boarding, clean seats/plane, nice small aircraft (2 rows x 2 seats each), surprisingly spacious (more legroom than expected - and I’m 6’2”)."
Miinukset: "About 1h30min delay without an explanation. All other planes in the terminal seemed to take off on time without a problem, without exception (aside from this flight, of course)."
Plussat: "Sandwich was incredibly tasty (although not much filling)"
Miinukset: "2 hours on the tarmac delayed with no explanation. Uncomfortable seats, no leg room. Poor management of seating, there was enough empty seats to have groups together but they were split up. Drinks served from a communal bottle in a polystyrene cup."
Plussat: "crew were absolutely delightful, full of smiles and doing everything to make you comfortable. seats were fine enough and got some work done and a bit of sleep. first lunch was fresh and tasty, but the second, a burger, was edible, but not much more."
Miinukset: "tv screens are dated so movies are not as crisp as you find in newer planes. you need a 2 prong audio adapter to use your own headphones."
Miinukset: "I can't take the flight because i'm not Chilean and I don't have a reembolse or other flight ,... nothing . Finally I take other flight with other company"
Plussat: "On time"
Plussat: "The staff are the best European crews I have encountered. Naturally friendly, professional and fit looking. Nothing is too much trouble"
Miinukset: "Boarding was delayed a little due to weather as was takeoff. Cant blame them for weather but the connection was very tight."
Miinukset: "Boarding was a free for all. The travelers did not pay attention to the priorities."
Plussat: "Very friendly staff"
Miinukset: "Amesterdam airport employee was really rude"
Plussat: "Service provided by the staff"
Miinukset: "The navigation of the entertainment system is not very friendly"
Plussat: "Crew was very"
Miinukset: "Food was not upto the mark."
Miinukset: "Flight was delayed 8 hours. Arriving at Incheon, discovered ground crew were unaware of our arrival to take this connecting flight. However, we were put up overnight in a hotel, which was nice."
Plussat: "Of the multiple international airlines I recently flew with, I would have to say KLM was by far the best. Relaxing atmosphere, comfortable seating, great in-flight entertainment, although I have the go-go in-flight data/entertainment plan with t-mobile (highly recommended), the flight included a decent selection of movies, television programs, etc. The food far exceeded typical "airline quality," even for an international flight - and included a fabulous little snack box with locally sourced gourmet and specialty items such as chocolate from Belgium, fine cheeses from France, and crackers from England. Drinks = gratis, and crew was exceptionally attentive and went out of their way to make flight as pleasant as possible."
Miinukset: "Nothing."
Plussat: "Priority boarding was appreciated and the flights were on time. Service was fine. Schipol was good."
Plussat: "Everytime she passed she was hitting me or I had to hold my drink so that she wouldn't knock it off"
Plussat: "staff hospitality, cleanness of the cabin and toilet and punctuality of the flight"
Miinukset: "lack of meal options"
Plussat: "Quick (relatively) flight."
Miinukset: "Skinniest seat ever. Couldn't even lean back. I now have hunchback."
Plussat: "Flight attendants tried their best given what they had to work with."
Miinukset: "They can not retire these old Boeing 747's soon enough. Due to mechanical problems, our flight arrived at LAXfour and a half hours late and further problems with the cargo door caused an additional one hour delay of our take off."
Plussat: "Spacious cabins, friendly service"

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1 välilaskuScandinavian Airlines
33t 00mLAX-HEL
1 välilaskuScandinavian Airlines
35t 15mHEL-LAX
495 €
1 välilaskuScandinavian Airlines
33t 00mLAX-HEL
1 välilaskuScandinavian Airlines
35t 15mHEL-LAX
506 €
1 välilaskuScandinavian Airlines
15t 50mLAX-HEL
1 välilaskuScandinavian Airlines
29t 35mHEL-LAX
517 €
1 välilaskuScandinavian Airlines
22t 25mSFO-HEL
1 välilaskuScandinavian Airlines
34t 55mHEL-SFO
520 €
suora lentoFinnair
10t 35mLAX-HEL
1 välilaskuFinnair
16t 30mHEL-LAX
548 €
2 välilaskuaUseita lentoyhtiöitä
17t 40mSFO-HEL
1 välilaskuUseita lentoyhtiöitä
27t 45mHEL-SFO
549 €
2 välilaskuaUseita lentoyhtiöitä
31t 50mSFO-HEL
1 välilaskuUseita lentoyhtiöitä
34t 55mHEL-SFO
552 €
1 välilaskuFinnair
17t 25mLAX-HEL
1 välilaskuFinnair
17t 25mHEL-LAX
553 €
1 välilaskuUseita lentoyhtiöitä
22t 25mSFO-HEL
2 välilaskuaUseita lentoyhtiöitä
20t 18mHEL-SFO
553 €
suora lentoFinnair
10t 35mLAX-HEL
1 välilaskuFinnair
14t 49mHEL-LAX
556 €
suora lentoAmerican Airlines
10t 35mLAX-HEL
suora lentoAmerican Airlines
11t 00mHEL-LAX
559 €
1 välilaskuAmerican Airlines
23t 48mLAX-HEL
suora lentoAmerican Airlines
11t 00mHEL-LAX
564 €
2 välilaskuaAmerican Airlines
18t 10mLAX-HEL
suora lentoAmerican Airlines
11t 00mHEL-LAX
568 €
1 välilaskuLufthansa
15t 40mLAX-HEL
1 välilaskuLufthansa
19t 25mHEL-LAX
593 €
2 välilaskuaLufthansa
22t 05mLAX-HEL
1 välilaskuLufthansa
19t 05mHEL-LAX
596 €
1 välilaskuBritish Airways
18t 55mSAN-HEL
1 välilaskuBritish Airways
19t 18mHEL-SAN
603 €
2 välilaskuaKLM
17t 11mONT-HEL
2 välilaskuaKLM
19t 51mHEL-ONT
617 €
2 välilaskuaUnited Airlines
20t 03mONT-HEL
2 välilaskuaUnited Airlines
60t 30mHEL-ONT
734 €
2 välilaskuaDelta
21t 50mSJC-HEL
2 välilaskuaDelta
18t 57mHEL-SJC
878 €
2 välilaskuaAir France
25t 52mOAK-HEL
2 välilaskuaAir France
34t 27mHEL-OAK
933 €

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3 välilaskuaUseita lentoyhtiöitä
31t 45mLAX-HEL
277 €
3 välilaskuaUseita lentoyhtiöitä
41t 30mLAX-HEL
284 €
2 välilaskuaUseita lentoyhtiöitä
31t 45mLAX-HEL
298 €
1 välilaskuUseita lentoyhtiöitä
36t 25mLAX-HEL
313 €
1 välilaskuUseita lentoyhtiöitä
34t 05mLAX-HEL
322 €
2 välilaskuaUseita lentoyhtiöitä
14t 35mLAX-HEL
323 €
1 välilaskuUseita lentoyhtiöitä
14t 10mLAX-HEL
325 €
1 välilaskuTurkish Airlines
18t 55mSFO-HEL
334 €
2 välilaskuaUseita lentoyhtiöitä
30t 30mLAX-HEL
336 €
3 välilaskuaUseita lentoyhtiöitä
31t 45mLAX-HEL
344 €
1 välilaskuTurkish Airlines
37t 40mSFO-HEL
373 €
2 välilaskuaAmerican Airlines
25t 49mONT-HEL
486 €
1 välilaskuAmerican Airlines
36t 21mONT-HEL
502 €
2 välilaskuaKLM
17t 09mONT-HEL
511 €
2 välilaskuaUnited Airlines
28t 24mONT-HEL
520 €
1 välilaskuTurkish Airlines
37t 00mSFO-HEL
543 €
1 välilaskuTurkish Airlines
37t 00mSFO-HEL
574 €
1 välilaskuAmerican Airlines
34t 22mONT-HEL
591 €
1 välilaskuLufthansa
20t 25mSAN-HEL
1146 €
1 välilaskuFinnair
13t 55mSJC-HEL
1305 €

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